Ron Paul 1 oz Copper Round


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Quick Overview

Each of these Ron Paul | Peace, Freedom, Prosperity rounds contains 1 Avoirdupois Ounce of .999 Fine Copper and will arrive in Brilliant Uncirculated condition!

Include a 39mm Coin Capsule to protect your investment.

Multiples of 20 rounds will arrive in a 39mm CoinSafe Medallion Tube. Multiples of 500 rounds will arrive in a strapped Provident Metals Plum Monster Box.

Product Description

We are proud to announce the extremely limited release of the Ron Paul Copper Round. Provident Metals holds exclusive rights to the production of this unique and collectible copper bullion round, with an extremely limited mintage. In addition to its rarity, collectors and investors know that the value of the 99.9% pure copper used to create this uniquely struck copper bullion round is expected to rise.

This detailed depiction of a thoughtful and distinguished Ron Paul against the backdrop of the American flag is a fitting tribute to a long and distinguished career and is handsomely struck on the obverse of the Ron Paul Copper Round. The reverse features Paul’s mantra throughout his career in the U.S. House of Representatives: sound money, personal liberty, and free markets. Under this, stamped in striking lettering are the words: peace, freedom, and prosperity.

Coin collectors should know that Ron Paul is expected to figure significantly in history. Paul’s influence in turning our nation’s attention to the Gold Standard make this copper round uniquely interesting for collectors of precious metals. In addition, his courage and integrity as an influential Libertarian and impetus for the birth of the Tea Party make his place in history secure. The Ron Paul Copper is AOCS approved and will one day be a rare and concrete piece of American history. This coin would also make a thoughtful gift for friends and family who support Ron Paul for President of the United States of America.

Additional Information

Condition New
Composition .999 Fine Copper
Actual Copper Weight 1 ounce AVDP
Diameter 39mm
Mint/Brand Private Mint
Availability Discontinued
SKU BBPC-01481
  1. Status quo
    Josephon 3/15/14
    Everything as expected.
  2. This is an awesome copper!
    Allenon 3/8/14
    Just love the detail and could not have picked a better person to be on the coin! To bad he is not our President!
  3. Fantastic Purchase
    Kristenon 2/1/13
    I LOVE this coin. Beautiful!!!
  4. Very cool!
    Kyleon 10/9/12
    I bought one of these and left it out in the sun all day electioneering for Ron Paul during the Republican primary. The sun distorted the color and I had to buy a replacement. Don't leave copper sitting in the sun! Otherwise a great coin commemorating a great man!
  5. nice ron paul rounds
    rickon 9/24/12
    bought some to keep and then bought some more just to give out to spread the ron paul word with tips etc....friends...nice design,now need to get some silver rds
  6. Excellent!
    Michelleon 9/17/12
    These came so fast, I didn't know what the heck was in the box. Defiantly wasn't expecting them so soon. I bought some for my kids to have someday to show to their kids and so on. They are of excellent quality! However, I wish they were dated. No worries, though. Thanks!
  7. Great coppers
    Patrickon 8/11/12
    Just received mine and now they are out of stock. Glad I grabbed some, but I wish I had bought more, in case they don't get more. I also want the Ron Paul silver rounds, but they are out of stock as well. I'll keep watching. Regardless of what happens in Tampa in August, Ron Paul is still the leader of the liberty movement and will continue to be a voice for freedom for years to come. A living historical figure who will continue to change the world.
  8. Love my Ron Paul copper coins
    Linnyon 7/12/12
    This was my first time buying metals online, after doing much research i chose Provident. It was easy, i sent the check and they sent the order. It may take a little longer to process with checks but I was in no hurry. I bought a bunch of different coins and just love these. I plan to buy some silver ones now, I didn't see them when I bought these. I'm very happy.
  9. Nice copper round, FOR LIBERTY!
    ENDTHEFEDon 6/26/12
    Purchased this for my son. I carry the silver proof Ron Paul.The rounds as well as the service received by Provident exeed all expectations.
  10. Temporarily out of stock?
    Jasonon 5/13/12
    I've just received my Ron Paul coins and trying to get more but it's out of stock. Restock ASAP when you can please. GO Ron Paul 2012
  11. A True Statesman
    OneTinSoldieron 4/9/12
    This is a very handsome copper round. Great for passing around to get the message and the vote out! Who wouldn't love a copper round that has has a true statesman and the man of the people on it? This one will live for a long time in history and I would think will end up being highly sought after. Talk about a signature round, this is it!
  12. Great!
    christopher on 3/16/12
    Great coin! Very happy.
  13. I like these copper rounds alot ! AWESOME!
    Owenon 3/8/12
    I am very impress with this brilliant copper rounds in tribute to Ron Paul ! Shipping was fast and I am very please with my first experience being a customer with Provident Metals, Thanks!
  14. Ron Paul to remember.
    Jose Mon 2/17/12
    Very beautiful coins. Ron Paul for president all the way!!!
  15. 3rd Review
    Patrickon 2/5/12
    Just finished passing out my current 20 to potential voters, I will have to reorder for the third time. Two things are happening now that did not happen before - people want me to explain what the "two" on the back means, and crazy as it sounds, they want to know where I got it. I say, "Look on the back", they always say, "of course, don't know how I missed it". Every single person has been a graceful receiver of the copper coin, not one person had anything bad to say. Thanks for producing these Provident. I think it says a lot I have never heard of anyone who wanted a Romney or Gingrich or Obama or Biden coin.
  16. Awesome rounds
    Jaredon 1/29/12
    I received my rounds and have been using them to stoke awareness and discussions. What a nice way to do it. These rounds are too cool! Get out the word, get out the message folks... Ron Paul for President of the US in 2012!!!! Thanks Provident
  17. I'm so glad Provident Metals offer these beautiful rounds!
    Rockoon 1/25/12
    These are a great collectible and Ron Paul is an inspiration for me as a principled, consistent, and honest man. I just ordered the silver rounds yesterday and will be waiting for it in a few weeks. This my second time ordering with Provident Metals as I was pleased with my first!
  18. Excellent collectible!
    Davidon 1/20/12
    I just got my stack of 20 today in a sealed hard plastic tube and stuffed tight with foam to prevent knocking around. The coins are flawless. Now time to order the silver version!
  19. Precious copper metal is going to be a rare coin!
    Steven A.on 12/24/11
    Will be hard to find in the near future. Great buy!
  20. fun conversation starter
    Simonon 12/20/11
    Really a nice strike. I save 5 star for Proofs, (of course) I give these out to fence sitters, or those who say; "I have heard about him and not sure who he is?" I ask if they are a voter or registered to vote, if yes...I hand them one and say check this man out. If he becomes President you will have a collectors item, if not, in about 6 years and hyper inflation that should be worth about 8 bucks and it will cost 100,000 to own a trailer.
    Ordered 75 and figure it is worth the 1.60 investment to get a registered voter to recognize and research the man, Ron Paul 2012!
  21. Great Ornaments
    Anthonyon 12/18/11
    I made a few of these into Christmas tree ornaments. They look great!
  22. really nice
    tom for ronon 12/8/11
    These are so nice I don't want to give them away. so I went and bought some cheaper ones elsewhere to give away. I love them. Ron Paul is my president.
  23. Kudos and a request!
    A. Krakerreon 12/3/11
    This design is definitely an improvement on an already excellent gift idea, and it got me thinking, is there any such thing as white copper? That would be superior with this design! Thanks!
  24. Super coin for a super sound money hero.
    Patrickon 12/3/11
    Just got my 10 of these, here to re-order and get 20 to pass out to potential Ron Paul voters. Very nice round, please make a 1 OZT .999 Ron Paul Silver round Provident, I will take a roll!
  25. Haven't received yet but I know I will love them.
    Johnon 11/30/11
    The "Two" on the back refers to the American Open Currency Standard. Coins are AOCS Approved.
  26. I love this coin! Ron Paul 2012 END THE FED!!!!!
    Kanielaon 11/26/11
    Fantastic! Cant wait to get it in silver!
  27. Very Nice Coins
    Corey Con 11/25/11
    These coins are a fantastic way to commemorate the Champion of the Constitution. The one honest man in Washington who has stood up for sound currency for years deserves to be honored, and these coins are a very nice way to do it. I have bought several and will be buying more.

    Ron Paul 2012!!!
    Bryan Lonnon 11/24/11
    Mr. Paul is inspirational, smart and honest. You rarely see that anymore. Usually, someone has one of the traits but rarely all three. He is a real-man and I am more than happy to see him on the five hundred dollar bill when we get there one of these days. GO RON PAUL!
  29. Nice Coins
    Delawarescottgon 11/13/11
    Bought 100 of these and they are nice. Just wish they had a date on them. Would have used the space used where the verbiage 'TWO' is. But besides from that, I think they are very cool and will make great collectibles.
  30. Excellent coin and tribute
    Noviceon 11/12/11
    This a great a coin. I bought 200 of them as I am convinced that Ron Paul will go down as one of the greatest politician's in history. Commemorating him on a real metal is a perfect tribute to him. Provident couldn't have picked a better choice for this copper round. I will probably by a stack of silver ones when they are produced. They are excellent gifts and wonderful card protectors for you poker players out there.
  31. Looks beautiful
    Kenon 11/10/11
    I like the coin and glad I bought I few, but any idea what the big TWO is about on the back?
  32. Ronald Ernest Paul!
    Joshon 11/4/11
    These coins are amazing! I didn't realize how big they actually are. I thought they were around the size of a penny or something, they are bigger than half dollars. I bought a good amount of these coins, to pass out to friends and family and some to store. I couldn't be happier with them.

    I, also, can't wait to see the silver version!

    After seeing these, I will be purchasing some of those christmas copper rounds, for stocking stuffers. thank you provident!
  33. Beautiful coin to add to your collection
    Dannoon 11/2/11
    Very good looking clean copper round... A very nice addition to the metals collection... Will probably add more at my next order... Good job Provident!
  34. Awesome Coin
    Silver42on 11/2/11
    Just got my shipment of Ron Paul copper bullion and they look good.
  35. Best Ron Paul Coins
    Minneapolis Numismaticon 11/1/11
    I own several varieties of Ron Paul copper coins, and these are by far the nicest looking. I will be buying more.
  36. Beautiful Coin
    Tony Aon 10/18/11
    This is now my favorite copper design! Can't wait to see the silver version!

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