2013 NTR Year of the Snake | 10 oz Silver Bar


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Quick Overview


Strike now and lock-in your 10 oz Snake bars for as low as ONLY $1.69 Over Spot per ounce!

Each Lunar Snake bar is composed of 10 Troy Ounces of .999 Fine Silver Bullion. Bars may or may not arrive in original plastic.

Check out all our 10 oz silver bars.

Product Description

According to ancient Chinese lore, a snake in your home is good luck. It means your family will never go hungry. Of course we don’t suggest you bring a boa constrictor home, but we do think a snake can be lucky — especially when it’s made out of silver.

That’s why Provident Metals carries 2013 Year of the Snake 10 Oz .999 Fine Silver Bars. When you invest in silver, you safeguard your family’s wealth with a tangible investment that stands the test of time.

Minted by NTR Metals — which offers a full range of refining, recycling and minting services to bullion dealers across the globe — each 2013 10 Oz Silver Bar celebrates the Lunar Year of the Snake. The 6th sign in the Chinese Zodiac, the Snake is introspective, logical, intuitive and refined.

The obverse of each 2013 Year of the Snake 10 Oz Silver Bar features a large, detailed snake, his tail looped around the zero. It is inscribed with the words 2013 YEAR OF THE SNAKE, along with its weight, purity and a Chinese symbol. The reverse of each 10 Oz Silver Bar is covered in a snake scale design.

People born between February 10, 2013 and January 30, 2014 (or February 14, 1953 to February 2, 1954) are more specifically born in the year of the Wood Snake, and it is believed they will be blessed financially.

Get in on some good luck with the 2013 Year of the Snake 10 Oz Silver Bar. They are brand new and come in their original plastic cover. Use our secure ordering system and your 10 Oz Silver Bar will arrive in just days.

Additional Information

Condition Secondary Market
Composition .999 Fine Silver
Actual Metal Weight Ozt 10
Mint/Brand NTR
Availability Discontinued
SKU BBPS-02170
  1. Wish these came back in stock
    The Silver Whispereron 11/18/14
    Don't tease us with the product visible but out of stock! Even the Horse version is not made anymore.

    These Lunar bars from NTR are a great diversification, and actually the Snake proved to be quite collectible. I should have gotten many more of these. At this near-cheapest premium, handy size, such nice art work, they cannot be beat.

    Provident, please stock these NTR Lunar bars more aggressively so we can stack the Goat bars deeper into 2014 and beyond?
  2. clean
    kyleon 12/24/13
    cool image. low premium. no scratches or dings. couldn't ask for more.
  3. Great Quality
    Markon 12/14/13
    Very nice to see the attention to detail. My favorite bar to date and will buy more once supply is established.
  4. Excellent buy, low premium
    Kevinon 11/13/13
    This was my first purchase from provident, and definitely will not be my last! It is a great bar with a nice design and finish. There are very miniscule scratches on the surface in some parts but that is to be expected and I'm perfectly fine with it. Get a few more ready for me for when I get my next paycheck!
  5. Beautiful Bars and fast shipping
    Johnon 10/1/13
    I just got my first ten ounce bars and boy was I impressed. My 2 bars came VERY quickly. Beautiful, mirror finish on both and no visible scratches or dings. I just ordered 3 more and I am feeling good about adding to my stack. Thanks Provident. I will be ordering more bars as soon as the spot price drops a little more.
  6. Sweet
    Peaceon 9/24/13
    Nice design, came sealed and in great condition. I'll buy some more of the 10oz bars here...very well done
  7. Very Happy
    walteron 9/6/13
    I received my order of 40 bars today. I didn't have a chance to inspect each one, but from cursory view, they are excellent. No blemishes or scratches. Very attractive bars. I would definitely purchase them again.
  8. great stuff
    silver bullon 8/14/13
    I've done a lot of shopping around, and it's hard to beat Provident! This was my first 10 oz bar from Provident, and I'm pretty happy with it, ordering a few more next payday!
  9. great looking bar
    Diggleon 8/9/13
    This was my first "bar" purchase so I was surprised to see the edges and some areas on the sides were kind of bumpy. and not completely smooth. Not sure how common that is with bars.

    Its not really a big deal to me and the bar itself looks great and has a nice finish.
    Definitely worth the purchase.
  10. Slick, Shiny Snake!
    RASCALon 8/3/13
    Love these 10-oz. Year Of The Snake bars! Mirror-like finish, great design, nice heft, and very well packaged as everything else has been so far. The price is right too, just a dab over spot.

    They look good next to the OPM bars, for which I also wrote a nice review, but it never got posted. Those are in just as near-perfect condition as the Snakes, and I would recommend both to anyone.
  11. Simply Gorgeous!!
    swethaon 7/21/13
    I bought 10 of these beauties. I am telling you, this is by far the best purchase I have made from provident. Photos do them very little justice. They were absolutely gorgeous. No nicks, no scratches, crystal clear and mirror like finish. Design is so beautiful on the front as well as on the back. I kept just watching them for minutes as obviously I couldn't take my eyes off them. I will definitely buy more of these. The transaction as usual went smooth. Can't wait for my next purchase which by the way wont be in the distant future. Love you Provident!!!
  12. Awesome!!
    Daveon 7/19/13
    Got my bar today and I'm super impressed with the detail on both sides. A few nicks on the edges but that is to be expected when these heavy bars are coming off the stamping and stacking process.
    Proof-like shine!
    Need more!
  13. Nice Design
    bounty on 7/17/13
    I bought me 10 of these silver serpent bars to add to my stack...they're nice but my kookaburras got their feathers ruffled when they found out that there were snakes slithering around just below their nest..and my moose and buffalo rounds became a little skittish and agitated and tried to trample them, but they quickly learned that they better get along, somehow...and my pandas and koalas, they watched it all safely from their favorite limbs and started laughing at all of them because they know the snakes can't get to them..but my engelhard prospector, he better keep his leggings on just in case
  14. Recommend the bar, but one minor flaw...
    Davincion 6/20/13
    Beautiful ten ounce bar, with a very interesting design on front. Lovely image, with a fantastic back side design similar to scales. Solid, great weight, excellent detailing. My only complain is that the bar I received had extensive nicking and scratching on the edges itself, front and back, all around the bar. If not for that, I would have given five stars. Other than that, I recommend this item.
  15. Nice!
    Benon 6/19/13
    I've bought two of these so far, as well as a few of their 1oz twins, and I am perfectly satisfied. The ones I received had a lustrous finish and were individually sealed in plastic sleeves. Definitely plan on adding more to my horde.
  16. Great product, but no mint marks unfortunately.
    Chandleron 6/4/13
    I ordered two bars and they arrived in excellent condition in very short order. Bars are shiny and smooth, with only a few factory nicks and dings on the edges. My only qualms are the lack of mint marks (which may make some buyers a bit squeamish on the secondary-market), and the time it takes for a bank cashier's check to clear. Definitely going with a money order or bank wire next time.
  17. Good stacker
    Yeatson 5/7/13
    Edges on all of mine are a little unusual, a high side and a low side but they still stack. I like the design and the finish. It is a nice touch with the scales on the backside. If you are looking for the 'prettiest' silver this may not be the best choice with the slight blemishes. If you are looking to collect it and stack it up it is a great buy.
  18. Great Price, good designe, very poor quality
    Aaronon 4/19/13
    If all you want to do is stack silver this is a good choice, but the bar I recieved had a large blemish in the mirrored are around the snake. The edge was very thin on one side and very thick on the other. It looked like someone cut off some silver on the thick side to get the weight right. Shipment on this order was good.
  19. Absolutely Love Them
    Silver Aceon 4/19/13
    Nice yet simple art on them makes them wonderful and the mirror like finish is gorgeous. Secure shipping again and the plastic sleeves over the bars is a appreciated addition.
  20. Great bars at a great price
    Roberton 4/17/13
    Provident has some of the best prices on line especially if you go the "cash discount" route. Bars arrive in great condition in sealed plastic sleeves.
  21. Beautiful bar!
    Williamon 4/5/13
    Very nice bar, just wish it was IRA approved.
  22. Best bar for the $
    Markon 4/1/13
    These are my favorite bars so far. NTR mints fine products, and this one is no different. Kids like this bar. It's a pretty bar with the snake and scales on the backside. They come wrapped individually in their own sealed pvc envelopes. Very nice.

    A solid addition to any stack!
  23. Beautiful Bar for a great price
    Steveon 3/27/13
    This is my first purchase. This is a very beautiful bar. I'm very please with my purchase. My only complaint is I wish PM would not use USPS. They are not as reliable as other. I would definitely purchase again.
  24. Nice Bar...Great Price
    Kenon 3/22/13
    Ordered with personal check one 10 oz Year of the Snake and six 1 oz GSM bars... my first time order from Provident 3-4, received today 3-22. Same exact year of the snake was priced at brand X for $22.40 more plus additional $4.00 in shipping costs. Nice new shiny bars with a great feel, well packaged for shipment. No more brand @mpX for me.....Provident all the way.
  25. Great buy.
    mikeon 3/21/13
    I bought( 6 )10oz. bars. Came nicely wrapped in plastic. Will buy more very soon.
  26. Can't beat it
    Joeon 3/19/13
    $0.69 over spot is an awesome deal for 10oz, the nice design is a bonus
  27. Excellent Bar
    Alecon 3/15/13
    This bar is amazing and I was born in the year of the Snake so I had to have it. Goes well with the 2012 year of the Dragon bar I have. Couldn't ask for a better bar it has a very polished look to and came in the customary plastic sleeve. Buy this while silver is on the down side and you wont regret it.
  28. Very Nice Bars
    Bryanon 3/15/13
    Love to collect bullion and had all 1oz. and 5oz. products until I decided to add three of these 10 oz. bars to the collection. They are a good size - roughly the size of a playing card but slightly narrower. Mine came sealed in heavy plastic. A nice addition to any bullion collection!
  29. Great job
    Matthewon 3/11/13
    My first order from Provident was fantastic. Good shiny bars sealed in plastic. Great feel to them as well. Will be ordering from Provident again!
  30. Great!
    Billon 3/8/13
    I ordered several items from provident in the past. Today I received the 10 ounce year of the snake bar and was very pleased with the product. There is one minor indention in the side but again, very minor. Well worth the price especially when silver drops.
  31. Good purchase, AWESOME premiums!
    Mikeon 3/4/13
    bought 100oz of these and they arrived on time and are in great condition. I like that they are in plastic to keep them protected. will be ordering more as budget premits. Great "go-to" company for buying 10oz bars IMO.

  32. Good buy, slight damage.
    Codyon 3/4/13
    I purchased 200oz (20 bars) and they came in 2 sheets of 10 which I loved. But in one of the sheets, one bar had a scratch on the bar and another had a decent sized ding/gouge in it. Overall, a good buy and even ordered another 100oz for the heck of it. Good first time experience. Thanks Provident.

  33. Very Nice..
    ciscokid16on 3/1/13
    The 2012 Yr of the Dragon was classic.. this one is as equally as nice..
  34. My first 10 oz bar
    Timon 2/28/13
    Very happy with this bar . Great price and quick service . Will be buying more if silver keeps dipping ! Thanks Providet !
  35. Nice bars really fast shipping
    Tomon 2/27/13
    Second time ordering even faster shipping time nice bars cant beat providents prices here comes another order thanks guys.
  36. nice bar for a great price
    Joshuaon 2/24/13
    Overall im very pleased but the picture is a little decieving because the picture would have you think the bar is black but it is not. However it is still really cool and I have ordered 2 more because of the recent price drop.
  37. quality product
    christopheron 2/20/13
    come wrapped in original plastic . will buy more when i get my allowance.

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