Incuse Indian 1/10 oz Silver Round

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Quick Overview

Get 1/10th oz Incuse Indian Silver Rounds for as low as only $0.59 over melt!

Our beautiful Indian Head Rounds are a great way to add Precious Metals to any cache. Memorable Incuse details add character to these MINT FRESH .999 Silver Rounds. Each silver round contains 1/10 troy ounce of silver!
Multiples of 50 rounds ship in a CoinSafe Tube for easy storage! You may also include 19mm Air-Tites for lasting preservation.

Product Description

Eligible for contribution in your precious metals IRA, silver rounds are a simple, affordable way to diversify your portfolio. That’s why Provident Metals carries mint fresh Incuse Indian Silver Rounds, composed of 1/10 troy ounce of .999 pure silver.

Each bullion round pays tribute to one of the most beloved coins in the history of American coinage: the Indian Head Half Eagle $5 Gold Piece.

The obverse of each 1/10 Oz Incuse Indian Silver Round features the detailed profile of an American Indian in full headdress. He is surrounded by 13 stars, along with the word LIBERTY above him and 1929 below.

The reverse of each Incuse Indian Round includes the United States national bird and emblem, the bald eagle. He is standing on an arrow and olive branch, surrounded by the phrases: GOLDEN STATE MINT, E PLURIBUS UNUM, IN GOD WE TRUST, and the round’s weight and silver content.

Established by Jim Pavlakos in 1974, Golden State Mint has manufactured millions of rounds and bars for bullion dealers across the nation. Boasting some of the shortest lead and delivery times in the industry, GSM continues to expand, using state-of-the-art equipment in multiple facilities.

Minting only the highest quality bullion products, GSM is a life member of the American Numismatic Association, along with several other well-respected numismatic organizations. GSM is a family company dedicated to stellar customer service, making it one of the most trusted private mints in the industry.

Purchase silver today. Multiples of 50 Incuse Indian 1/10 Oz Silver Rounds arrive in a CoinSafe tube, for long term storage and protection. Use our secure online ordering system and you’ll have your bullion in just days.

Additional Information

Condition New
IRA Approved Yes
Composition .999 Fine Silver
Actual Metal Weight Ozt 1/10 ozt
Mint/Brand Golden State Mint
Availability In Stock
SKU BBPS-00578
  1. awesome
    stevenon 3/12/15
    I like how these were minted, I highly recommend the incuse! like rawhide said they are hard to read but I could read it after I put it up by light and focused on it, buy it and be amazed!
  2. Great rounds!
    BrutalScionon 2/24/15
    Really like these rounds! Very small and perfect for gifts or starting people on their path to silver stacking!
  3. My review
    Rawhideon 8/19/14
    Nice looking but thought I should mention that the 1/10 troy oz. .999 fine silver is virtually unreadable. Can't read it under the magnifying glass that I used, even. Also, the diameter is .754 in. A penny is .742 and a dime even smaller so these rounds will not fit in either penny or dime coin tubes. Fifty rounds will come in the white plastic specially sized opaque tube from PM.
  4. Start small, aim big
    Steveon 3/12/14
    At first glance, they could be mistaken for Canadian dimes, that is until you see the date and the beauty that is imprinted into each one. Small enough to not break the bank but precious enough to hold onto for generations. I think I may even make a few into jewelry, maybe add them as charms for a bracelet or even get a larger one (1/2 T Oz maybe) for a necklace for someone. Cant wait to see what these small coins will be worth in 20 years.
  5. I really like them
    Ronon 2/25/14
    I started getting these a while ago and try to get some with every order. I like the look and the feel of them. I am trying to stack 1000 of them. They are often out of stock which is too bad becuase that is slowing down my progress. I have a glass jar in the shape of a skull and my goal is to fill it full of these.

    Please keep them coming Provident
  6. 1/10 rounds of silver bullion
    Victoron 9/22/13
    I am in the process of ordering 10 1/10th silver rounds of .999 silver rounds of
    silver bullion. I already have 4 in my cache. These are great coins for the man on a limited budget to buy silver bullion. Keep em' comin' Provident!
  7. Great little rounds!
    Melon 6/6/13
    Got 25, weighed in at 2.53 ozt, and arrived in one week from the day of order (did a bank deposit into the PM wells fargo account same day, it's by far the fastest way to go).
  8. Great Fractional Coin!
    Roberton 5/8/13
    I love these coins. I have been buying them for over a year now and have a good stash put back. If barter becomes necessary in the future, 10 of these in clear cases will be more "appealing" to the average person than just one 1 oz coin. From a prepper standpoint, these are the way to go.
  9. Why mess with a good thing?
    Toddon 5/7/13
    I have ordered these in the past . I really Liked the reverse with the EASY TO READ 1/10 ounce .999 silver between the wheat stalks. Now I can barely read the new reverse even with a magnifying glass. I don't like the new reverse and will not order any more of these. I wish they would get in some of the 1/10 ounce rounds with the walking liberty design instead of this design.
  10. AWSOME!
    Larryon 4/23/13
    Cute little coins! Bought the airtites to go with. Will be gifts to the Grandkids!
    Will buy more! Very good detail for a round.
  11. Excellent Quality Product!
    ABon 4/13/13
    We ordered a batch of these a while back, and the dimes and the quarter oz fractionals all came polished and shinny within their respective tubes. They have that constitutional Silver feel [junk 90% Silver as some call it] and you are definitely getting a quality product.

    Even kids love these things and are learning the truth of what is fake [fiat] money compared to what is true money [Silver].

    We definitely plan on ordering more of these in the future in order to be able to have lower denomination Silver when the prices go higher. Definitely glad that Provident offers these! Will purchase again for sure~

  12. Ok....just ok....
    Calvinon 4/8/13
    I got a couple tubes of these during a sale. Good price for fraction silver, but they just look and feel cheap. I compare them to a token you get at some arcades or car washes. I carefully took a few out of one of the tubes and some already had scratches on them. Nothing serious, but noticeable. I think I'll get out of the fractional silver game anyway. Silver Eagles and Maple Leafs for me!!
    GREGORYon 3/29/13
  14. Fractional silver rounds, great way to diversify.
    Roberton 3/12/13
    I have been buying these coins for over a year. I love fractional silver and gold coins because it give me the diversity for trading purposes later on. If you don't want to trade a full 1 oz coin for food someday, get these. They are very popular within many prepping circles.
  15. Not quiet what I expected
    ROBERTon 2/11/13
    I ordered 10 of these to stash away for later. I was surprised because I have been doing business with PM for some time now and this is the first time I was disappointed. I got the coins today and some of them had small dents in the rim near the bottom. I had hoped for perfect coins and even ordered clear cases for them. The dents made it difficult to get into the case and I am still not sure they sealed correctly-- I most likely will avoid these in the future.
  16. Great Coins
    Marcuson 1/23/13
    I buy some of these every paycheck. A great price on fractional silver and easy to store. I sold some recently and they unload very quickly. They're great to have around.
  17. Great Coins
    Marcuson 1/23/13
    I buy some of these every paycheck. A great price on fractional silver and easy to store. I sold some recently and they unload very quickly. They're great to have around.
  18. Beautiful! Same size as a penny. Dont buy a small test qty. you'll be buying more!
    Jason J.on 1/23/13
    These are beautiful! First purchased ten of these. Received them, then immediately bought forty more. These are the exact same size as a us penny, so i bought a clear coin tube that holds fifty pennies...perfect! Fifty fractional pieces in a great tube. Highly recommend these.
  19. Nice penny sized silver
    Daleon 1/5/13
    I ordered 10 of these on my first order. I was so impressed with the look I bought 10 airtites and a tube to store them in. Very nice.
  20. Nice Addition
    Daveon 10/27/12
    I usually purchase silver for financial security but when I saw the design on this coin that looks like the gold Indian coins, I had to have one of each. The 1/0th, 1/4, 1/2 and 1 ounce coins are great to add to any type of collection
  21. First Fractional Silver
    Jason Lon 10/23/12
    I bought just one of these small pieces to make sure that I liked the size and design before purchasing a larger quantity of them. These little coins are nicer than I expected. The detail is great for a small piece, and I'm happy with the size. It feel more like a "coin" than the large 1oz rounds do (it's about the size of a dime). And I like that. I'll certainly be investing in a large quantity of them soon.

    I'm considering hanging into these and using them as "gifts" for my daughter when the Tooth Fairy visits. That would cover about 30 of these. I still have a few years to decide if that's a bad idea though (too expensive, or maybe too boring for a child).
  22. Will buy again
    Bobbyon 10/22/12
    Just received ten of these love the detail on them
  23. Real fractional money
    Nathanon 10/1/12
    These are just wonderful, and make a great fractional currency. I notice a lot of people that sell these don't put them in Air-Tites. Well i've put all of mine in air-tites. Lets try to keep the quality superb for generations to come !
  24. A must
    Quinnelon 7/16/12
    Put ten of these in your pocket and enjoy the sweet sound of silver all day long. I love these little coins, and you will too.
  25. A good buy
    Joshon 6/16/12
    Definitly something to have to break up the amount of silver for trading.
  26. frac rounds silver rounds
    Roberton 6/13/12
    Just got my silver rounds today... They are really nice looking coins.
    Provident service has been great too. I just place my 2nd order. Keep up that the good work.
  27. Manageable Fractional Coin
    SNTon 4/29/12
    These coins are beautiful! I couldn't be happier doing business with Provident Metals. They are quick and very professional. I will be making my fourth order this week.
  28. Penny sized and nice!
    Mauriceon 3/22/12
    Exact same size as a penny. I like the Incuse Indian design and they are shinier than I thought. Will be buying more and only from Provident!
  29. Great Coin, Fun Just to Hold
    Dionon 1/11/12
    I finally got these in the mail today and I love them. They're about the diameter of a penny, and about the thickness of a dime. I'll admit it's pretty fun just to hold a bunch of them in your hand. They're so small, yet worth so much. It's also good to know that I could use them as more manageable units of exchange than full oz rounds, if it ever came to that.

    My only complaint is how long it took for them to get here. I chose to pay by check because I'm on a limited budget, and it took much longer than six business days for them to ship out. Which isn't terrible but I'm a bit impatient when it comes to purchasing silver; when I want it, I want it. I know for a fact that paying by card will get it shipped out very quickly, though, so it's just a matter of what's more important to you.

    In all, great coin, and I hope to get more in the near future.
  30. NICE!!!!
    Andreon 1/11/12
    I bought a few of these and I love them...and the fact I can get them in fractional is the best part....I just hope I will never really have to use it!
  31. Excellent Transaction
    MrTime1234on 1/8/12
    This is not JUST a review of these Indian Heads which I'm adding with the rest of the people who have seen just how cool these rounds are. The picture truly doesn't do them justice! Yeah one can argue the Buffalo and Walking Lib. rounds are more popular but not so much anymore. On EBay these Indians are selling just as fast as the more recognized rounds I sell.

    This is also a review of Provident Metals. When ordering these Indians I threw in 6 non 90% dimes I got in a $170 Face bag quite a while ago and asked if they could be replaced. Provident not only replaced them but figured the difference between the Spot then and now and sent a check for the difference! Unbelievable service and integrity.

    So add my praise to the rest for Provident Metals and the silver they sell. Thank You.
  32. Get 'em while you can!
    Marineon 1/6/12
    Beautiful round and great to stock up on during the dip!
  33. Great Value and Service
    Markon 1/3/12
    Nice coins, and I want to thank Provident for continuing to offer fractional silver. Great value, reasonable shipping time. TOPS.
  34. Great!!!
    Chestonon 12/14/11
    Very happy with this purchase! They look and feel just like a brand new dime, only composed of silver. Very interesting with the indian head design on one side and the look of the old "wheat penny" on the back. I'm really happy with these coins, bought some more a few days ago, and will be back to buy more. Thanks Provident for the great products and low prices!
  35. Excellent!
    Lone Warrioron 10/14/11
    Excellent price around for 1/10 ounce silver. I hope my son will appreciate them when he is older. Without a doubt I will only buy from Provident Metals.
  36. great little coins
    Westcoast or buston 10/4/11
    I saw all of the good reviews, but was still surprised with how they looked and felt. They are a little bit larger than dimes (the 1/10 oz.). The back side is shiny with the front having almost a matte finish. I hope I never have to actually use these as currency!
  37. Cool
    Enriqueon 9/16/11
    These little guys are pretty cool, shiny, detailed and they even have a little bit of weight to them. I also bought a penny coin holder tube so as I buy them, I can just throw them in there. For five bucks a coin at present prices, you can't beat it, and best of all, it's SILVER!!!
  38. AWESOME!!!
    Richardon 9/13/11
    VERY FAST shipping i couldn't ask for better service thank you PM as always its good doing business with you...
  39. Another great round, another great price
    Eldorajoon 8/12/11
    I am now switching to PM for all of my purchases.
  40. Great Quality and Fast Shipping A+
    NarnyTheGreaton 8/10/11
    I looked all over for silver coins and the prices here could not be beat. This was my first order and I received it 3 day after placing my order. I couldn't be happier with the quality. When I saw people say they seemed small light I was expecting something VERY THIN and toy like... I could not have been more pleased with the coins I received and will order again.

    Economic collapse?? What economic collapse?
  41. a really neat looking silver round
    johnon 8/10/11
    these are very nice looking rounds and are a great way to invest in silver!
  42. Very Fast Shipping, Nice Rounds
    Jameson 7/9/11
    I made my order 7/4/11 and received them 7/9/11. I do not think you can ask for any faster shipping. I will be back.
  43. Better than expected!
    Phillipon 6/8/11
    Even though marked (Delayed) the order arrived in good time. I didn't really expect the rounds to be as nice as they where. Very nice matte on the Indian design, almost proof like finish on the reverse. I'm def going to order more of these!
  44. Great investment
    BIG TNTon 5/23/11
    I ordered 20 of them,they are wonderfully nice, my wife and kids love them,will be buying more.great service,fast shipping,can,t ask for anything more,the way the dollar is losing it,s value you can,t go wrong buying silver and gold. I,ll be back. Thanks Tom
  45. Beautiful design 1/10th ounce Round
    Roguelibertyon 3/24/11
    Love the design and that they come in 1/10, 1/4, 1/2, 1 Ounce.

    Perfect for protecting the fruits of your labor and if need be, the fractional sizes will come in very handy for buying/selling should the SHTF.

    I actually prefer the matte finish on these to the shiny finish on other rounds.

  46. Gorgeous rounds!
    SilverSurferon 3/15/11
    These rounds are awesome!! They have an excellent feel and look to them and a wonderful old fashioned Numismatic design!!!.. I'll definitely be buying more very soon!!
  47. Small,....but very mighty. Quick delivery; great customer service!
    ComancheWomanon 3/11/11
    Just recieved my 22 (1/10th) coins today.

    They are so very small, but very beautiful!

    Talked with a nice gentleman from customer service the other day.

    He assured me that my order would come within a couple of days.

    Well he was right! I rest assure that I will place another order, in the future, when I can.

    With the way things are going in the world these days, I would encourage others to buys their silver/copper, or other metals, from Provident metals.
  48. excellent
    rob in canadaon 3/10/11
    i just received my order of 50 1/10ths and 20 1/4s - wasn't sure what i'd think of them - however, i'm pleased to say they are beautiful - i love 'em!!
  49. awesome round
    Zaneon 2/21/11
    Nice rounds in a hard to find fractional weight.Best price I could find on the web,I will be getting more.
  50. Great fractional coin
    Idaon 2/11/11
    I ordered the 1/10 ounce coins as a hedge against future devaluation of the dollar. If I should ever need to barter or sell any silver, these smaller coins are more easily divisible. I have other fractional coins, as well as bars and 1 ounce coins, but if times get hard and the value of silver continues to rise I don't want to count on a merchant to give me change.

    They are beautifully crafted and my husband loves the look of them so much, he asked me to purchase 30 more for friends and family. Keep in mind they are 1/10 of an ounce and the coins are small. The 1/4 ounce looks more impressive and meatier, but these coins make great gifts.

    I would highly recommend Provident Metal. When they say they come blazing fast they are not kidding. If I order on Friday, I typically have the coins on Wednesday or Thursday. If I order on Monday, I have them by Friday. I have heard of other metals dealers taking 15-20 days to deliver your gold and silver. Basically they are holding your money. I don't want to have my gold or silver being "held" by them before I can take possession. The first rule of buying gold or silver is to ALWAYS TAKE DELIVERY. Provident Metal is quick, fast, convenient, and has so many fractional coins that anyone can enter the precious metals market. Don't hesitate to buy from them.
  51. A+++
    Phillipon 1/20/11
    Provident Rocks.... I shop everywhere, by far this site is the best... Very fast shipping & low pricing, compare for yourself... These 1/10oz are very nice, will work just great for the future, we'll whatever future we have:)

    Great Buy!!!
  52. Wonderful rounds to pick up for the price
    Christopheron 1/12/11
    Just to get started I ordered 10 of these and when I got them I couldn't be happier. The look and feel of them is wonderful. I plan on picking up a few more in the future.
    JACKSMITHon 1/3/11
  54. Top Notch Native-American Round!
    Bern-Manon 1/1/11
    These Incuse Indian rounds are a fantastic piece to have, whether your looking to add to your collection or looking for fractional silver, this fits the bill. I have purchased many of these, used them for gifts, trade, even passed a few along for a job well done. I would give these 5 stars, no question. Provident used to carry the tenth ounce Liberty round as well, I wish they would bring that back because it is an excellent round. Dare I say, it is even better!
  55. Simply beautiful
    Garyon 12/23/10
    You will be pleased will these. They're beautiful.
  56. great for starter
    PTRL78on 12/17/10
    i bought more of these... it's great for starter if you don't have the money to buy them...
  57. Complimentary w/questions
    Morryon 12/15/10
    I am afraid that millions of Americans will want this product. Including me.

    I hope that it has the mint name and the weight and purity on the reverse.

    I am afraid that many of us will be buying our bread and string beans with these things!

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