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Quick Overview

90% Silver US Mint Silver Dollars in Cull Condition!

Available today for as low as $6.10 over melt per coin!

These Cull Silver Dollars contain .7734 Troy Ounces of Pure Silver Each.

Pre 1921 Morgans, 1921 Morgans & Peace Dollars may be included in this group! Orders of multiple coins may contain a mixture of dates and mint marks of our choice, but may also be of the same type. All coins have a visible date, and they will not contain any holes. This price is for one silver dollar.

Include a 38.1mm Coinsafe Tube or 38.1mm Air-Tite for convenient storage and added protection.

Product Description

The Morgan Dollar is one of the most storied coins in American history. Its origin can be traced to the discovery of the Comstock Lode during the late 1850’s in what is now Virginia City, Nevada, one of the largest silver strikes in history, and the political pressure for government intervention that followed the subsequent drop in global silver prices. In 1878, the United States Congress passed the Bland-Allison Act, requiring the Treasury Department to buy large amounts of silver - two to four million troy ounces a month - for the production of coins. The Treasury Department decided to strike dollar coins with the incoming silver and the Morgan Dollar was born.
Morgan Dollars were minted from 1878 through 1904, and again in 1921, in Philadelphia (no mintmark), San Francisco (“S” mintmark), New Orleans (“O”), Carson City, Nevada (“CC”), and Denver (“D”). Each Morgan is composed of .900 fine silver, yielding a total silver content of .77344 troy ounces per coin, and measures 38.1mm in diameter. The coins take their name from their designer, the British engraver George T. Morgan. Morgan recruited a Philadelphia schoolteacher named Anna Willess Williams to pose as Lady Liberty for the new design, and it is her portrait that occupies the obverse of the coins. The reverse, or back, of the coins displays a heraldic eagle holding the traditional American symbols denoting strength at peace and in war, a clutch of arrows and an olive branch, in its talons.

Additional Information

Denomination $1.00
Condition Cull
Actual Metal Weight Ozt Between .51-1.0
Mint/Brand Various
Availability In Stock
SKU BBUS-00126
  1. Better than expected
    Patrickon 3/6/15
    Ordered and received 25. Of the lot, 5 were Morgan and the remaining 20 were Peace. 2 of the Morgan dollars were AU with very slight imperfections. The other 3 were circulated but not unattractive. The Peace dollars were all average circulated. Overall, I was pleased, especially since I was expecting "culls". I will order this again whenever I get a chance.
  2. Ordered 3.
    Alon 12/14/14
    Recieved all Peace Dollars in early 20's. All different and all in very good condition.

    One has a brass spot on the back after being attached to something, the other has a dent on each side, and the other one looks perfect and it's a lower mintage as well.

    I am impressed with these dollars. I would order these again.

  3. best online site for culls for quality
    DAVIDon 12/12/14
    just recieved 14 and was very pleased
  4. Just Peace no Morgans
    jasonon 11/22/14
    Title said Morgans and Peace Dollars. Only ordered five but thought I would get at least one Morgan. Maybe next time. The Peace Dollars I am pleased with.
  5. Culls for sure.
    Keithon 11/21/14
    Culls for sure ordered four all were Peace two were worn to having no rims and one had some sort of dirt on it the last was an ok coin. No jumping out of the chair for me. Had already ordered 10 more before I saw these based on the prior reviews.
    I guess you have to accept culls for what they are.
  6. Culls for sure
    Keithon 11/12/14
    Ordered 4 coins all were Peace. Two were worn to the point the rim was gone. One was dirty will see how it cleans up.The last was an ok coin.Just wanted these to go with my other 90% silver.Had already ordered 10 more before I saw these based on other reviews.Maybe they came from the bottom of the bag.
  7. All Peace
    markon 10/7/14
    ordered 12 and was all Peace dollars. Was hoping for Morgans. I ordered 3 this time so we'll see how it goes.
  8. Very happy with my coins!
    Gregoryon 9/5/14
    I ordered 4 coins to test the waters and I could not be happier! I got one Peace that looks great and 3 Morgans. One Morgan is an 1899 that is pretty worn down, mainly at the edges, but the date is easily visible and the coin actually looks great after its years of use. Got a 21 with really nice toning on it, and an 1890 that is amazing! The 1890 is super shiny, I actually said a few words out loud that I cannot put here because I was so amazed with its quality! I will absolutely be buying more of these coins and cannot wait to see what I get.
  9. A fun gamble
    bruceon 6/9/14
    I collect coins as well as stack silver. I came into a bit of cash and decided to gamble on 10 cull silver dollars. I'm an amateur when it comes to grading coins but I'd have to say that only two of the coins were truly culls and the rest were good to very good. Two of the coins had also been cleaned at some point as well. I received 8 morgans from 1882 to 1900 and two peace dollars. I had two 1900 morgan Os and the rest were different mints/dates. There was also two dollars which were not exactly rare but not exactly common ether and I put those to the side for my personal collection.

    It beats going to consignment shops and local coin shops in my town by far and I'll probably put in another order in the future.
  10. Hope Floats
    RuffTimeron 3/25/14
    Re-energized, I decided to try an order of 20 cull SDs, but drew to an inside straight again ... only 1 Morgan (which had seen better days) in the shipment. The coins were up to Provident's high standard, but was hoping for a better MIX.
  11. Hope Springs Eternal
    Rufftimeron 3/13/14
    Last week I thought I'd try another cull SD order (but smaller) and see if I got better mix of Peace and Morgans, and imagine my surprise when they were all Morgans this time! No "smoothies" or holed, good dates, and they were actually in much better shape than I expected. Thank you Provident!
  12. Cull-?!
    Jameson 3/7/14
    Got ten...9 Morgan's and 1 Peace....Only one morgan was a 21, the rest pre 21...ALL coins were in better than cull state and three were so nice I jumped up out of my chair...wife thought the house was on fire or something....SCORE. Culls from XXXXX are as ugly as Mrs. Doubtfire....Can't wait to order more!!
  13. very satisfied
    Dug E on 2/8/14
    21 Morgan, will order again on the chance the next one is this good. Customer service was also very helpful and quick to respond when there was a minor delay in shipping. Will continue to buy from provident.
  14. All Peace Dollars
    Rufftimeron 2/8/14
    I ordered 30 culls, and they were in much better shape than I had expected, i.e., not as worn, toned or damaged as I thought some might be. All had dates and no holes.
    I was, however, a little disappointed that they were all Peace Dollars, as I had hoped with an order of that size, I might get one or two cull Morgans. Otherwise, 5 star performance!
  15. very good coin
    donaldon 12/23/13
    i received my coin in the mail , the coin was very good . i ll keep buying . thank you
  16. WOW
    Michaelon 10/19/13
    Just bought 10 of these cull dollars, Got 4 Peace and 6 Morgan, four of the Morgan was worn,put two were very good the Peace were in real nice shape, Better than Cull. I got just what I expected, and I'll be back Shipping was just three days

  17. Exactly what advertised....and then some!
    Michaelon 9/18/13
    So I ordered 20 of these Cull Silver Dollars just to see what I would end up with. Most of the reviews talk about getting mostly Peace Dollars and my order was much the same. I received 14 Peace and 6 Morgans. But what made this order stand out was that about 5 or 6 of the Dollars were FAR ABOVE CULL. There were 14 that arrived in a tube but some were missing. I checked the box only to find the remaining coins individually packaged because of their brilliance. I'm NO coin grader at all but it looked as if maybe these coins had been polished but they were in excellent shape, almost to the point of saying G-XF. I wish I could upload pics to show. Although I wish I'd gotten more Morgans because that's what I collect, I am very pleased with the order and will be back!!!
  18. Satisfied customer
    Peteron 9/13/13
    I have yet to be disappointed by Provident. My ten coins were in better shape than I expected, by far. All ten were peace dollars, no Morgans, but that's the deal. They're culls, dude! I suggested Provident to my brother, who is a pretty conservative guy. He jumped in right away.
  19. Cull Silver Dollar
    Matton 3/3/13
    I've been more of a fine silver buyer, but I couldn't pass up a free shipping offer on these. Mine arrived in surprisingly good condition. I was expecting something illegible and beat up, but it arrived in a flip with a very solid strike on both sides. I was very impressed. Once again, Provident made a repeat buyer from this guy.
  20. suprised
    kevinon 2/16/13
    Since being new to buying in coins I opted in buying some of these. Ordered online and sent in payment. I was a little nervous with sending in a cashiers check but with all the other reviews I thought I would take a chance. Also I called a couple times and talked to a couple different sales reps both before ordering and before shipping. Vefified payment received and shipping eta. Saw info was posted online, but still wanted to confirm. Sales was nice and curtious. Overall from order to receiving to the door took just over 2 weeks. I could not see losing the %'s with paying on a cedit card. Extra week I'll keep the %'s myself. I received 1/2 that where cull and half that where better. I would ever say that 2 compared to good-fine condition. Very happy and hope to do some more in a few weeks. Or sonner if silver stays in the 29's. :)
  21. Better than cull, for realzies.
    Justinon 1/25/13
    I got an 1885 morgan! Kinda beat up, but much much better than I ever expected. I can't believe I got one that's so old and in as good of shape as it is. I win.
  22. Nice for Culls
    Paulon 1/10/13
    I have several real nice 1922 Peace culls. Great thing to grab on every order.
  23. Great deal, much better than cull
    Daleon 1/4/13
    I bought this to make use of a free shipping offer, and to my delight I received a 1922 Peace that is far from cull. I would buy this product again.
  24. Everything is as advertised
    Randon 6/1/12
    This was my fourth purchase from Provident. The price, customer service and delivery were excellent. Will continue to purchase here.
  25. nice coins.
    Davidon 5/21/12
    Only 7 of the twenty I ordered were what I would consider cull..I will buy again!
  26. Good price point however....
    roberton 5/18/12
    Ordered 6 and got all 1922 Peace dollars. You would expect to receive at least 1 Morgan out of six, but they all were better than cull so I cannot complain. 1 Peace was sticky with candy or some other substance. Over all satisfied with purchase will be ordering again soon. Next order I will order Low grade Morgan dollars for about the same price.
  27. Great deal
    Salon 5/15/12
    Most of the coins I have received in multiple orders have been what I'd consider Good or better condition. I think I'll order more today
  28. Another GREAT transaction
    Roberton 5/7/12
    Just bought 12 of these cull dollars, Got 11 Peace and 1 Morgan, The Morgan was worn, the Peace were in real nice shape, Better than Cull. I got just what I expected, and I'll be back
  29. Very good
    Rpon 2/21/12
    I purchased 3 gold coins, 100 maple leafs and they were as advertised. I also purchased 3 cull silver dollars, 2 were good and 1 was pretty well worn. All were Peace Dollars, would have liked at least 1 Morgan. Over all another good experience with Provident.
  30. Better than cull
    Tomon 1/31/12
    The examples I received were much better than cull. They could have been sold as Good.

    I ordered $3 face value and received two 1922 Peace and one 1878 Morgan Dollar.
  31. Buying in bulk
    Karlon 1/17/12
    I bought 10 coins and I was happy with the coins I received. It's still better than trying to buy something like this on Ebay. The condition of the coin were good. I will buy from again. You can't beat the price for the quality of coin...
  32. good buy
    mikeon 12/1/11
    you get what you pay for. it took a little longer to be shipped then i thought. but once it was shiped it got here really fast. in all pretty happy. after i clean them i payed buy credit card next time owl pay buy check to get the discount.
  33. Better than advertised
    Mitchon 11/28/11
    I was quite surprised in the condition of the one hundred that I ordered. The condition was much better than I was expecting. A very few were worn quite a bit but even those the dates and everything else was readable. Also out of 100 I got twenty-five different dates.
  34. as advertised
    Don 11/2/11
    Was left 18 by my late grandfather. Needed two more,to fill a tube, got decent 1880's examples. If you're getting cull grade, older is certainly better.
  35. excellent value
    Fredrick S.on 7/30/11
    Bought a $100 bag to try better than I expected as only about 20% looked really 'cull', so after some minor cleaning I put the whole bunch away in tubes for an inflation hedge. IMHO a great way to invest in 'acceptable/usable', US silver.
  36. Not a bad buy
    Johnon 6/28/11
    Bought one coin to test out product. I received an 1879 Morgan. You get what you expect. I will be purchasing these again.

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