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Quick Overview

Our 90% Silver US Coins are priced as low as ONLY $1.79 over spot per oz!

Each $1 Face Increment of US Mint 90% Silver Coins contains roughly .715 Troy Ounces of Pure Silver! Orders will either be comprised of 90% Silver Half Dollars, Quarters, Dimes or combination. Combination and design types are at our discretion and lots may contain modern proof silver coins or modern commemoratives.

Consider coin tubes or a canvas tote for convenient storage of your 90% Junk Silver US Coins.

Product Description

Prior to 1965, all U.S. coins intended for circulation that were larger than a nickel (i.e., dimes, quarters, half dollars, and dollars) were composed of 90% pure silver. The high intrinsic value of these coins relative to their face value caused them to quickly leave the marketplace when the cupro-nickel coins arrived. Though not officially designated as bullion coins, these 90% silver coins are, in fact, valued and traded for their bullion content. 90% silver coins are sold in assorted face value bags comprised of either a mix, or solid denomination of Roosevelt dimes, Washington quarters, and ’64 Kennedy half dollars which offer the investor an affordable, convenient, and easily divisible means of owning silver with a built-in guarantee: no matter what eventually happens to the price of silver, 90% silver coins will always be worth at least their face value. For this reason alone, 90% silver coins are highly appropriate as a hedge against more volatile investments.

Additional Information

Denomination $1.00
Condition Circulated
Actual Metal Weight Ozt Between .51-1.0
Mint/Brand Various
Availability In Stock
SKU BBUS-00560
  1. 14$ fv of 90% junk :)
    stevenon 3/26/15
    so i ordered 14$ face value of this junk silver, i received 56 quarters, mostly washingtons but i did get 8 standing liberty (only 3 with visible dates) and one barber quarter which was in good condition by my standards, and about 20 au washington quarters as well, definately going to order more!
  2. Very pleased
    Michael S.on 3/23/15
    Was hoping for anything other than dimes. Was very pleased with quarters. Of $43 FV, $41.50 Washington (nothing of note date wise), mostly G to VG condition. A few slicks, to be expected... Will buy again!
  3. boom
    stevenon 3/13/15
    ordered $1 fv to check it out and got two halves, 64 kennedy and 56 franklin, both pretty nice condition, just ordered more!
  4. Almost Perfect Order
    Jacobon 3/12/15
    Recieved halves one was totally worn out, could barely tell that it was a libery half. Only because i collect them. Gave it a three since it is junk silver and loved the rest of my order. Was hopin for quarters or dimes thou.
  5. Great service!
    Edwardon 3/6/15
    First time dealing with Provident. ordered 2 $100 face value Junk Silver bags. Requested dimes and quarters. Arrived today. One bag was all quarters and the other was some quarters and mostly dimes. Very satisfied with the product as well as the service and support and will recommend Provident to friends.
  6. Fast Shipping even with the storms
    Curton 3/4/15
    My order was received in 3 days even with the snow storms. Received all half dollars in great shape. Happy, Happy, Happy. Thanks Provident Metals for a great product at a great price.
  7. 99% accurate order
    Chrison 2/23/15
    I ordered $10 face and received all dimes. I did find a 1968 dime in the bag, but the customer service on a special request I had makes up for the difference.
  8. Great Purchase
    Brentynon 2/8/15
    Added $3 face to an order! Received all quarters and they were in AU+ condition! Awesome! The 1964s were in BU condition! ! Couldn't be happier
  9. Solid Overall - A Clad in with the Silver
    Kenon 1/16/15
    This is the very first non-five star review I am giving Provident. In my latest order I added a couple of bucks worth of 90% coins as I always do. I was surprised that out of the 20 dimes sent, one was actually a fairly obvious clad- a 1965. It's only one dime, but with such a small order, that meant that 5% of the silver was actually clad.
  10. 100 nice Mercury Dimes
    Philipon 1/3/15
    Always order at least $10 face in constitutional silver and I am happy with what Provident ships. This time it was 100 nice Mercury dimes,no slicks or culls. My favorite dimes! Have gotten dimes, quarters ,and halves and part of the fun is not knowing what they will ship. I recommend you spread out your order to get better variety. Thanks Provident - you rock!
  11. Great Score
    Mikeon 1/3/15
    Ordered 6 lots. Got 60 VF+ Mercs. Beautiful coins. Will order more every time.
  12. Happy with the order
    Keithon 12/19/14
    I'm overall happy with the order, but was hoping for less worn pieces. I purchased $10 face and received all quarters (Washington). Most are in really nice shape and are from the 50's-64. I did receive two dollars of worn quarters from the 40's. Order was shipped within a couple of days and arrived in two more. Quick service...will purchase again.
  13. Ordered one unit.
    Alon 12/14/14
    Received 10 silver Roosevelt dimes. I was surprised with the dimes, and I'm really happy with them.
  14. *Update*
    Shelbyon 10/23/14
    Received my second order in five days once again and my third shipped out just as fast. They gave me all Franklin halves this time and that was a welcome surprise. This is the first online dealer I've used and I don't think I will be looking for another any time soon. Great and honest company!
  15. Great Company
    Shelbyon 10/21/14
    I ordered $40 face value in my first order on October 15th. It shipped on the 17th and I received on the 20th! After reading some of the past reviews I was absolutely amazed at how fast I had my coins in hand. I hoped for a mix but received all quarters, just meant I had to order some more ;) All silver coins were there. There were four cull standing liberties, but they were still pretty awesome. I placed my second order a few days ago and realized yesterday that it now says stock delayed. So I dont know if shipping will be as fast but honestly, I buy silver for the future anyways so I'm not worried about waiting a bit when the price is this good! Thanks Providentify!
  16. Best Deals On The Web
    Robon 10/19/14
    Great coins at a great price. I bought 10 lots and all were Washington quarters. Most of the 40 coins were Good to Very Fine, but there were a few nice gems, as well. Nothing rare, by any means, but definitely worth more for their numismatic value than their silver content. And to top it off, shipping was super-fast -- I think I ordered on a Wednesday a couple of weeks ago, and they were here that Saturday.

    One other thing. I'm not really one to gush over a business, but when a company earns my business with outstanding service and great prices, I believe it's only fair to give credit where credit is due -- I've searched the web high and low for good deals on silver and Provident Metals has far and away the best prices of any of the major precious metals dealers I've come across on the web. This product, for instance, which Provident sells for $13.94 (as of this writing) is well over $14 at some of the other major dealers. Another example? Provident is selling NGC MS64 Morgan dollars for $69.95 -- all others are at $71 and change or higher. Might not seem like a huge difference, but hey, it adds up.

    So overall, a great product, great prices, a smooth transaction and fast shipping. Can't ask for much more than that.
  17. I know they're called junk...not my favorite purchase
    Ruthon 10/17/14
    I have purchased from Provident several times and am usually very pleased with what arrives in the mail. This time...not so much. I ordered $50 face value of junk silver and received 500 well-worn dimes: 499 Roosevelts and one lonely Mercury dime. The majority are 1964s, and very few are shiny. I'm disappointed that, since Provident chose to send me dimes, they didn't include more Mercurys (one of my favorite coins). It was tedious counting the order, because most of the dimes don't even look like 90% silver and I had to use a magnifier to check the dates. I wish I had added a couple dollars face value to each of my previous orders instead of buying a large order of these at once.
  18. Happy customer once again!
    Timon 10/16/14
    Ordered $10 face and got quarters. I really love this option to order exactly how much you want to fit your budget. I have made several of these orders and have been happy each time. Will definitely order again. Hoping for dimes next time!
  19. ok
    chadon 10/9/14
    I got $5 face value. Received all dimes (50) no mercury. Got what I asked for but won't be ordering these again.
  20. Outstanding Experience
    Matton 10/6/14
    Received all $30 face in quarters, including one well worn Standing Liberty. Most quarters in good shape, better than expected. Even received some in AU and BU condition. Average weight per face dollar was .719 troy ounces, better than the .715 advertised. Fair prices compared to spot price. Excellent communication from Provident on every step of the process. Keep me well informed. The only drawback was the slight delay incurred when Provident held the order for payment confirmation, even though my check had already cleared days before. However, I read about that before I ordered and accepted it as part of the deal. After the order cleared the processing queue, shipping was very fast. Well packaged. Overall outstanding experience. Will definitely order from Provident again.
  21. 90% Junk Coins
    AGon 9/26/14
    I was lucky enough to get all quarters in my order. Quarters were the only junk coins missing from my collection and most of them were from WW2.
  22. Very Happy
    JYon 9/13/14
    Received all $10 in quarters. There was a good mix of dates. Many of the more recent coins were in great condition. The 2 Standing Liberty's and the Barber were a welcome bonus. I'd order this again.
  23. AWESOME!!!!
    Chrison 9/9/14
    I collect Error coins and I found 2 D/D quarters found a 1964 D over D, 1959 D over D and a beautiful 1948 Gold toned AU Quarter. Keep them coming Provident.
  24. Great Quarters!
    Wadeon 8/25/14
    I was pleased with the 1/2 dollars I bought so I decided to give the grab bag a shot to see how I would like it. I knew I could get dimes even though I was really wanting quarters. Needless to say I was extremely pleased to see that I got four pretty nice quarters; (1) 1962, and (3) 1964s.

    I wouldn't say they are uncirculated but I would say they are in very good condition - above normal given they are 50 years old!

    Don't hesitate at giving this product a shot.
  25. Happy happy
    Timon 8/12/14
    This is my second order of 90% from provident. I order about $10 face in each order and will be ordering again and again. I love the thrill of buying silver not knowing what your going to get. I'm literally waiting at the door for the mailman when it comes in. Each time I have been satisfied. Mainly receive quarters which is fine by me. Have gotten some standing liberties, mostly worn and dateless but it's pretty cool, and a few washingtons that were AU-BU. I will be ordering another batch next paycheck and I can't wait to see what I get. Thanks provident. I will be starting a tube channel uploading videos of my unboxings from provident, stay tuned!
  26. Repeat order review
    Chadon 8/6/14
    Once again I am very happy with my purchase from Provident Metals. I ordered $7 face and I received all quarters which is exactly what I was hoping for. I will continue to buy these as much as I can because there is nothing like the feeling of 90% silver in your hand and the sound that it makes. Thanks for the fast shipping (6 days from order until in my hands) and secure delivery. I will be back ....again!
  27. 5 Dollar Face...Just to see
    Markon 6/14/14
    Ordered $5 Face just to see what I'd get. All Quarters between 59 and 64. I'm happy and I'll be ordering more. BTW...ordered on Tuesday, here on Saturday. Thanks PM.
  28. Another great order
    Jameson 6/2/14
    Just got my 10th order in the mail. $10 face in all halves. Great job folks! I'm a happy camper. :)
  29. Great transaction, again.
    Thomason 5/10/14
    Ordered $30.00 face value, and got all dimes. Couldn't be happier. Cheaper than buying 1/10th oz. Fractionals. Plus they threw in extras . Absolutely flawless transaction, again. Thanks Provident.
  30. Great
    Travison 5/9/14
    Received 56 face value. As always great product from Provident. Received all Quarters. About 1/3 appear BU to me. Reviewed all Washington minus two standings that were slick. Will be buying again and again.
  31. very sweet deal
    kevinon 4/20/14
    ordered 5 dollars all quarters 10 were 64 the rest were a nice mix already ordered more they all were in very good shape an arrived not long after ordered
  32. Excellent
    Mikeon 4/1/14
    I ordered $10 face to test and received 100 mixed dimes. 60 Roosevelt, 31 Mercury and 9 Barber. As described.. I'll be ordering again
  33. Excellent
    Devonon 3/2/14
    Snagged $2 face to go along with a few other things in an order. Once again, Provident delivers. Received 8 quarters, 2 Barber in G/VG condition, 2 dateless standing liberty quarters, and 4 Washington quarters. Would definitely go to Provident again when it comes to buying 90%, and so should you.
  34. Received what was ordered
    Davidon 2/10/14
    This was my 2nd order of junk silver. Between the two orders I have $35 in dimes. I would have liked a little variety. 350 dimes is ok though.
  35. Too Many Dimes!!
    Stephenon 2/2/14
    I just received $300.00 face value of the mixed junk silver and $250.00 of it was dimes!! I wanted some dimes but not 2500 of them.
    Also there were four non-silver coins in the bunch. Provident has been good about making things right so I am not too concerned about it.
  36. Nice collection of junk silver
    Lukeon 1/17/14
    Ordered $1 face value with my last order and I'm not disappointed. Got 3 washington quarters that I would rate as AU and one Barber that was pretty worn. Even though it's worn, it's from 1898 and still worth more than a washington! I'll definitely be ordering this again with my next order.
  37. good
    kyleon 1/17/14
    got 4 quarters, which is what i wanted. 3 washingtons and 1 barber. 1 of the washingtons was pretty worn and the barber was REALLY worn, but overall I am satisfied.
    Michaelon 12/30/13
    $1000 got me $66 in face. All Qtrs. OUT OF THIS I FINALLY GOT A DOUBLE DIE. Last big batch had many dimes. Time before this had $33 face in halves. The people saying they did not get a good selection need to come up on how many units they purchase. I now have 9 friends who seen what I got and now buy from Provident. I bought at auctions and E bay. No More! It's here. I get paid Friday and plan on going big again. Now if something comes in less than expected I can make my money back selling some locally. My local Pawn show is dying to find my source. Jump in- the waters HOT!
  39. great product fast shipping
    Curton 12/30/13
    I have received my order in 3 days. All coins in good shape dates from 1934 to 1964. Thanks for a great product.
  40. You get what you pay for.
    Curton 12/28/13
    I ordered $1 face value just to test it out. I got in quarters, but I was hoping for dimes, but you get what you get. Second order in transit now. Thank You Provident Metals.
  41. Made it right
    Stephenon 12/27/13
    My order was for $6 face value, but I only received 22 quarters. As soon as I made Provident aware of the problem they promptly sent me the missing coins. Good job Provident!
  42. Good value
    Chrison 12/19/13
    I'm a first time customer after some referrals and I'm very happy. I got my order quick and it was just as advertised. We ended up getting all dimes, but that's what the item says, dimes or quarters. It would have been cool to have some other things mixed in, but definitely no complaints here. The prices are very good and the products are as well, so we'll be back again.
  43. Not good
    Danielon 12/11/13
    Order $1 face value worth and I am glad I didn't order more. Received 4 quarters (2 washingtons and 2 standing liberties) and all were slicked out and under weight. I would not advise getting these coins because the silver weight was under and the premium was over melt.
  44. Great
    Travison 12/9/13
    I received another order of 20.....Recieved 200 dimes. All readable dates.
    ALFREDOon 12/9/13
  46. Very Good.
    Jarredon 12/7/13
    Purchased these to fill holes in my quarter and dime book, but to my suprise I revieved all half dollars. Silver is Silver I will order again with hopes of getting the dimes. Very Satisfied.
  47. All Washington's
    Rubenon 12/6/13
    Very happy with my order!
  48. love it
    coltonon 12/2/13
    Received all quarters 3 Washington and 1 standing liberty quarter. 2 of the Washington were BU one of them was AU and the standing liberty quarter was AU.
  49. would order again
    Mikeon 11/22/13
    Over all good. All quarters. A couple smooth and thin but i was surprised at how many look almost uncirculated.
  50. Really Pleased
    Larryon 11/17/13
    Ordered $25 face, expecting dimes or quarters & received all halves, a nice surprise. If I had specifically ordering halves I would have paid about $1.40 more per dollar face, so I figure I saved $35.00 more or less on a $445 purchase for a 7% discount. Nice deal. Received 11 Kennedys, all 1964's, 15 Franklins and 24 Liberty Walkers. Two of the Kennedys I might grade BU, five AU. Maybe one AU in the Franklins. Remainder were pretty much average circulated with only 2 or 3 real culls. I'm happy. Another surprise, previous orders took 3 weeks for delivery with a certified check, this order filled in 2 weeks with a personal check. Go figure.
  51. Great deal
    Travison 11/17/13
    I have made several purchases of these and and have never been let down. Just received my last order and am pleased as always. Some proofs included and with a little baking soda and hot water they look great.
  52. Very Happy!!
    Timon 10/28/13
    Recieved all quarters and even a couple of very nice proofs! I am very happy with my purchase and the customer service at Provident is outstanding!!
  53. Kind of disappointed
    Mongooseon 10/15/13
    Ordered $20, received all quarters, which I'm ok with. About 1/4 of them were SLQ, one Barber, and the rest were Washington. Most of the Washingtons were in very good condition with many near uncirculated. However, all of the standing libs with the exception of one were dateless slicks; many of them were nearly unrecognizable. I stacked them next to a similar number of the Washingtons and the stack of Washingtons was a few quarter thicknesses taller. I was expecting them to show some wear but was surprised by such a great percentage of them being in slick to cull condition. I've ordered from PM several times and this is the first time I've been somewhat disappointed.
  54. Nice!
    Jayon 10/1/13
    Nice mix, all quarters. Will buy again.
  55. Quarters
    Blueon 9/30/13
    Received all Quarters that are nice and one standing liberty that was extremely worn, no date and barely make out the eagle on the back. nearly half the thickness of the other quarters. Overall though satisfied.
  56. Very pleased
    Alexon 9/11/13
    I bought $9.00 worth as part of a larger order. I received 34 Washington quarters and 2 Barber quarters, which I was ecstatic about. I'm very pleased with the condition of all the coins and the shipment time. Thanks.
  57. Great!
    Ryanon 8/31/13
    I like to buy a few of these every time I place an order at provident. The last 2 times I have received all quarters. Would love to get some dimes, but I guess you cant be to picky with these great prices :D good investment.
  58. Very Pleased!!!
    Michael Aon 8/27/13
    I purchased $15.00 face value for my initial purchase....mostly because I wanted to grab a bunch of the new Zombucks coins instead of junk silver. I received all Quarters in my lot and they were all very clean and nice. Whether by design or not, I actually received $15.25 face value with an extra thrown in for good luck! Thank you for an excellent transaction and you have created a loyal customer!
  59. $4 face purchased and all quarters recieved.
    Hankon 7/28/13
    I received 16 Quarters, all in the 60s VG to AU grades. One of those 16 was a 1936 D that was in Good condition, One standing liberty that was extremely worn, no date and barely make out the eagle on the back. nearly half the size of the other quarters.

    Over all a good investment for this market.

  60. Good purchase
    Kenon 7/27/13
    This was my first order and was well pleased. I bought $5 and got all quarters with dates ranging from the 1930's to 1964. These were purchased for the silver content so this was fine with me. I will be placing another order soon.
  61. Great Deal first time around
    Michaelon 7/11/13
    I bought $30 face in this lot. Did not know what to expect. These came all dimes. I had 138 Mercury and 165 Rosy's. Yes, they went over by a few and it did indeed scale to weight. I had 16 extreme nice coins in this lot. NO skins in this lot at all. I am doing this again and again. Thank you for the great deal. Now onto some other coins.
  62. Another great order
    Timon 6/29/13
    I received all halves with my order, which is awesome. A good mix of '64 Kennedy's, Franklin's, a couple Walking Liberty's, and a Barber half (my first!).

    90% is a great investment for small to serious stackers.
  63. Very Pleased.
    Williamon 6/27/13
    Placed order for $60.00 face value and received all dimes, one week later.
    Have not sorted yet, however most are in great condition, many are higher end MS.
    Found several Mercurys.
    My Grandson and I will have fun sorting and grading these.

    As always, Great Service.
  64. Still stacking
    Damonon 6/25/13
    These are what I started with& I'm still a buyer even now, even with increased premiums. They haven't been minted in nearly 50 years, it's a sign if scarcity. It's also a good reminder of our dollars list purchasing power. Gas is still a quarter, if its the right type. Never had any issues in several orders of these
  65. Nice!
    Calebon 5/25/13
    I really like these. I have some pretty old ones in very good condition.nlove provident metals for selling these.
  66. Good quality, high premium over spot.
    Jordanon 4/26/13
    This junk silver is exactly as described. Great product; however, with the price drop in silver, you are paying a hefty premium.
  67. Happy Customer
    Ericon 4/16/13
    I ordered $1 face value just to test it out. I got in quarters, but I was hoping for dimes, but you get what you get. Thank You Provident Metals.
  68. Flawless Transaction, Great Service
    Thomason 4/13/13
    This was my first order from Provident; $26 face value and I received 260 dimes (wouldn't have minded a few quarters but no complaints!). I buy only for the silver content so the lack of older numi's doesn't bother me in the least. Delivery was 13 days from the day I placed my order online, perhaps a little later than I'd prefer (hey, I'm the impatient sort, what can I say?) but again, no complaints. All the dimes are G to VG+ condition which is just fine for my needs. I like that Provident doesn't require a CC when ordering by check/MO so that's a plus in my book.
    Overall I'm very happy w/price, shipping and Provident keeping me informed every step of the way via email so Provident can count on me ordering again soon!
  69. What a great company to deal with!
    Gerryon 4/3/13
    I have been dealing with Provident for a couple of years now. I have placed about 8 or 9 orders for various coins, mostly junk silver. I have NO complaints, and their prices are better than anyone else I have found. The one and only time I got a couple of very bad coins, a phone call replaced them. Great to have an honest and reliable company to trust with my investments!
  70. I'll be back
    Roberton 3/14/13
    First order of these and very nice indeed. I got $20 face and received a 50-50 mix of quarters and dimes. Got about two dollars worth of the ATB quarters that were all BU or better. Soon as the wife gives me more money, I plan to buy more.
  71. Pleased
    richon 3/12/13
    Ordered $20.00 & received all dimes, including 60 Mercs & 1 Barber.
    This is my third order & all have been very satisfactory.
    Will be back for more.
  72. Better than expected!
    Javieron 2/25/13
    I bought $5 I believe;all in quarters, and all the quarters were almost in lite to no circulation condition. I just wish they'd lower the price, I found a local dealer that does $20 bucks per dollar.

  73. Good deal!
    urion 2/19/13
    ordered $1 worth to get a feel for this product. The idea of "our choice" is new to me but seems like it could be a pleasant surprise. I received a standing liberty (can't make out the date). a 1960. a 1941 and a 1909 barber quarter that was in great condition. That coin alone made this purchase worth it. I'll be ordering again once they are back in stock.
  74. Very pleased
    Phil Don 2/6/13
    Ordered $20.face and was hoping for dimes. Hooray, all dimes and almost half were nice Mercury Liberty dimes in beautiful condition,too. 4 were Barbers,103 were Roosevelts. Will include more constitutional silver again on next order.Thank you Provident!
  75. Good Service
    matton 2/5/13
    Ordered $100 face value. Got all dimes (which is what I wanted). Of the 1000 coins only 3 were not silver. A 2 minute phone call to customer service, and they were replaced in days. Great service and speedy delivery. Will order more.
  76. Very Nice
    Blueon 2/1/13
    Received my latest order and once again Providence Metals comes through. THANKS
  77. Right on time
    Ethanon 1/29/13
    I ordered $4 face value and got 16 shiny quarters in 8 days. I will be ordering again and again as these will still be worth something after the dollar falls apart. Thanks for the excellent service.
  78. Good service
    Larryon 1/29/13
    I places my first order in December. It took about 8 days to come in. I used the debit card to pay. I only ordered $2 and got all quarters. They were what I expected I guess. I put 4 stars because i dont know if this was good for them or not. after next order i will have a better idea. Next time I may use the cash price option to not be as far behind spot, also may save up before my next purchase to maximize my shipping costs. Good job Provident!
  79. Mercuries and Roosevelts
    Mageon 1/10/13
    Just got $17 face of junk silver in provident all in Dimes which is what we wanted. $11+ in Roosevelts and $5+ in Mercs. Before we got all in halves which wasn't bad either. As always a great experience with provident.
  80. Great service and quality
    Chadon 12/31/12
    I have received all quarters from my different orders. Most were washington but did have a couple standing liberty quarters as well. Very satisfied with Provident and how they offer options for small buyers. They have a new customer for life because of this, their quality of items and their low shipping costs. Thanks Provident !
  81. not super pretty, but it is junk after all. junk wealth that is.
    Jon 12/31/12
    bought $100 face and got 1000 dimes. It is what I'd hoped for so can't complain. Overall a very good experience.
  82. No Complaints
    TJon 12/29/12
    No Complaints. I've been ordering 90% coins from Provident since last summer. I buy for the silver content, but the quality of the coins I've gotten so far has been pretty good. Some of them have been incredible beautiful. I've only gotten quarters everytime I've ordered them. (I'm holding out hope I'll be suprised by dimes one of these months.) I'm on a pretty small budget when it comes to buying silver. I really like that I can buy in small amounts. It is a huge plus. This is the only site I've found so far that I can do that with. Provident has a loyal customer with me.
  83. fair deal!
    Davidon 12/27/12
    I just had gone thru my latest purchase and found a few AU 25 cent pieces.
    Most were VG+, so that's why I buy from Provident.
  84. Great quality items cheap!!!
    stephenon 12/26/12
    second time buying this. Bought $5 face and it came all quarters. Was hoping to see some dimes since my last was all quarters but it is what it is. All were great dates and no cull items, so thats always a plus. Six provident metals orders and very pleased with all six.
  85. Great experience.
    Ryanon 12/20/12
    Have been buying from Provident recently. Needed to explore other avenues. Very pleased with the 90% offerings. Received 90% Kennedy Half-Dollars on my most recent order... can't say I'm not happy about that. :)
  86. Very happy customer!
    Spenceron 12/19/12
    Among other things, I ordered $50 in junk silver. It came all quarters, ranging from excellent to poor condition. I don't mind the few poor examples because this is an investment in silver, not coins. Nevertheless, three of the quarters are worth *way* more than the silver value, including a nearly uncirculated 1938.

    I also got silver eagles, which are gorgeous and perfect.

    It took a little longer for delivery than I would have preferred, but still well within Provident's estimate.
  87. provident rocks
    JDon 12/12/12
    Got my first order today. 3$ face. It came all quarters. 1 is a standing liberty (1930). 2 are 1964 nearly uncirculated. 3 were WWII at least fine. Also order 5 1/10 ozt incuse indian rounds and airtights. I'm not smoking the same substance as the folks who think shipment was fast. Thus the 4 stars. Overall, I'm very pleased. I will be ordering again soon. I certainly will pay the small debit card premium in order to cut down on wait time. It nearly drove me nuts. Thank you provident for allowing us to buy small quantities!!
  88. Great mix of coins!
    Willieon 12/4/12
    I just received my first order from Provident Metals and I couldn't be more pleased, as it is just what I expected and more! My order was for $20 face value and I received half of it in dimes and half in quarters. There is a very nice mixture of coins as well. I received mostly Roosevelt dimes, but also had several Mercury and Barber dimes as well. There was also a Standing Liberty quarter mixed in my Washington quarters too. The quality was nice too, ranging from decently warn to nearly uncirculated on some. All but the Standing Liberty quarter had readable dates. I am very happy with this purchase and have definitely found who I will purchasing junk silver coins from in the future! Thank you Provident Metals!
  89. Another 90% Purchase
    Jaredon 12/3/12
    Have ordered several times now from Provident & have never been disappointed. $20 face--All quarters (had 3 standing liberties-worn & no date). Provident's prices are hard to beat.
  90. great quality coins
    stephenon 11/26/12
    Got my order today. Took two weeks but who cares its silver. All dates but one readable most in the forties and thirties. $10 all quarters which is totally fine. Will be buying again! One of the only places you can buy by the dollar and it still be a great deal!
  91. Fast Shipping, Great Coins!
    Timon 11/8/12
    I ordered over $20 in face and received all halves, which was what I was secretly hoping to receive. About 1/2 were '64 Kennedy's, several in excellent condition, 4 Walking Liberties, one of which was in nearly perfect condition, and the rest were Franklin's, again, several of which were in excellent condition. Will definitely order again!
  92. Sigh
    Stephenon 11/2/12
    Eight quarters are now worth almost $50.00.

    Talk about depressing!

    But the coins are as promised and delivery was fast. Thank you Provident!
  93. Very nice!
    Davidon 10/16/12
    I have purchased several times from Provident and have never been disappointed.
    The latest was labeled junk but it was far from that.
    Provident IS THE PLACE to buy your coins!
  94. Great stuff
    Ryanon 9/26/12
    I just recieved my shipment of 100 dollars. It was all quarters which is just fine by me. It was pretty much all Washingtons with two really rough barbers. I bought it as a silver investment but over 7 dollars worth of Washingtons were just beautiful coins worth far more than their silver content. I pulled them out and will be keeping them with my coin collection. Very pleased with the quality!
  95. Awesome Junk!
    Jake on 8/5/12
    Another great and quick delivery by providentmetals. You can't go wrong buying these coins. I'd rather have these real money than a piece of paper. Will be coming back next month hopefully they keep their prices low. Thanks PM.
  96. Outstanding!
    Tomon 8/4/12
    Ordered on Thursday and received my order on Saturday. I bought $10 face and received all dimes. Sixty-five Roosevelt and thirty-five Mercury. Three of the Mercs appear to be nearly uncirculated. Couldn't be happier.
  97. Another great transaction!
    Danielon 8/1/12
    I received all halves in my order and a few were either AU or BU quality! Shipping seems slow if you write a personal check but they ship within their stated guidelines.All in all another perfect transaction!
  98. 50/50
    Troyon 8/1/12
    I received 4 quarters. One 1964D almost uncirculated, One 1964 with nice toning, One 1952 heavilly worn quarter and a 1934 CULL quarter that is heavily worn with several deep gouges. I realize it's called "Junk" but I wasn't expecting any CULL!
  99. Nice coins.
    Marvinon 7/18/12
    Nice coins. Took a while to get here,but a good investment. I will be a repeat customer.
  100. Reliable, Fair Pricing
    Davidon 7/17/12
    Finally a company that knows how to do business without attempting to screw the customer. I received my $100 face junk 90% after the requisite waiting period for the funds to clear, and I have no complaints at all. They shipped as soon as possible, the coin count was correct and the description is as advertised, with some cull pieces but mostly grading poor (not so many) up to fair/good (most). I'm very happy with your service, and I have just ordered some survival food and more Franklin halves. Your pricing is quite fair and consistent with market prices. Thank you! I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
  101. Nice selection of halves
    majorTomon 7/17/12
    Purchased $6 face: 3 walkers, 7 Franklin and 2 Kennedy. 6 different dates for the Franklin's. Very happy with the selection. Ordered on Friday received on Monday, and packaged very nicely. I'll be back.
  102. Best online prices!
    David on 7/15/12
    The best junk for your buck. Awesome!
    Jeffreyon 7/11/12
    Received $5 face in junk silver coin, which I realize is not a "LARGE" order. I was disappointed in one coin. When I contacted customer service not only was I given a choice on how to satisfy my disappointment but I was treated as if I were a "BIG SPENDER"! This kind of customer service is hard to come by these days from any size company! PM you not only made my day but you have earned a customer for life! I doubt any other company can compare their customer service with yours especially for us "SMALL SPENDERS"! Keep up the great job!
  104. Nice alternative to fractional coins
    Brandonon 7/9/12
    I just received my shipment of $10 USD face value in "junk silver" coins.
    The order was all quarters and broke down as follows:

    1930s - 1
    1940s - 10
    1950s - 9
    1960s - 20

    40 Total coins. 13 of the coins were dated 1964

    I am small buyer who has chosen to convert some of his savings into hard assets. I have bought 1 oz bars from other sites and have recently become a buyer with Provident Metals. PM offers a pretty decent selection: I particular like their Indian-head fractional ounces and their prices are far better than other sites.

    The recent "Derecho" storms that hit the Southeast and my community have made me reconsider the value of cash and silver when the power-grid goes down. Gas, banks, ATM and grocery were all closed and when they opened the lines were very long.

    I will continue to purchase 90% silver when my funds allow but will likely focus more on food storage by adding Wise Foods to my next order.
  105. Repeat customer.
    Brenton 7/8/12
    Provident has the best prices that I can find. They are fair and ship quickly. Highly recommended!
  106. Perfect
    Davidon 7/6/12
    Received less than 5 days after placing my order. Very fast processing very nice entry level investment, In very good to perfect condition
  107. Happy Camper
    Philon 7/2/12
    Fast shipping on eight silver quarters. I'm only interested in the silver so I can't grade the coins but all seem in good shape although one is quite warn. All are Washington quarters. This is my third purchase and I'm very happy.
  108. Multiple Orders, Multiple Times Satisfied!
    Dawgon 6/22/12
    I have received several orders of silver coins recently. I have been totally satisfied with the quality, diverse selection, prices and fast shipping. The BEST!!!!!!
    Thank you!
  109. Satisfaction
    Philon 6/11/12
    Just got eight quarters. I'd have been happy with anything so this is just great. I'm only interested in the silver so I won't comment on the condition but all the dates were readable.

    I am a little disappointed in that it took a week after getting the order to ship. That's why only four stars. I'm happy with the coins though and recommend Provident.
  110. Excellent choice
    jeffon 6/11/12
    I ordered this item and had it delivered by the end of the week. I ordered 10 face dollars and it came in all dimes.
  111. The Best Junk I've Ever Had!
    Andrewon 6/9/12
    Just received my package and got mostly quarters and some dimes. ProMetals have the best prices online, trust me i already check everywhere, the only company that beats their prices is tulving, however they have a minimum purchase of 500 ounces, lol. I'll continue to buy from this guys as long as they keep their prices/shipping reasonable.
  112. Another stack of junk
    Toddon 6/6/12
    Got another order of quarters and halfs. They are exactly as advertised. PM has the best price on the net.
  113. very satisfied
    Russellon 5/24/12
    I am a repeat satisfied customer who decided to jump in a bit deeper. I ordered $5,000 worth, requested and received all Washington quarters. I am very pleased with the overall quality of the coins, dates are legible on all except for just a few. Many were excellent to near BU. There were 987 coins in the package. I am a happy camper!!
  114. Not junk!
    Davidon 5/21/12
    I have been very happy with my first order of $1.00 coins, the .50 and the so-called junk!? Provident is putting a smile on my family's faces.
    I will buy again!
  115. A repeat customer for a reason
    Ronon 5/19/12
    In this particular order, I received all quarters - mostly Washington type prior to 1965, and one each Standing Liberty and Barber type. I keep coming back to Provident for all my smaller silver & gold bullion coin orders for a reason. Their service is the best. They keep me updated with email notifications at each step of the order and shipment process. The website is so easy to use, and being available 24 hours a day lets me take advantage of short term price drops in thinly traded overnight markets. And finally, when I have had minor issues with anything, they have taken care of it promptly and accurately. I will keep coming back again and again.
    Jeffreyon 5/19/12
    I ordered $10 face value of "junk" silver coins. Received $9 in Washington quarters and 3 Standing and 1 barber. very happy with the selection and value for the money!
  117. First "Junk" buy
    Toddon 5/8/12
    Got my first shipment of $25 face value in junk coins and they were all quarters. That is great by me. Condition varys from fair to above average. I am pleased and will buy again.
  118. First Time Buyer!!!!!!!!!!
    christopheron 5/1/12
    Bought $8 face value of these and was extremely happy with these coins. All coins were quarters and were in good shape. 3 of the coins seemed to be in BU condition! Found one quarter in BU that looks to have a die clash on the top of Washington's head! Who knows, might be worth lots! Would have been nice to receive other denominations besides quarters, but I'm happy to have gotten everything I paid for. Shipping was fast and easy and I will be buying more soon! Keep up the good work Provident!
  119. Will repeat
    nicholason 4/30/12
    Ordered $17 face value. Received them all in dimes which was fine. 3 were mercury. One was a 1984 so I called customer service and they sent me a new one same day. Good customer service, will become a repeat customer.
  120. What are they gonna be?
    Jaredon 4/23/12
    $22 face: received quarters, had one standing liberty no date mixed in. Also a 2006 state series PF, ain't sure about that really. Although it does say in the overview "lot could contain proof coins dated after 1992". Provident still rocks & gonna keep ordering from them.
  121. All '64 Kennedy's
    timon 4/16/12
    Received $11 face, all '64 Kennedy's. 2-3 were in nearly perfect condition. Great coins and great price!
  122. Best Value available anywhere
    Richardon 4/8/12
    I have purchased just about all of my junk silver from Provident for the last three years. I have always been pleased with the coins received. I have received orders of all one denomination or another, and some mixed. But they have always had a good selection of collectible coins and hard silver value. I buy them primarily as investment and I'm not as concerned about collectibility, but is certainly a bonus to find the collectible value in each order as well. Their prices are VERY hard to beat!
  123. Generally Pleased
    Vincenton 4/5/12
    I received all dimes for my order; maily a split between Roosevelts and Mercuries with a few Barbers. The only disappointment was that 3 Roosevelts were clad so I lost a little value there. Otherwise, the shipment was received on time and in good condition.
  124. Good stuff
    Silverrrron 3/30/12
    Got a dollar face value just to see what I would get. Got a old Walking liberty and a Franklin half, the Franklin was pretty close to bu and the liberty wasn't worn that much either. Either way silver this cheap is a bargain. Thanks Provident.
  125. Second order
    Steveon 3/26/12
    I've ordered these coins twice - the first batch was $3 face value, arriving all in quarters with a mix of dates including three proof silver state quarters. The second batch was $4 face value, arriving all in dimes with a mix of dates including 3 mercury dimes. I'm happy with my orders and will be ordering again soon!
  126. Stop searching. This is the place to buy.
    Berton 3/5/12
    Just signed for my latest order. $4 face value to go with the $3 from last order. 28 total coins (all Washington quarters), 14 different dates among them. There is nowhere I have found to buy 90% silver U.S. coins this cheap, let alone in this small denomination. For those of us who cannot afford to buy a $1000 FV bag, or even a $100 FV bag for that mater, Provident gives an affordable opportunity to stack physical Silver. As soon as I am done writing this, I am placing my next order!
  127. Fantastic as usual
    Berton 3/4/12
    I have ordered several times, and I find myself pleased once again. I ordered $3 face value to go with my gold purchase. 12 Washington quarters 7 different dates, all in excellent condition. This is the place to buy if you are looking to stack.
  128. $9500 all in dimes
    Bought highon 1/30/12
    Was a bit surprised to get $9500 worth all in dimes. Not Provident Metals fault that I bought at the peak. :-(

    Great service!
  129. Great quality
    Stevenon 1/30/12
    I received all quarters and they even sent me a standing liberty!
  130. First Time Buy from Provident
    Mikeon 1/26/12
    I ordered $40 face value of "Junk Silver". I received ALL Dimes. Three Barbers (1890's), but very worn; more than half of the Dimes were Mercuries. The rest were Roosevelts and most of those looked practically uncirculated. It took 4 business days to process my shipment and another 3 days for shipping, but overall, I'm very pleased. I will be back for sure!
  131. Very pleased
    Roberton 1/5/12
    I've ordered twice from Provident, both $30, and both times I received all dimes, mostly Mercury and Roosevelt coins, with a few Barber dimes. In each order, there were several coins that are probably AU. Best pricing on the net and very nice to be able to order any amount of 90% silver coins, unlike other locations which require much bigger orders. Outstanding packaging and shipping as well. I'll continue to order and hopefully get some quarters and half dollars.
  132. best consistent deal
    Andrew on 1/5/12
    have placed 4 orders now. I always order a little junk silver with whatever I am buying. As long as they stay consistent with their buying/selling prices, they have my business. So far, I have received all Washington quarters, but that is fine with me.
  133. lots of fun opening-like early christmas
    magerleeon 12/12/11
    Ordered $40 face value and got all halves. 1 full roll liberties one full roll of 64 Kennedys 1/2 roll of franklins and the other 11/2 rolls were a mix including a special bonus of 8 proof 1982 Washington commemeratives. Very pleased and will order again. was hoping for some dimes but you can't win them all.
  134. Another great experience
    DTHon 12/7/11
    My order came today and as usual I am pleased with the entire process. ordered $35.00 in silver coins, all half dollars of various types. I also purchased 1of the 10- oz NTR silver bar. It came in a sealed case and the prices was excellent. I will be ordering more from Provident!
  135. Another perfect order from Provident
    Ronon 11/25/11
    For almost a year I have been placing all of my smaller silver and gold coin orders with Provident. I have not been disappointed yet. Their service is always very prompt, and I really like the way they keep me informed via email at each step of the order process. I never have to worry about my purchases from Provident. I recommend them to my friends who are accumulating gold and silver coins, and I have placed about a dozen orders myself. I keep coming back for a reason - Provident is about the best you can possibly find on the Internet for silver and gold coins.
    butch on 11/24/11
    I ordered $7 and received it all in a mixture of half dollars. Great coins with super fast shipping and low prices....could not ask for more.
  137. Great value
    Jimon 11/14/11
    I received all quarters. Several were collector grade. The only issue I had was somehow, a 1973 quarter found it;s way into my order which caused a small loss in value of the order.
  138. A nice variety of dimes.
    Larryon 10/23/11
    I was hoping for dimes, and I got my wish and then some! I ordered $100 FV (by personal check to get the cash price), and my over 1,000 dimes (668 Roosvelt, 304 mercury, and 31 Barber) arrived in 10 business days (actually 18 days after I mailed the check). It felt like a long wait, but they were a joy to examine, and well worth it. I was surprised by the Barber dimes, the good condition of the mercurys, and the number of uncirculated-condition Roosevelts (some with a mirror finish!). Most appeared to be XF condition. I've started a new hobby thanks to Provident.
  139. Excellent transaction!
    Sunnybrookon 10/21/11
    A repeat customer, and I am very happy with my purchase. Received a variety of half dollars from Barber to Kennedy. Appreciate your promptness and professionalism. Only place I will be buying from.
  140. 1st time buyer
    norby boyon 10/15/11
    very nice. coins looked better junk will be ordering all my silver from here.
  141. all quarters
    Bennetton 10/15/11
    I ordered 10$ face and received 1 rolls worth of all quarters. The dates were a good mix from 1932 up to 1964 with lots from the 1940's. The 1964's were in very good condition and the older coins were lightly worn and had character to them. I had a few standing liberties in the bunch (maybe 5) and the rest were Washington quarters.
  142. Another awesome bag
    Hitechredneckon 10/12/11
    Just got another $100 bag order in. 56 of which were walkers, 8 barbers, 35 franklins, and the rest were 64's. Now I know some of you guys out there might think big deal, when it really is. I have purchased $100 bags from _PMEX and didn't receive anything older than a George Washington quarter, and the oldest of those I believe was a 1938, No BU's either and paid $1 more per $1 face than here at Provident. I've have purchased $100 bags from individual dealers that gave a good mix of coins and would have to say that the experience, thus far after buying now a couple of $100 face bags from Provident, is a lot easier and less annoying than buying from an individual. And the products are better than my expectations.
  143. Roll the dice..
    Chrison 10/11/11
    I received all halves..A few Barbers, Walking Libertys, but mostly 64 Kennedys and Franklins
  144. Really cool coins
    Hitechredneckon 10/4/11
    My first order was $50 face received all quarters about a roll of standing liberties.
    My second order was $50 again received all halves about 1/4 were walkers 1/4 benjamins and the rest were kennedys. Some were mirror finish proof like these were benjamins. Also quarters had some with the same finish. Placed another order for $100 face and checked to see if I could specify and currently all they have is halves. So I think they are as good as it gets for fair pricing and product quality. Especially when you can buy 1$ for the same price as $99.
  145. My only regret..........
    Cliffyon 9/30/11
    was that I didn't find out about Provident Metals until August of this year. I had bought "A-mark" silver 1oz rounds with a group of friends, through another company who also carried junk silver coins. This was in early 2010 (approx. $17oz!!!!) I had wanted to buy more silver, but many companies including the one we used had very high minimums. Junk was $1000 face minimum. It's kind of tough for us working stiffs to come up with that kind of cash quickly.

    But with Provident I can buy a little here, a little there as my budget allows. I have made and received 3 orders thus-far. I'll buy $3 or $4 face at a time. As others have stated, some of the coins look un-circulated (I received some 1964 quarters and some 1957 Dimes that looked pristine).

    Provident has provided an honest, safe and reliable way for us common folk to invest in silver and other precious metals. Keep up the good work!
    butch on 9/29/11
    Better quality than I expected at a great price. I will be purchasing only here
  147. Impressed
    jameson 9/27/11
    First time ordering from Provident and i have to say i was really impressed. I purchased $3 of junk and received 4 washington quarters and one of them was a shiny mint 64. Two shiny kennedys and 2 franklin halves. Provident has my business. Happy hoarding!
  148. Always a good deal
    Raymondon 9/23/11
    My First $50 face order was all roosevelt dimes except for 4 mercurys. Can't go wrong!
  149. Great Buy!
    Ericon 9/23/11
    The coins arrived quickly via USPS, and most were in great condition. Some were even quite "new", like straight from the mint. I am investing for the silver and not for my collection, so condition is not important. Definitely will buy more of these coins. I got a bunch of Washington quarters, which was what I wanted!
  150. lowest premium over spot
    Bobon 9/23/11
    I have been looking on the internet for several years and never found a lower premium over spot for junk silver. Prices on bullion coins are excellent also but the junk silver deal is the best.

    I have bought items on ebay but bidders there don't seem to know that they can buy without competition here and get whatever quantities they want. Many times, they will bid more than you pay here. Guess that's why ebay makes so much money, uninformed buyers.
  151. Very positive
    RandSon 9/22/11
    Bought $20.00 of silver...all quarters...fine w/ me. I'd be nuts to go anywhere else! You can't beat the price or service!
  152. New customer
    scotton 9/16/11
    I received a box in the mail that indicated nothing to do with Provident Metals or coins, silver etc. The return address made it look like something ordinary and unsuspecting. The coins were all quarters. Some very well worn and some looking brand new. The oldest with a readable date was from 1909. the newest (and in best condition) was from 1964 and there were several. Overall I was very impressed by the whole process. I will be back for more!
  153. Excellent quality coins for "junk".
    Cliffystoneson 9/1/11
    I bought $3 face value of 90% silver. A dozen quarters were shipped, between 1940 and 1964. Half of them were in very good shape, better than many of the coins in circulation nowadays. The remainder were well worn but still clearly identifiable. I only wish I had discovered Provident Metals a couple of years ago, as the company my friend uses has a minimum $1000 face value purchase limit.
  154. I wouldn't call them "junk" coins either....
    Jinxon 8/24/11
    I bought $10 face worth a few weeks ago and received all dimes. Some of the dimes look nearly uncirculated. There were a couple of barber dimes in there too. It's not that condition matters all that much when you are only buying for "melt" value but I was extremely happy to get coins in great condition to add to my silver stack.
  155. All quaters
    Anthonyon 8/21/11
    no junk here just silver
  156. Fantastic service
    Davidon 8/18/11
    I received my order quickly, as usual. There's nothing like holding real silver coins. Will buy more!
  157. Great Silver
    Blakeon 8/17/11
    Just wanted to say thank you! The shipment was fast, very fast. Out of 200 quarters only 4 or 5 were tarnished. Actually found 2 that look like they have never been circulated. I love the look of the silver, its so clean, so real. Gotta get a few dimes next!
  158. Excellent Transaction!
    Andrewon 8/17/11
    First order. Very please with fast shipping. Got $10 of junk 90%. Got all Roosevelt Dimes with a few Barbers mixed in. Some dimes were very nice AU-MS condition! Hoping for quarters next time but I'm happy!
  159. OUTSTANDING....best value ever
    Derekon 8/11/11
    There's no junk here. Ordered $75 face value. They all came in dimes. Found 28 mercury dimes, and about 70 proof like dimes. Best value ever. Fast shipping too. I'll be coming back for more next payday. Providentmetals, please keep your prices low so I can keep on buying. I recommended you to all my friends, hopefully they will start buying. Thanks.
  160. fast/good quality
    donon 8/1/11
    this is the only way to buy old silver " junk" some quarters looked like proofs!
    bought 7 dollars woth and will be buying more. Hardly any cost over spot.
  161. I could not be happier
    Ergasiophobicon 7/28/11
    The quality of the "Junk" is outstanding. So far I have purchased $38 and I am completely satisfied. The best price around and you don't have to be concerned with a shipment full of blanks. Heck, a couple of the Morgans could be graded. I will continue to buy here again and again.
  162. Absolutely satisfied
    Roberton 7/27/11
    Ordered $50 face value 90% silver coins. Got all dimes - not a problem. The shipping was fast and they even called me to confirm the order was legitimate (credit card). Hope there's no major meltdown but if there is it will be nice to have these. I will be ordering again soon. Great packaging - no rattling or coin sounds. Well secured and discrete. Thanks!
  163. Good Deal
    Coolmooseon 7/18/11
    Received my $4 face order a couple of days ago. All quarters. Interestingly, 4 of the quarters were newly issued 90% silver coins. Very beautiful... not sure they'll be recognizable in the event that the zombie apocalypse comes, but I've stored them separately... they are proof coins - very very shiny. All the other quarters were of good quality - all dates easily readable. I'll buy from Provident again.
  164. Great "Junk"
    leek05on 7/9/11
    I order and received $1 face value coins and got all quarters. Nice to actually get real silver! Fast shipping as well! I will continue to buy more from Provident!
  165. Great "Junk"
    leek05on 7/9/11
    I order and received $1 face value coins and got all quarters. Nice to actually get real silver! Fast shipping as well! I will continue to buy more from Provident!
  166. Great deal - all dimes - 13.5% mercury
    Chipon 7/7/11
    Great price for silver. Easily recognizable US coins will be great for barter or for use with the increasing # of merchants willing to accept for silver value.
  167. All Dimes
    skialta39on 6/18/11
    I ordered $40 face value and received all dimes. I don't mind because dimes will be great to barter with if/when it gets to that. 2 of the dimes were in mint un-circulated condition. There were a few mercury dimes.
  168. Excellent
    wolverineon 6/15/11
    Everything shipped quickly. Order came as all quarters in good shape. Very pleased with purchase.
  169. Impressive as usual
    Kenon 6/15/11
    I have a tendency to purchase only $5 here or $10 there, but with every order I have been impressed. A nice mix of halves, quarters, and dimes. Every order has contained some truly uncirculated coins and some decent earlier pieces. You can't get better bang for your buck than the "junk" offered by Provident. Keep stacking!
  170. Blessed!
    Tomason 5/20/11
    All roosie's 64 below...Beautiful! True masters of the game! Best dime on the market.Without a doubt "HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!"
  171. Great set of coins
    SWSDuvallon 5/17/11
    My first time order. Order came quickly, with USPS tracking and best of all! All quarters! Some looked in almost perfect condition. Nice job!

    The markup of $0.19 over spot is better than the local coin shops are giving!
  172. Awesome selection , value and service
    dana on 5/7/11
    I have ordered over 7 times from them , the coins are great looking, some almost perfect condition and a great mix to boot. I would recommend this business to anyone, in fact I have, to all my co-workers. GREAT PRODUCT AND GREAT PEOPLE..... You can't go wrong with ordering 90% silver coins..... Almost going to be a shame to melt them when the dollar crashes....
  173. I love some junk
    Johnon 5/2/11
    This was my third order with Provident. I ordered $35 dollars of junk. They came in all quarters. 3 Barber, 5 Walking and rest Washington. All expect one walking came in good to very good condition. One Walking did not have a date left on it, but some of the Washingtons were really nice. I hate to sell them, because they are so nice. My wife snatched up the Barbers and a few Walking and about 7 of the best Washingtons to put in her coin collection. I guess I won't get to resell them. Provident can be trusted to buy from. Thanks!
  174. Satisfied
    Timothyon 4/27/11
    Ordered a few and was very satisfied with service as well as quality of coins.
  175. Like picking potatoes
    Jameson 4/17/11
    This will be my 3rd order of the 90% silvers, and I must say with each order I've been impressed. The part I like the most is you never know what your going to get till you open the box. Like picking potatoes you never know until ya pull'em. I've gotten a great mix of coins, the first order was dimes and halves, the 2nd order was mostly beautiful quarters. I can't wait to see what I get this time!!! Keep up the great mix Provident folks, you guys rock! - Jim
  176. Outstanding
    Michaelon 4/12/11
    My first purchase from Provident and all went smooth. I do not understand why no package tracking is available for credit card orders. Order was all halves...
  177. Excellent!!
    Kameronon 3/25/11
    All orders received by me were either dimes or quarters. The shipping times on all were fantastic. Provident has the lowest premiums I've seen on "Junk".
  178. Repeat customer
    Paton 3/24/11
    I sent a bank wire on Monday and received my junk silver on Thursday. All Washington quarters. I am very impressed with their service and their prices and will continue to use Provident for my silver purchases.
  179. Great Service
    DTHon 3/23/11
    I received my shipment today and they were all Washington quarters!
    No "junk" in this shipment!
  180. "Like a Box of Chocolates...You Never Know what You're going to Get"
    horse56on 3/7/11
    I've had several orders...all quarters...Some had high percentage of mint luster unc and proofs, others had quite a few Standing Libs and Barbers with clear dates.
  181. Best value.....
    Jameson 2/25/11
    $.19 cent over spot is the best value I've found if you want to own "junk silver". Provident Medals comes through again!
  182. Repeat customer
    Ronon 2/7/11
    My 2nd Provident order was $20 face value of the generic 90% silver coin. Once again, I was impressed with the speed of service, accuracy of my order, and the quality of the coins. I received $10 face value of dimes (about 75% pre-65 Roosevelt and 25% Winged Liberty - Mercury) and $10 face value of pre-65 quarters. None of the pieces were heavily worn and many of the quarters were absolutely mint state, pristine coins. I continue to make all of my small silver bullion purchases with Provident and I'm now recommending them to my friends.
  183. Great coins
    Michaelon 1/19/11
    I received all halves in my $4.00 order. I'm very please with the quality of the coins considering that their supposed to be "junk". Also I'm very pleased with the time it takes ship out the order once you received payment.

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