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Quick Overview

Only $0.75 over melt!
Get your Canadian 80% pure silver coins!
Each $1 Face Value in 80% Silver Canadian Coins contains .6 troy ounce of pure silver! This group will be comprised of silver halves, quarters, dimes or nickels or a combination of them. Dates are Our Choice.

Product Description

Canadian 80% Silver Coins are an excellent way to invest in a small amount of silver at low premiums. You’ll get $1 face value in circulated coins containing .6 troy ounces of pure silver, including silver dollars, half dollars, quarters and dimes.

Before 1967, Canadian quarters and dimes were composed of 80 percent silver. In 1967, some of the coins were struck in 80 percent silver, while others contained only 50 percent. Beginning in 1968, Canadian quarters and dimes contained only 50 percent silver (or 100 percent nickel), rendering 80% Silver Canadian quarters and dimes a thing of the past.

When you invest in 80% Silver Canadian Coins, you are purchasing trusted legal tender that comes with inherent value and low premiums. The coins also represent a tangible investment that can be stored and transferred on your terms, and used as a tool of trade in tough economic times.

Now that’s something you can depend on.

Get $1 face value in Canadian 80% Silver Coins today. Dates are of our choice and come in circulated condition. Use our secure online ordering system and your silver will be at your door in days.

Additional Information

Denomination Foreign
Condition Circulated
Composition 80% Silver
Actual Metal Weight Ozt Between .51-1.0
Mint/Brand Foreign
Availability Out of Stock
SKU BBFS-00181
  1. Canadian 'Junk' silver
    Garyon 11/24/14
    I ordered and received $1 face value circulated CAD and opened 23 very nice (some BU) 1960's dollar coins. Very happy with this order, maybe a week from payment to receipt. Will definitely order again.
  2. Nice... nice... and nicer!
    wayneon 5/19/14
    Thanks PPM for another great deal! I loved getting the Canada silver from the free shipping before and was glad to get some of the dollar coins... ordered more just cuz I liked them so much! I really like the surprise of what one might get with the silver Canada coins and one of these days i will score the 1958 totem! I ordered some other bullion rounds and although they are always nice you also always know what is going to be there so I rarely do more than stack em... the silver Canada coins there is a wee bit of wonder each time if one might get a cool one like the totem or goose... mix them up a bit more and it would be really fun!
  3. free shipping!!!
    kyleon 3/7/14
    Was definitely worth it. Got a single Canadian dollar.
  4. Bought more junk silver-3 dollar face value
    Hectoron 2/20/14
    I got this time around 3 dollar face value silver and literally got a big bag of Canadian dimes from dates ranging from 1951 to 1963 , 30 dimes in a bag look nice knowing they are 80 percent silver plus the size is convenient so in a sense looks good feels right, little scratches some usage and toning but nothing major, no complaints would of loved bigger coinage from i got dimes this time around as well
  5. Made another order of canadian junk silver
    Hectoron 2/15/14
    Made another order of junk silver 1 dollar face value, and I got 10 dimes this time around of Canadian dimes, they look almost new minor scratches but they are beautiful from dates ranging from 1953 to 1964 and 65 , look good worth buying, loves these additions to my collection
  6. I love canadian junk silver so beautiful
    Hectoron 2/7/14
    I received my 3 dollar face value in Canadian silver and it was beautiful barely any scratches I got two 1864-1964 bi-centennials and and a 1963, i love all three coins almost brand new looking, beautiful if you buy junk silver buy these I plan to buy more i love how they look
  7. Cool Canadian Goose
    Christineon 1/24/14
    I ordered another one of these for the shipping deal. This time around I recieved a 1867-1967 Canadian centennial dollar. This is a first for me and it's a nice addition for my little collection.
  8. what a deal!
    Ethanon 1/24/14
    Ordered the 1$ face Canadian for the free shipping. This is the second time. First time I got 4 quarters. This time I got a 1958 Totem Dollar! Thank you provident!
  9. Worth the Free Shipping!
    Kevinon 1/20/14
    I selected this to get the Free Shipping. It seems to be worth it as I got a 1961 Silver Dollar that is bright without alot of wear... the silver content alone was worth the selection as it technically reduced my shipping below what was initially quoted during the ordering process. Ultimately, I get reduced shipping for some extra silver... Ok, I'll take the deal - Win - Win situation....
  10. Canadian Dollar Piece; First Junk Silver
    Chrison 1/13/14
    I ordered the Canadian junk silver to receive the free shipping because I figured I would at least get the silver in return.

    I didn't have much hope in the quality because I have seen circulated coins that were rather rough looking, but this 1964 Canadian dollar is stunning. It's a little blemished, but very bright. Detail is great. Most likely will be ordering with every order going forward.
  11. Another AU Dollar
    Roberton 1/11/14
    Purchased this to get the free shipping on my other orders. Very nice AU dollar.
  12. Was AU condition
    JOHNon 12/26/13
    Got a Canadian dollar from the 1960's was not dirty or scratched in AU condition.
  13. AU dollar coins
    wayneon 12/16/13
    Beauty, eh... the Canada way... just wish I could get the totem ones sometime as I have tried and tried!

    MAybe some day :)
  14. Very, very nice condition coins.
    Danielon 12/11/13
    Received all silver dollars and all where in AU condition (some BU). I dig these coins and prefer to pick them up when the premiums are low.
  15. Great
    Patrickon 12/10/13
    I have never ordered Canadian coins before, but decided to see what they were about when I saw the free shipping option included with them. To my surprise I received 5 dollar coins instead of the dimes, quarters and halves advertised. They were so nice I ordered another $5 face worth and got five more dollar coins that were even nicer. I don't know how much they'll be worth down the road, but the are really cool to look at and a nice addition to my stash! Ordered some of the uncirculated halves yesterday ! I really like Providents prices and quick service.
  16. One beautiful coin
    T.A.Ron 12/8/13
    I usually invest in pure bullion but this came with free shipping so I bit on it. I have been thinking Canadian because of low premium anyhow so it wasn't too much of a stretch. I got one 1961 Canadian dollar in great condition! Some smaller coins would have been nice but when you order this you roll the dice and I am very pleased with Provident's offering here. I will probably order more, especially if they offer free shipping with it as well. A great way to offset the shipping cost on other orders, just throw them in!
  17. I ordered one of these
    Christineon 12/7/13
    I ordered one of these to get the free shipping deal and I got a beautiful 1965 Canadian dollar. It looks great!
  18. I hit the Jackpot
    Utilitarianon 11/29/13
    After ordering roll after roll of Canadian Silver I finally got the 1958 totem pole. None of the rolls ever had a single coin with this reverse side. Then I ordered, a single dollar, for the free shipping and WOW. The condition of the Canadian 80% has always been wonderful. Just really happy I finally got the 1958 :) ... To those Provident employees who package our shipments, a special thanks for not setting this gem aside.
  19. Excellent
    Dustinon 11/23/13
    Ordered $5 face, received all Dollar Coins. All 5 look like they are strait from the mint in perfect condition. I will be ordering again today.
  20. Awesome!!
    Mascara de plataon 11/13/13
    So I received one, just one Canadian silver dollar. But damn, It was in
    Perfect condition! By the looks of it I wouldn't know it had
    Been in circulated condition if it weren't for the description.

    I also received it extremely fast! PROVIDENT you always diliver!

    Thank you!
  21. Good, Cheap Silver
    Kenon 5/8/13
    I have been a fan of Provident's Canadian 80% coins for quite some time- they are attractive, backed up by a secure government, and, well, let's face it- silver is silver. Provident delivers well every time. My only hesitation about my last order was that the older dimes in it were worn to the point of almost being blank backed- in other words, no dates or denominations were visible. For people to use these coins as future barter or to sell in a pinch, future buyers need to know these coins are on the up and up. Blank backed coins would be readily rejected by many who are not knowledgable about them. If premiums are going to rise on these, which they will due to demand, the pieces should be sold with dates and the blanks sold in a separate category as culls. Other than that suggestion, I was pleased by Provident's services and prices.
  22. Awesome value, beautiful coins
    Timon 12/7/12
    If you're buying silver for silver (that's the point, isn't it?), then cheaper is better. It's hard to beat below spot silver (obviously), so I'm very glad I found this item.

    I picked up $20 face Canadian, received all halves, about 1/3 of which looked barely circulated or better. Needless to say I was very pleased with my order!
  23. I suppose its good
    Patrickon 4/7/12
    I know nothing about Canadian silver. I bought a couple of small samples. I bought 10 face value and a 100. The 10 face value came in 50 Cent coins. They look good. The 100 dollar bag was in all quarters. I did some research and 1967 and 1968 candian coins were made differently. Some were made with only 50% silver and others were made with the standard 80%. There is no discernible way to tell if you have a 50% or 80% coin. There was one 1967 coin in my bag, however there was also a 1955 US quarter. So, it offsets any loss in value(which was almost nothing). I am not sure if Canadian junk is a good investment or not, but the prices are good if your in it just for the melt. I always believe having silver in coin form is good because there is no question of its worth or content, except in regards to the 67-68 Canadian quarter. I did hear that Canadian change is harder to sell in the states...I am not giving up my silver anytime soon so I don't really care.
  24. Great
    Darrenon 5/24/11
    Great variety of Canadian silver at a low price.
    The cheapest and most abundant Canadian silver in the U.S.A.
    Great investment with a low spread. Great hedge against inflation.
    Go PM team!!!

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