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Emergency Food Supplies – Most Critical Part of Disaster Preparedness

Being prepared for an emergency situation – whether it’s a natural disaster or economic calamity – is critical to maintaining self-reliance and independence. Ensuring you have adequate food storage during an emergency is by far one of the most critical preparations you can make.

Long-term food storage options available through Provident Metals provide highly nutritious and delicious meals that can be prepared in just minutes – all you need to do is pour hot water into the heavy-duty mylar pouch, stir and enjoy.

Why do I need emergency food storage?

Severe weather events like a blizzard or hurricane that can knock out power for days is pretty much inevitable no matter where you live.

In recent years though, the prospect of hyperinflation, currency collapse and wage and price controls have given a new urgency to acquiring emergency food supplies. If the worst predictions come true, you will definitely need a supply of highly nutritious food that will last a long time and doesn’t require refrigeration.

Kits available through our website range from single meals to a one-year supply for a family of six.

These emergency ‘food storage’ kits stay good for several years and require minimal space to store. They’re light weight and easy to transport too with the largest 1-year supply consisting of 4320 servings weighing a total of 744 pounds!

Where can I buy emergency food supplies that will last a long time?

Provident Metals, a premier dealer of gold bullion and precious metals, is now offering emergency food storage options supplied by Wise Food Storage, a maker of emergency food supplies and survival kits.

Entrées include highly nutritious and tasty meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner like:

  • Crunchy Granola

  • Apple Cinnamon Cereal

  • Chili Macaroni

  • Cheesy Lasagna

  • …and many more

Browse our selection of cost effective emergency food storage options. Like our gold coins and bullion, you can place your order through our secure online ordering system. But if you would prefer to place your order by phone, call us toll-free at (800) 313-3315 between 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM Central Time.

For you and your family’s welfare, make preparations now before it’s too late.

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