CONTAINED- Zombucks® Morgue Anne 1 oz Silver Round


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Quick Overview

The Morgue Anne is the 2nd of 10 rounds included in the Zombucks® Limited Series.

Total Mintage: 41,620

Production and sales on the Morgue Anne silver bullion rounds ended on 12/31/13. However, the infection can still spread with Proof Zombucks® Morgue Anne 1 oz Silver Rounds. Click here to see all active Zombucks products.

Each limited release Zombucks® Morgue Anne silver round contains 1 troy ounce of .999 fine silver and will arrive in undead condition.

Include a 39mm Coin Capsule to protect your investment.

Multiples of 20 rounds will arrive in a 39mm CoinSafe Medallion Tube. Multiples of 500 rounds will arrive in a strapped Provident Metals Green Monster Box.

Product Description

As the earth is consumed by turmoil, terrified citizens take solace in Liberty. Yet as the infection spreads, her once-beautiful face is transformed on the 2017 Morgue Anne Silver Round. The Morgue Anne silver round will be a trusted form of currency, with a face value of Z50. Each round contains 1 troy oz of .999 fine silver.

Purchasing goods and defending your family will be your top priority during the uprising, so purchase a Morgue Anne silver round while supplies last — or it could come back to bite you.

Each Morgue Anne honors the Morgan Dollar that circulated from 1878-1904, and again in 1921. The original Morgan featured an exquisite portrait of Lady Liberty designed by U.S. Mint engraver, George T. Morgan. Morgan had an uninfected Anna Willess Williams, who he believed had a perfect profile, to model for five sittings to complete the design.

If only he could see her now.

Her skin has rotted, the flowers in her once beautiful hair have wilted, and Liberty has become a zombie. Liberty faces left and one can still read her crown, but bones and muscles from her neck and face are visible. Inscriptions of MORGUE ANNE, 2017, Z50 and 13 stars encircle a zombified Liberty’s portrait.

The reverse features a biohazard symbol and splattered blood, reminding us of the hazards of a dreadful new era. CURRENCY OF THE APOCALYPSE, ZOMBUCKS, 1 oz .999 FINE SILVER and the Provident Metals compass are inscribed around the sign.

Morgue Anne follows the Walker release that launched the Zombucks series in August 2013. Eight more bullion rounds will be produced in the series, with one released every quarter of the year. Each round pays homage to a historical coin or figure, and will be available in copper or silver.

Times are changing, and it’s never been more urgent to diversify your investments. Purchase the 2017 1 Oz Morgue Anne to overcome what lies ahead.

Additional Information

Denomination $1.00
Condition Undead
Mint/Brand Provident Mint
Diameter 39mm
Availability Discontinued
SKU BBPS-02587
  1. Great Coin...Watch For The Errors!!!
    stevenon 3/22/14
    I pretty much second what everyone else has written, except nobody has mentioned the errors yet....Some of the Morgue Anne silver rounds are stamped to say 1 troy ounce COPPER!!! I only ordered 2 and was thrilled to see that both that I received were in fact the errors. I would love to know the break down of the mintage numbers between the errors and the corrected version....
  2. Love Ms Anne
    Billyon 2/12/14
    Great design! The guys at work thought it was pretty cool. Looking forward to getting all of the designs for my collection. I may have to get the ones in copper as well. I noticed they put one of the rounds in a biohazard zip lock baggy. Great idea!
  3. Stupid me only Got 3..
    Fredon 2/12/14
    Very neat series.....and well done, think in a few yrs people will be paying 30 to 50% over spot for them....load up on these...I just got 5 of the new Buff.Bucks...wish I could afford 50 of them...Great company to do business with....keep stacking u won't regret it!!!
  4. Another Home Run by Provident
    Rubyon 1/18/14
    These rounds were struck perfectly, and the design is very detailed. The Zombucks™ series is so appealing, that it is now becoming popular even among numismatic collectors. The only regret I have, is that I should have ordered more when they were still available. But, the proofs will be coming out soon and I will definitely stock up on those. Another fantastic product from Provident.
  5. Zombie Seduction
    Francison 1/12/14
    Very happy with Ms. Anne. I must say it seems PM has upped the quality on this coin. Not that the Walker was bad, but the overall fit and finish is better in comparison. Glad to see this and I believe they have a terrific series on their hands here. Can’t wait for the others!
  6. Love the Series
    Kyleon 1/2/14
    I am enjoying these limited time 1 oz releases and figure I will buying multiples as they come out. If you enjoy zombie shows or movies then these are a cool round to have. I would love to see maybe a 10 oz bar at some point to top it all off but keep them coming.
  7. This whole series is amazing.
    KYSTACKERon 12/31/13
    Both the Walker and the Morgue Anne are beautiful coins and I love the zombie themes. Can't wait to get my zombuff next!
  8. Beautiful
    Shawnon 12/31/13
    These are some beautiful coins!
  9. Better than expected
    T.A.R.on 12/8/13
    I own a Morgan and was never very impressed with it. I know they are supposed to be beautiful and all but it never seemed so for me. When I saw the Morgan was the next coin to be zombified, (I own the Walker as well) I was less than excited but thought I would order to have a complete collection. When I received it, however I was amazed at the beauty. To me, it's an improvement on the Morgan :) Also, I like to weigh silver when I get it and these came in at a healthy 31.1459g average. Over 1ozt so I was pleased with that as well.
  10. Awesome Awesome Awesome
    Everyday Americanon 11/23/13
    Awesome idea. Awesome design. Awesome quality.

    This came in my first order from PM. This will be a great gift for a 17 year old boy who is into zombies. This coin is much better quality than other rounds I have purchased in the past.

    The special bag made me laugh when I opened the box. Thanks PM!
  11. Love The Morgue Anne Very nice
    gemloveron 11/20/13
    I was pleasantly surprised at how nice this coin is ,being a private mint round I expected a lesser quality round.. but this is not the case !
    I will be collecting the entire series and I hope provident is able to keep up the quality while maintaining a limited mintage on the whole series
    P.s This is my First Provident purchase
  12. Love the zombies
    chrison 11/16/13
    Very sharp coin, excellent detail, and finish is flawless
  13. Awesome Collectible
    Tyon 11/12/13
    Well struck and all around good coin.
  14. Morgue Anne
    Alanon 10/27/13
    I received my 2nd round in this series and again I am completely satisfied with this coin. It will be a shame IF the zombie apocalypse does ever come, cause it would be real hard to let go of these coins! I love the detail and luster of these coins. 3 thumbs up for the designer of these coins, cause they are just so cool to have and look at!!
  15. Looking forward to more
    Jameson 10/26/13
    I am going to collect the whole series. They are fun and a good investment.
  16. Had to have her
    Leonon 10/25/13
    Received my Morgue Anne very quickly. Once I saw her I had to own it. She is beautiful in her own special way. One of my favorites which says a lot. I have been a investor\collector now for a long time. I'm fairly new to Provident but I am very impressed with the quick delivery,great customer service and of course the quality of my round. Looking forward to the rest of the series. As the saying goes " I'll be back.
  17. Nice Coin
    Justinon 10/24/13
    Ordered this coin last week and love it! Well struck, nice detail and a great finish. Looking forward to adding the next 8 in the series to my collection.
  18. Great
    Tyleron 10/16/13
    Great coin and very fast shipping
  19. Sweet coin
    Jakeon 10/15/13
    I bought a new U.S. mint walking liberty coin, and one of these Morgue Anne's. When comparing the quality of the strike between these two coins, I was impressed. Very sharp indeed.
  20. Super Nice Coin!
    Michaelon 10/15/13
    I'm glad to see that the Morgan was the second in the set. It's definitely my favorite of the American coins and this one really does look incredible and extremely detailed. A great addition to the set and I'm not sure which one I like better from the two! I can't imagine which one will be next and how they "zombify" it!
  21. Great Coin Series!
    Stevenon 10/12/13
    I received these in the mail about 10 minutes ago and could not have been more pleased. Some of the reviews stated they were poorly struck, didn't have a good look, etc.... That's not the case. Very sharp coins. I will purchase all of the series when they come out.
    (Silver - Morgue Anne & Walker)
  22. Love it
    Adam on 10/7/13
    Showed my son when I got it he was like is that mine you know it's my birthday lol Was impressed with the quality and looks of this coin
  23. looking good
    Charleson 10/7/13
    this is a good looking round...... can not go wrong
  24. Mourge Anne
    Iraon 10/7/13
    Once again Provident, Excellent design. I love this series so far. " Ms. Anne" came in excellent condition with quick shipping. Great job Provident, And keep up the great work. I'm looking forward to #3. I just wish i knew you were coming out with the copper design of Morgue Anne, I would've picked up one of those also. Ira 10/7/2013..:)
  25. love the whole idea!
    Thomason 10/6/13
    as soon as I saw the 1st coin I knew you made a grand slam! A great visual and beautifly execued! I cant waite to complete my sets and see what new sets are designed.
    Thanks, Tom
  26. Collecting the Zombucks series
    Steveon 10/5/13
    As always very fast service from PM. Really nice detail on this Morgue Anne 1 oz silver coin. It's a really uniques series of coins so far, I just wish the release of the others were a little faster. I'm definitely going to collect the whole series.
  27. Morgue Anne...
    Rogeron 10/3/13
    I didn't really like the picture, but I bought some anyway, but now that I see the actual product, I love them... Much nicer than what I saw pictured... You did it again... Thanks... Roger...10-03-2013

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