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Emergency Food Storage – Be Prepared for the Worst

In times of distress and disaster, it makes no difference whether it’s natural or manmade.

If modern food distribution systems fail or economic conditions like currency collapse and wage and price controls occur, you could suddenly find yourself out of options for procuring the most basic of needs for you and your family.

Simple power outages due to a hurricane or flood for example can make finding and preparing good, healthy and cheap food a challenge.

Emergency food storage options ranging from long term food buckets to short-term, 72-hour emergency kits provide you and your family a safety net in case situations like this occur.

Make sure your shelves are stocked with freeze-dried emergency food that’s easy and quick to prepare – just pour in some hot water, stir and enjoy!

Click here to see our long-term and short-term food storage options

While freeze-dried emergency meals are there for unforeseen circumstances, you may just decide to cook one up for dinner one night - and might be surprised to find them to be quite tasty, filling and nutritious.

Going camping?

Take a gander at our selection of individual meals like Pasta Alfredo, Chili Mac and Cheesy Lasagna from Wise Foods.

Looking for just a grab-and-go kit in the event you need to evacuate your home?

Emergency survival kits provide all the essentials – everything from Wise freeze-dried meals to sleeping bags, a portable stove and much more.

Preparedness brings peace of mind, don't delay!

Prices for food storage and freeze-dried meals are always on the rise. Higher demand coupled with ever increasing food costs act as a double whammy.

The sooner your order, the further you can stretch each dollar.

Don’t delay – check out our current inventory or learn more about preparing for emergencies through gold bullion, silver coins and emergency food storage by visiting the Provident Metals knowledge center and blog today.

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