OPM 1 oz Silver Bar

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Quick Overview

Available for as low as $0.94 over spot per bar.

Each of the Ohio Precious Metals bars is composed entirely of recycled silver, making these the greenest bars on the market. Bars contain 1 troy ounce of .999 fine silver each and are hallmarked to that effect.

Protect your investment in a 1oz. silver bar Air-tite.

Product Description

Balancing social responsibility with your investments can be tricky--the mining industry inherently produces a great deal of pollution and waste. But that kind of ethical conundrum can be resolved when you decide to invest in recycled precious metals, including this one troy ounce OPM silver bar.

Ohio Precious Metals utilized only previously mined and salvaged silver to create these American-made .999 fine bars, combining exceptional quality with conscientious investing. By eliminating the destruction associated with silver mining, OPM has created one of the “greenest” silver bars available.

Your bar will read “OPM FINE SILVER 1 OUNCE TROY .999” on the obverse with a small logo of a mushroom. The reverse says “Ohio Precious Metals, LLC” and includes the three-arrow recycling logo with the words “From Recycled Sources.”

Because these bars utilized melted-down metal from previously mined sources--including silver spoons, jewelry, electronics, and more--OPM eliminated the energy required to remove the metal, thereby protecting the environment. But don’t worry about the quality! These recycled metal bars are just as exquisite as newly mined metals, without the moral quandary.

Add these recycled silver bars from OPM to your stack today through Provident Metals’ secure online purchasing system.

Additional Information

Condition New
IRA Approved Yes
Composition .999 Fine Silver
Actual Metal Weight Ozt 1
Mint/Brand OPM
Availability In Stock
SKU BBPS-01765
  1. excellent
    Jasonon 3/20/15
    the quality of these bars are awesome.
  2. Standard Bars
    Ericon 9/18/14
    For a first investment, these bars are very nice, especially with the low premium. The coolest thing about them is that they were made from recycled silver, and have a very lustrous quality. 20 of these bars fit easily into my 1 oz. tube so they are perfect for collecting over time.
  3. Outstanding
    Richard "RADMAN"on 3/21/14
    I like the OPM bars over others, but all are Excellent! Great Service!!
  4. Excellent Purchase
    Richardon 3/3/14
    the bars are in excellent condition, package and shipped to perfection! I will buy more.
  5. Nice BUT product received, not same as pictured.
    Kirkon 2/26/14
    No Mushroom(representing waste reduction/renewal and green recycling) on the frontside, and backside now has OPM logo like 10oz Bars. With the low premium its still a good value. So I cant complain about quality aside from picture showing .9995 instead of the bar actually minted being .999+ . Dimensions not the same as my other standard 1ozt Bars either, so not ideal for bar tubes or stacking with other 1ozt Bars. Luckily the packaging is very nice for stacking and longer storage and preservation as far as I can tell.

    Really like source recycled, and low premiums with these OPM bars. Also Provident makes these soo reasonably priced, they are a value in anyone's books. Just wish the picture accurately represented the product received.
  6. wont fit standard storage for 1 oz bars
    Jameson 2/5/14
    The bars are good quality, as I have come to expect from OPM. My only gripe is that the bars will not fit in either my Dansco albums or standard bar boxes, which I use to store all my silver. Highly inconvenient and a definite no go on future OPM bar purchases for me.
  7. 1 oz opm bar
    Treyon 1/24/14
    Great product. These came sealed in plastic sheets. They are redesigned from the pictue shown and look like the 10 oz bars. Good price, keep stackin'!
  8. Very very nice
    Shawnon 1/18/14
    I just got the OPM 1 oz bars. I love them but they must have 2 types. It's different from the photo on the website, but I still love them. I plan to get more very soon.
  9. silver bars
    vincenzoon 9/10/13
    I am very impressed. Product was shipped on same day I ordered. Also bars are well struck and wrapped in plastic. I will continue to do business with Provident. Maybe 10 oz. OPM silver bars next!!
  10. Shiny .9995
    jackon 8/10/13
    Very shiny. Say .9995 (bonus). Provident should change the picture. Haven't seen .9995 (Maples are .9999).
    Little plain. OPM should use their nice back design from the 10 oz bar.
  11. 1st Bar
    Billyon 8/4/13
    I order some of the coins and thought I'd check out a bar. Not disappointed. I received mine in clean and flawless condition. I ordered a bar tube, so I think I'll be buying more to fill it up.
  12. My favorite discount 1 oz bar
    dpvwiaon 7/11/13
    I've ordered three different sets of these bars, and I really like them. Mine are stamped very nicely, nice finish, consistent quality.
  13. Nice looking bar
    Janon 5/25/13
    I really like these bars. Very reflective background. They look sharp. Ordered 20 and they arrived individually sealed in a single sheet. They are stamped .9995 and I really like that ... something different for the collection. I will store them all in this sheet since each row folds nicely over the next and takes up very little space. I'm very happy with this purchase. Thanks yet again Provident.
  14. Great Bars & Great Value
    fsn77on 5/23/13
    Bars look great and are priced very well. Definitely a great buy for investing in silver. While not as prestigious as some of the other name brand bars, these are still very nice looking bars and .9995 silver. Hard to go wrong with these.

    FWIW, I didn't have any issues with sharp edges on the ones I purchased like some previous buyers reported. All bars sealed in the plastic, with no stray shards or filings sticking out anywhere.
  15. A few gripes with this bar.
    Aaronon 5/14/13
    I like this bar, but the bars that I received are not like the ones pictured. They lack the lustrous finish, are stamped without precision, and stamped features are different than pictured above. I guess the previous reviewer and myself got some of the same run. Will be buying the OPM rounds next time, but would purchase again if availability made an impact on my purchase choice.
  16. NOT impressed
    MARKon 5/8/13
    I was very disappointed by the OPM 1ozT bar.I have the 1oz OPM round and love it.

    From the rave reviews here I guess I am the oddball, but my bars are struck slightly off center,giving them a crooked like appearance , and the design is as dull as dishwater in person .

    I will stick to the OPM rounds as I am really with it on the recycled bit, but these bars are mediocre and I wont buy them again
  17. Unique Bars!
    Ericon 5/2/13
    I love these bars. They are very unique not only in design but in the source of the silver they were made from. The design is a bit bland to some people but I think the simplicity captures the nature of the bar. I am a sustainability guy (probably like most people on here as well) so these fit me well. Unfortunately the air-tites I placed them in were quite scratched up (that is the way I got them) so it makes them look bad. Oh well at least they are protected.
  18. Great
    Skeetinyamammaon 4/25/13
    Nice-looking bars I'm glad I got them
  19. Best bar so far
    Johnon 3/29/13
    One of the best bars I have received from Provident so far. Will be my first choice from now on.
  20. Favorite Bar
    Perryon 2/26/13
    Just received this and wow! It looks great for such a cheap bar. Mine has .9995 on the front. Ordering more as these will become a collector's items in a few years.
  21. Good bars !
    John on 12/24/12
    Really pleased with my bars. Ordered a few of these bars and pleased with the quality and packaging. Also neat being recycled silver too. This is my 2nd order from Provident and I love the service.
  22. Great Bar to Add to Your Bullion
    Bryanon 11/27/12
    My bars were marked with ".9995" and did not have the rectangular box that appears in the photo. I am a bullion collector, so I don't care too much what they look like. They are 1 oz., .9995 fine silver, and reasonably priced. That makes them winners for any collection.
  23. Nice
    Joe Gon 10/12/12
    This is a very nice silver bar from Ohio Precious Metals. I especially like it because it is wrapped in plastic from the mint, so it will stay like new for many years to come. The price is very reasonable. I definitely recommend this product.
  24. Nice
    Vincenton 10/5/12
    Nice piece of silver for investing. Like the fact that it's from recycled sources
  25. neat but not cool
    Silver Copon 9/27/12
    I like a various collection/horde. Got one and was slightly disappointed its dimensions are slightly off of normal 1oz bars. It was hadlrd to fit into my 1oz bar plastic cases.
  26. nice
    timon 9/19/12
    great product, great price
  27. Nice Bar
    Keithon 9/1/12
    Well worth the money!
  28. Excellent value
    Charleson 6/29/12
    I just received my first order of the OPM bars. I had bought Silvertowne bars before and find the OPM to be their equal though at a better price. I also like the fact that they are recycled silver. I WILL be buying more of them in the near future.
  29. opm 1 oz. silver bars
    Davieon 6/17/12
    I have been investing in metals from april, this year, mostly copper, its very afordable for my budget, Provident has never let me down on the quality, delivery time and price point. The OPM 1 oz. silver bars are awsum!! Thanks Provident!!
  30. very nice bar
    robert on 6/11/12
    have 20 of these in my "silver box" all are beautiful, nice smooth edges, and its all recycled silver, thats just cool, cause i live in ohio and dont want all that pc stuff in my drinking water, nice job opm....... keep up the good work!
  31. Going Green While Going Silver
    Josephon 6/8/12
    I really like these bars for many reasons. They are .999 fine silver, the quality is equal to that of some of the big name brands, and they are just 99 cents above spot. You can't beat that! But the most important reason I like OPM products is because their silver and gold products are made entirely of recycled silver and gold. This is the "greenest/ most eco-friendly" bar you will find on the market and it makes me feel good about purchasing this product.
  32. Okay bar
    Davidon 6/3/12
    Definitely worth the money. It has a different take to it. It's silver and has a low premium so worth the five stars. Not as flashy as the englehards or Jm's. But worth the money I think. The quality of the bar is average. But, in the end it is a different bar and the recycle factor adds something neat to it. Provident rocks again.
  33. good product
    andrewon 5/25/12
    came in sealed plastic sheets. the mushroom logo is cool, symbolizing natures recycling abilities.

    only about 13% of silver used is recycled (New Scientist, i believe is the source) so it is good to think that quantities are being held as investment and not going back into industrial products anytime soon.

    only one minor issue: the metal blanks must be a little over sized for the die because some bars have small sharp flanges around the edges where metal appears to have escaped the stamping mold. it cut the plastic on some of my packets so i removed those bars.

    as usual great service, price, and shipping from Provident

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