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Quick Overview

Our Choice 1 oz Silver Bullion Rounds at a great price!


These Silver rounds offer a great opportunity to own silver at low premiums with a variety of designs! Each round will be marked .999 Silver and 1 troy ounce or similar terminology! As these rounds are secondary market, they may show signs of wear or handling. Designs and Dates of Our Choice and MAY INCLUDE SOVEREIGN MINT PRODUCTS such as Silver Maples and Silver Britannias among others!

While many orders may have a variety of designs, we cannot guarantee this on every order.

Include a 39mm Coin Capsule to protect your investment (Sold separately).

Multiples of 20 rounds will arrive in a 39mm CoinSafe Medallion Tube. Multiples of 500 rounds will arrive in a strapped Provident Metals Green Monster Box.

We cannot guarantee that each order will have varying designs although we will do our best.

Product Description

Silver bullion rounds offer the savvy investor a straightforward method of adding silver to their portfolio. They are available in a variety of appealing designs and are easily recognized and traded by rare coin and bullion dealers around the world.
These Mixed Silver Rounds contain one troy ounce of pure .999 silver each, are hallmark stamped to that effect, and have, on average, a diameter of 39mm, making them roughly the same size as an American Silver Eagle. Their diverse designs reflect the wide variety of interests of the American public.

Additional Information

Condition Secondary Market
Composition .999 Fine Silver
Actual Metal Weight Ozt 1
Mint/Brand Private Mint
Availability Out of Stock
SKU BBPS-00175
  1. Pleasant surprise
    Wolfon 4/6/15
    After reading mixed reviews I thought, why not? Ordered 10 just for chance and received 3 different styles, all in new to almost new condition. Couldn't ask for better. Been ordering from Provident for over a year and a good review is long overdue. Flawless transactions every time. It took one phone call to "that company on the radio" to realize this is the only place I will order. Keep up the terrific job!
  2. It's Silver
    Josephon 3/25/15
    Some of the Coins were tarnished slight burn marks
  3. Absolutely no variety in design - just generic Buffalo rounds!
    Uncle Martyon 1/30/15
    Silver is silver, so I can't complain too much but . . . I ordered 60 rounds in the hopes of getting some variety in design. However, I received 60 generic (apparently new) Buffalo rounds. That being said, the price over spot was excellent and, back to the beginning . . . Silver is Silver (was just hoping for a variety).
  4. Highly Recommended!
    Marinaon 12/15/14
    Love your choice Provident. Will be ordering more. Thank you!
  5. Yea buddy!
    Timon 10/23/14
    Order Went great! I actually got lucky and got the last 8 that were left before it went out of stock. Great, cost friendly way to stack up the ounces and have fun wondering what your gonna get! I have an IG silver page and my followers love the great stuff I'm getting from provident. Another order coming in next week can't wait!!
  6. Great mix, some nice surprises.
    Matton 9/18/14
    This was my first order from Provident and it WON'T be my last. This is also my first silver investment purchase. I was told that I should order junk silver for my first investment purchase, but at 75 cents over spot, I absolutely had to order the "trust us" silver. I am not disappointed. First, I paid by personal check and got my silver delivered 13 days after ordering. I did get some OPM, but only 3, and I knew that was a probability, because the only way to get stuff worth more than what I paid, I had to get some things that were worth less than what I paid. That said, I got some awesome surprises. Got an absolutely gorgeous Incuse Indian, 3 GSM Buffalos, and 3 very valuable silver collectors coins. I feel like I got much more than I paid for. Thank you Provident, I know I may not get this lucky all the time, but I am super excited about my first order and will be ordering again soon, probably exclusively. Hopefully, if I order enough, I'll get lucky enough to end up with a standing liberty, a saint gaudens, or a morgan. Can't wait to try again!!!
  7. Works for me!
    Diamondplate Daveon 8/18/14
    I was looking for some interesting rounds to stack. Read the reviews and some people were satisfied, and some were not. I noticed that the price on these was about the same as OPM rounds, which is what one reviewer said they got (at a higher price). I didn't see any downside at the current price, so I ordered 22 rounds. I thought at least if I got 20 OPMs, maybe I'd get two "assorted" rounds.
    As it turned out, I got ten Buffaloes, ten Incuse Indians, an Andrew Jackson, and one other round (Chinese, I think). So, I feel Provident did well by me. Would pick up more next time they are in stock!
  8. Great way to stack silver
    Brianon 6/14/14
    I have to admit at first I was not too happy about receiving all the same rounds but after talking to customer service I understand they ship what they have on hand. I always like a good grab bag. But you can't go wrong with this deal if your in it to stack up. Also I miss understood the description and I thought it said an air tite would be included. My apologies to provident to jumping to conclusions thinking my order was wrong. I will most likely order from provident again but I might just go with buying separate generic rounds to add variety to my portfolio. By the way I was shipped 4 buffalo rounds that were in pretty good shape. Thanks provident for not sending me garbage.
  9. Review 2
    Brentynon 4/27/14
    I received my second order of Providents our choice rounds! I would have to say theyI'm satisfied, I could of been happier with my purchase though! Received an OPM round that Icould of picked up for a dollar cheaper if I would of just picked it myself! Hey its always a gamble! They also arrived a little scuffed up, but that's to be expected because look at the picture of rounds your getting a pick from. I expected this! Still very pleased! Thanks Provident! By the way, myself and many others would love to see a round with the words PROVIDENT MINT!
    Brentynon 4/21/14
    Its always a nice surprise to see what you get when someone else picks a round for you!!! I won't say what I got, I'll let you see what you get!!! I'm totally 100%+ satisfied with Providents pick on my bullion round!! THANKS AGAIN PROVIDENT!!!
  11. I could have saved a few dollars.
    Christineon 3/30/14
    I went ahead and tried my luck with this and received a OPM round. I could have just purchased that one specifically and saved a few bucks. Oh well, maybe next time I will get something different. Coin was in great shape otherwise.
  12. 19 of 20 ain't bad
    Josephon 3/15/14
    I got 20 eagles in my order. All were in decent shape, but 1 looked like it had been filed down to test if it was solid all the way through. I'm not talking a little nick, it has been filed all the way through the rim to the point that there is a distinct flat spot on 1 side. It's annoying, but not enough to go through the return process for what amounts to less than a dollar.
  13. Pleased but not happy
    Dan on 12/6/13
    This was my third order and I have always been overall pleased with what I got, but like many of the other reviews, I'm not very happy getting a roll of 20 of the same coins. Especially when they are of the Ohio variety. One reason I order the generic rounds is to get an assortment. I know it's "your choice" but I am still disappointed. Like the others, part of the interest in this is the wide variety of designs out there to be had. I do not argue with the value, it seems reasonable.
  14. Got more than I expected!
    Rayon 9/21/13
    Ordered 12 or these in August. Got them fairly quickly and was surprised to receive 12 Silver Bullet Silver Shield Freedom Girl rounds. All were new. Very Happy with Provident. Thanks!
  15. Very satisfied
    Johnon 8/5/13
    This was my first order of this type. I ordered one tube, and all 20 were 2013 Buffalo rounds. They are in very nice shape and seem like brand new. I am very pleased and would order these again. Provident shipped right on schedule. Thanks for the quick service!
  16. Not disappointed
    Ericon 7/22/13
    For my first PM order I got 20 of these. 1 Lakota, 5 Morgan, 7 Mercury and 7 rather odd but interesting "Save the Queen" was my shipment. No major dings, dents or chips on any of them. The Morgans have some light marring on the cheek and there are a few marks on some of the other ones, but for the price they are acceptable.
    I will be ordering more of these and from PM again.
  17. Pleased and surprised
    Sherion 6/24/13
    I received my order 17 days after I placed. I thought that I might receive a variety of rounds. To my surprise I received buffalo rounds, 20 of them, my complete order.They were in wonderful shape, possibily uncurculated. I was concerned because they don,t have a date on them though. This is my third order with Provident. Never a problem, good service.
  18. 2 Thumbs Up !
    Rogeron 6/22/13
    I've bought about 500 of these, during the last 2 years.

    A few times I've gotten variety, like in the picture - sort of like collecting Silver Art bars.

    Most of the time, I get a whole bunch of one kind.

    Condition - always BU, so far.

    What makes it good is the PRICE. The price gives Provident some flexibility on what to send, which seems to correlate to a slightly lower Buy-Sell spread.
  19. Very pleased!
    GLENon 4/19/13
    Bought 20 of them and all coins were in great condition. Most of them were 20-25 years old, but the coins themselves were in great shape. Very please with the slection. Will order again when they get more stock
  20. terrible selection
    Markon 3/29/13
    I purchased these for the good reviews of the selection, but there wasnt any at all, every one of them was the same, big time let down,,, I would not purchase again, but the price was right.......
  21. meh
    Andrew S.on 3/26/13
    I ordered 100 ounces and they were all Ohio Precious Metals rounds. Very good quality, proof-like. My only complaint is the lack of variety. If I wanted 100 OPM rounds than I would have just ordered OPM rounds as it is listed on Provident Metals. I was hoping to get all sorts of different rounds so I am disappointed in that regard. The low premiums make it good for stacking which was my intended goal but I will not be ordering seller's choice rounds from Provident Metals anymore, instead turning to their selection of other low premium rounds.
  22. Good choice.
    Andrewon 3/14/13
    Was expecting some beat up rounds, but the coins delivered are brand new looking, will be choosing this option again!
  23. It's silver..
    Thomason 3/3/13
    Received all identical Silver Trade Unit rounds(not attractive). I am probably sticking to rounds that I know and like. However, it is silver and I am keeping what I purchased.
  24. Very pleased
    urion 2/19/13
    I order two and received two beautiful scottsdale omnia rounds. beautiful coins for what I paid over spot. Customer service was great. Not knowing what type of rounds I would be getting was a pleasant surprise. I'll definitely be ordering this way again.
  25. Great Variety
    silver senseion 2/15/13
    Have ordered several hundreds of these beauties and have always been amazed at the variety i always get ! Collecting silver can be a bit boring now and then so i really do appreciate all the fantastic designs that i have recieved. Hundreds of different designs. The most common i recieved was the Indian Buffalo ounce. Not to mention you get all kinds of dates. From the late 70's -2013, judging from my ordrers.
  26. fast
    hole puncheron 1/22/13
    11 days from order sent in to rounds in hand. Pretty typical rounds, I got a buffalo head, lady liberty type, 1980's rounds and one very ugly panda bear, but round roulette, was fun, once.
  27. Excellent Service and communication
    Stephenon 1/18/13
    First time buyer from Provident. The best prices anywhere, fast shipment, and great communication throughout the entire process. Rounds received, all one type, entire process without a hitch. Easy to track and follow!!! Will definitely be purchasing from Provident again!!!
  28. Quick and easy
    Thomason 1/7/13
    I've ordered these a few times; I've always received Buffalos. Quick and easy, and you really can't beat the price for random single ounce rounds.
  29. Fun buy--good value
    bigdon 10/14/12
    Have bought these"choice" rounds a number of times and have been pleasantly surprised each time at the variety and overall quality. I wasn't aware that there was such a wide selection of rounds on the market. Each round is clearly marked 1 oz. .999 pure silver and although many have been circulated they don't have any serious wear. Am enjoying the variety and am accumulating silver as well.
  30. Shop Provident Metals Only!
    Patriot74on 7/12/12
    I discovered PM through searching the Internet. Placed my first order in late June, and got my order in about 2 weeks in early July. The quality of these silver rounds is excellent. As others have stated, the packaging is discreet and well packed. The prices are best I have found anywhere. I placed an order with NWT Mint on May 16, 2012 and have yet to receive my order. And I won't get my order for another 4 weeks. What a joke! PM is my new and only place to buy gold and silver. DO NOT buy from Northworst Territory Mint.
  31. Cool Assortment Of Our Choice!!
    Jaredon 7/9/12
    Great mix from Liberty Mint, NRA hunting & fishing super slam, Buffalo, Morgans, Winged Libertyetc., even had a Engelhard & a Canadian Maple. All are in good shape, no tarnish, few scratches here & there but I'm very happy with mix. This is second time I've ordered Our Choice, first time I was sent Buffalos that were mint by my standards. Great value & cheaper prices with these rounds, what you want if your looking just for silver content. Thanks again everybody at Provident!
  32. Couldn't be happier
    Marshallon 7/7/12
    This was my 2nd order . I order 10 of these this time and was very suprised when all 10 were buffalo rounds and looked to be brand new. Thanks Provident
  33. Great Value on Good Rounds
    ARSon 7/6/12
    Received 35 oz mix of older, generic private mint rounds in good condition. About half of them date to 1981 with little wear. Overall, a seamless transaction. Looking forward to buying more of these very soon.
  34. great stuff
    Jayon 5/21/12
    I am pretty happy with the assortment I received. I had one engelhard prospector, a bunch of the generic morgans, some weird company achievement award, and one from mexico (no not a libertad). no tarnish on anything. some looked real new.. others were scratched up. no big deal. i would buy again!
  35. A No Brainer Transaction
    La Verne Silvermanon 1/31/12
    Nothing could be easier than purchasing from Provident. From the ease of use with their online ordering, to the secure shipping. I couldn't be happier. I am now a customer for life. I can't wait to buy more. Thanks again.
  36. Nice selection!
    Zebulanon 1/19/12
    Great variety of coins! Shipping took longer (7 days to process and ship compared to 2 days with my other provider) than other providers but packing was discrete and the product was of great quality. Would have been 5 stars had the shipping been a little faster.

    Will definitely add these to my future orders.
  37. happy customer
    Tobyon 6/15/11
    Couldn't be happier with the experience of buying silver from Provident M. Have bought from other online retailers but always come back to PM. Thank you
  38. Great value
    Don 6/9/11
    Got 2010 Silvertowne morgans in excellent condition.
  39. Price, Quality, Condition, Service
    Toryon 5/28/11
    This was my first purchase from Provident Metals. I purchased 55 oz of this type. I was very pleased with the quality, condition, and variety of rounds. The speed of shipping, quality packaging, shipment tracking, and services provided are excellent!
  40. Service, Price, Quality
    Silver Tongued Devilon 5/28/11
    This was my first purchase from Provident Metals. I purchased 55 oz of this type. I was very pleased with the quality, condition, and variety of rounds. The speed of shipping, quality packaging, shipment tracking, and services provided are excellent!
  41. Great Service! Nice Selection!
    Metatronon 4/29/11
    This was my first purchase from Provident Metals. I purchased 30 oz of this type. I was very pleased with the variety of rounds, Many of the rounds retail well above the price paid. The speed of shipping, packaging, shipment tracking and services provided were top notch!

    Highly Recommended!

  42. Very Pleased!!
    Andreason 1/28/11
    very pleased with there choice of coins I got!! !on my third round of ordering now!!!
    Happy client:-)
  43. Very Pleased!!
    Hoffeon 1/28/11
    very pleased with there choiCe of coins I got...on my third order!!

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