OPM 1 oz Silver Bullion Round

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Quick Overview

MINT FRESH OPM 1 oz .999 fine silver bullion rounds

Buy OPM silver rounds today for as low as only $0.81 over spot!

Each Ohio Precious Metals, OPM round is composed of 1 troy ounce of .999 fine silver and will arrive in new condition. OPM silver rounds are ISO9001 certified and are therefore eligible to be placed in your self-directed IRA.

Include a 39mm Coin Capsule to protect your investment.

Multiples of 20 rounds will arrive in a 39mm CoinSafe Medallion Tube. Multiples of 500 rounds will arrive in a strapped Provident Metals Green Monster Box.

Product Description

Investors looking to diversify with precious metals can now purchase OPM Silver Bullion Rounds made in the USA.

Composed of 1 troy ounce of .999 fine silver, OPM Silver Rounds are a simple, affordable way to own a tangible investment — one that’s certified green.

The obverse of each 1 oz Silver Round is stamped with the OPM logo, along with its weight and purity. The reverse features a repeating logo design, along with the words "MADE IN THE USA" and "OPM METALS."

Based out of Jackson, Ohio, OPM is proud to be the nation’s largest gold and silver refiner. The company provides a variety of services to the precious metals industry, including high- and low-grade refining, and bullion products made exclusively on American soil.

Committed to social and environmental accountability, OPM is proud to maintain its Responsible Source Refinery Certification from SCS Global Services. SCS is the global leader in sustainability and food quality certification, assisting companies, policymakers and government agencies obtain accountability and a strong competitive edge.

Strict qualifications for the certification include:

  • 100% recycled silver
  • Conflict-free sources of metal
  • Manufacturing with fair labor practices
  • Verified supplier screenings and risk assessment practices
  • An established baseline of energy, water, waste and greenhouse gasses, with a commitment to reduce impacts over time

Reduce your carbon footprint while getting in on one of the most stable assets in the history of mankind and get your 1 oz Silver OPM Rounds from Provident Metals today. Multiples of 20 arrive in square plastic tubes.

Additional Information

Denomination $1.00
Condition New
IRA Approved Yes
Composition .999 Fine Silver
Actual Metal Weight Ozt 1
Mint/Brand OPM
Diameter 39mm
Availability In Stock
SKU BBPS-02172
  1. Good price good service
    MBon 1/29/15
    Just received my 2nd order of 1oz OPM rounds. I ordered on the 26th and they arrived on the 29th with standard shipping. The rounds are very simple which I like. Provident does a great job and they have earned my business.
  2. very satisfied
    dennison 1/26/15
    Very attractive coin. Awesome price for your money. I was very impressed when I received my one ounce opms. Ii will be getting more the service that provident metals offers is outstanding thank you for your service
  3. It's a 1oz coin!
    Matthewon 12/23/14
    It's simple, it's pretty, it's silver! It does the job very very well.
  4. Very Pleased with my OPM Order
    Keithon 12/19/14
    Order was received within two days of being shipped and less than a week of being ordered. Rounds are in great shape "New" with a beautiful luster. Very happy with my order.
  5. Unlucky and disappointed
    Shaunon 9/26/14
    Got it and was so happy..but the part around the OPM logo has some weird yellowish smudges around it.
  6. Excellent Purchase
    Elberton 9/19/14
    I have bought these rounds several times and have been sassyfied to say the least. Great deals as always from Provident Metals. I will buy again
  7. Very Nice
    Stephenon 8/25/14
    Got 5 of these in today. These are nicer than I thought they would be. Will be buying more. Well worth the price for these.
  8. Good investment
    Walteron 7/18/14
    The product is exactly as advertised. The ring is slightly muffled but still the same tone. An overall good investment.
  9. Best bang for the buck
    Ronnieon 7/18/14
    If you like bullion, you can't go wrong with OPM. And you have to search pretty hard to find sales that can give a better price than what Provident sells for at everyday prices.
  10. Nice!
    R.on 7/7/14
    Great rounds. Awesome price, Trusted brand. And the best part of all… no images of pagan gods (i.e., Libertas, Diana, Columbia, etc.).
  11. Great little round
    Yukon Corneliuson 6/30/14
    Just received my 102nd ounce of silver, the last two being these little rounds. I am very happy with the quality and looks. For the silver content, these rounds will make up my second 100 ounces. Only 98 more to go when I can afford it. Thank you Provident.
  12. Best Deal On The Net!
    deerflyguyon 6/30/14
    These rounds are the best bargain on the internet! Everything OPM makes is from recycled silver or gold, and not from raw mined ore, so there is no way to go any "greener"! At Provident, OPM silver rounds are always the cheapest rounds that you can buy! The several times I have purchased them, they have always arrived in first class condition! Bright and shiny and "proof like", even their rather bland appearance is greatly enhanced! Since I'm after all the silver I can get for my money, these rounds are the best deal on the internet, bar none! Check out the free shipping option that Provident offers, and combine only one item with your order for anything that Provident sells, in any quantity, and your whole order ships for free! Unless another company is making a special "first order" sale to you, you will never beat Provident prices! No matter when I shop the net for silver bargains, I very rarely find anything remotely close to the quality and value that OPM silver rounds provide, when purchased from Provident!
  13. 2 Beautiful round's
    BigL187on 6/27/14
    2 Flawless beautiful round's
  14. Quite impressive and fast shipping
    Macon 6/23/14
    I love these rounds! They're affordable, look great, and easy to stack for a rainy day. I've ordered several shipments from Provident in the last year and all have included low priced blazing fast shipping. If you're hesitating, DON'T. You won't be disappointed!
  15. The little round that could.
    Travelinbobon 5/12/14
    The little round that could. This round does not have fancy imaging but it does have character, nice and shiny and good to look at. And did I mention a LOW premium! For stackers this is it! Thank you P.M.
  16. Excellent
    Mikeon 5/4/14
    How can you go wrong....
    Great price, nice looking and easy to stack.
  17. Awesome Round
    Stickon 4/27/14
    These are a perfect round to collect as a wealth foundation. They are clean, sharp, polished and a great buy just over spot.
  18. Value
    Seanon 3/26/14
    I buy silver for preservation and an inflation hedge. In the event it is ever necessary to "cash in", the market will care less about design and stamping, and more about purity and weight. OPM comes out on top, and it's all I buy.
  19. Good Rounds - Rings test
    GDPon 3/24/14
    Already enough reviews to cover the basics. Good quality product for cheap. But I just wanted to let others know these rounds DO fail the ring test. They dont sound quite like other silver products, but ARE REAL 100% (well .999) silver.

    One thing to note is I once went to sell a few rounds and the store did the rub test, which at first failed. The store owner tried once more and really had to dig into the coin to get it to test positive. It may have just been a fluke, but I'm wondering if OPM puts a protective coating on the coin which is why the ring test doesn't sound right.
  20. A great privately minted coin
    Devinon 2/20/14
    This coin has a beautiful mirror finish on both sides and the reverse is simply stunning. As an owner of multiple privately minted coins, this one definitely stands out and considering the low premium and the large secondary market on Ebay, it's a must have. My lot of 20 coins showed up in perfect shape.
  21. Great First Buy!
    RJon 1/11/14
    I am new to the silver investing world. I saw these and thought they looked great. The real thing does not disappoint. I will be buying more of these in the near future. Thanks Provident for the speedy service too!
  22. plain but very well struck
    Kellyon 12/29/13
    I've bought 50 or so of these at various times. While pretty plain looking, they are generally .1 to .2 troy ozs heavier than any other silver round that I've purchased...I always go for these when silver falls.
  23. Great purchase
    Timon 12/24/13
    Opm rounds are a great buy for people who want to stack low premium silver! Highly recommend them!
  24. Very nice round
    Lukeon 12/22/13
    Ordered one of these with my last order just to get a feel for them, and I'll definitely be buying more. Only problem were a few blemishes on the obverse, but as I bought these only for the silver content I'm still giving it 5 stars. Shipping was fast too. Got here in 8 days after I mailed my money order. (That includes a weekend too)
  25. Great Round for a very low premium!
    Adamon 12/15/13
    Just got my "Cyber Monday" order in...picked up several of the OPM rounds for the first time at a SUPER low premium...59 cents over spot! I only wish I had bought more...all are beautiful, well struck, and great luster. No milk spots like other reviews. Thanks again Provident for another Home Run!
  26. Simple yet alluring
    JRRon 12/15/13
    I own three, and all three are shiny and beautiful (no milk spots). I love the low premium in combination with the recycling concept. I will always try lo include one in my future orders.
  27. Beautiful Coins!!!!
    lynnon 12/12/13
    I am very happy with my purchase and will be ordering again soon.
  28. Top notch
    Danielon 12/11/13
    These rounds are extremely high quality and low in premiums. Why overpay for eagles when you can get these beauties? Rounds have a nice proof-like finish.
  29. Simple and Awesome price
    Scoton 11/30/13
    I recently picked up 40 of these, they come in plastic tubes witch held 20 coins each. I am happy with the coins other than the fact a few a milk spots and most were a little scratched. But other than that great value!
  30. Best Rounds!
    CF Kingon 11/25/13
    When I buy simply silver rounds, I buy OPM! Love these rounds! You can't go wrong with them. Not only are they great, but I got my order in less then a week! And I pay by credit card! PM rocks!
  31. Love the Opm rounds
    gemlover on 11/20/13
    Very nice piece
    Simple and yet very nice coin well done
  32. High Quality Rounds
    Bobon 11/7/13
    These rounds almost always carry the lowest premium of all types available. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the strike, finish and overall quality of the rounds.
  33. Cheap, name brand silver with a neat design
    Tyleron 11/6/13
    I am solely buying these for stacking of name brand silver. OPM is an extremely nice mint for the price. Even with buying 20 of them with CC you are still only paying 1.70 (+/- a few cents) over spot. To me, that is a no brainer if one wishes to stack silver. There are a few scratches on the face and edges, but again, these are great if you are simply purchasing for the silver content. I will continually purchase 20 or so of these at a time to build up the collection.
  34. Not as Ugly as Expected
    Jasonon 10/28/13
    These are clearly very plain rounds intended for the bullion collector. But in person the rounds aren't as boring as I expected. They look much better I n person than the picture. There's some mirror to the finish, and all the letters are very crisp. No dents, no dings, no scratches. It's not exactly my favorite, but it exceeded my expectations.
  35. Tops for the money...
    Elwoodon 10/19/13
    Good looking rounds...no blems...all correct weight, or slighty over...best bang for the money...
  36. Really nice rounds
    Larryon 10/16/13
    Received rounds in great condition in a coin tube. Mirror-like finish with almost no nicks or blemishes on a 20 coin order. Exactly what I expected from Provident.
  37. Great and affordable
    Johnnyon 10/6/13
    For the price you can't beat these rounds. Excellent quality, great to have a bunch of them all spread out over your desk to just look at. I will keep buying these. For the quality, the price can't be beat. Cheap way to get some great rounds.
  38. Fantastic product
    Kathryn on 9/26/13
    I love these rounds. Absolutely gorgeous. Not only are they shiny, beautiful reverse and obverse, they are, most of the time, the cheapest 1ozt rounds available. I am completely satisfied with my order, as always. Provident has proven time and time again that they are the most trustworthy, fastest and fairest bullion dealer around.

    Thanks again provident for the fantastic deal, and thanks again OPM, for the fantastic rounds. :-)
  39. Plain Jane dresses in Silver
    Sheron 9/15/13
    Of the different silver rounds I've bought through Provident, this is my least favorite. It is very simple coin, not impressive. My husband said it looks like something you would get from a carnival, and checked for chocolate inside. So if you are buying purely for weight, and you just want a 1 oz round for a good price, you will be fine. However, if you are wanting something that looks like legal tender, pass on this OPM and go for the Buffalo, Indian or Eagle design.
  40. Great price and Great service.
    Michaelon 8/27/13
    This was my first order through Provident as I have purchased bullion locally. Their price was lower than the local dealers. The rounds were lawless and packed in plastic tubes. Service was fast and I'll be ordering from them again and again and again.
  41. Very Nice Rounds!
    RASCALon 8/16/13
    Just received my tube of twenty OPM rounds, and I'm quite happy with them. Simple but neat design, shiny and uniform, just a slight mint mark on one of them. At only 89 Cents over spot, it's probably the best deal going for bullion rounds. I'll be buying more, and I'd recommend them to anyone for stacking.
  42. Spots
    Bradleyon 8/12/13
    Received an OPM round that had really bad milky spots. Exchanging was quick and without problems. The new round is much better, but does have a few small brown spots. Will probably stay clear of OPM rounds on future orders.
  43. Best Bang for Your Buck!
    Frankon 8/9/13
    These are nice shinny rounds. The price is unbeatable!
  44. Great rounds! Great service!
    John G.on 7/27/13
    These OPM rounds are really a very nice product. They are fine looking, the weights are good, and they have a brilliant luster. The price is right, and Provident offers both competitive prices and prompt service.

    What is there not to like? I'll be back for more!
  45. These people deliver,Provident rocks!
    Stewarton 7/14/13
    Just received a couple of OPM rounds,very nice, Provident has not let me down! I'm not sure what some people are complaining about but these people rock. Thanks!
  46. Very nice rounds at unbeatable price
    dpvwiaon 7/11/13
    I've never been a big fan of non-gov't rounds, but I could resist the low price on these, so I gave them a chance. OPM is one of the few "discount" private mints that I will buy because they listed as an approved supplier on the NY Mercantile Exchange. I was really surprised how nice these looked, and I now have no hesitation buying these over OPM bars.
  47. A superior way to start stacking silver
    Chandleron 7/8/13
    I ordered a tube of 20 of these a little while ago, and they arrived in excellent condition. When buying, save up for quantities of 20 so you get the tube for free to keep them in!
  48. Excellent Value & Socially Responsible
    Johnon 6/26/13
    Certified Good Delivery bullion. I bought these during a free shipping offer. In researching the minting company, I found out that they are a green company and one of the biggest employers in a town in my state that really needed the jobs.
  49. Very pleased
    Austinon 6/24/13
    I have ordered a few of these never any problems they arrive quickly and in beautiful condition! I just ordered more and will keep doing so!
  50. Green Silver
    HiHosilveron 6/19/13
    Nothing better then recycled silver! Two accomplishments one buy!!
  51. Not Bad
    Roberton 6/18/13
    I ordered 5 of these just to check them out. They are plain but do have a nice luster to them. Two out of the five have rim nicks. I don't care because I am stacking and they all weigh 1.005 OZ Troy. To accumulate some silver at a good price, pull the trigger and order some. Provident has the best prices I have found online for silver.
  52. Guarenteed Great Product!!
    Torroon 6/17/13
    Bought one OPM to see how they are. Great item, I just put in another order last week. great way to safe guard during rough times shipping prices reasonable. One thing I wish though is that I can use Paypal as a form of payment
  53. I'm happy
    Joeyon 6/8/13
    This is my first silver bullion purchase, so I have nothing to compare it to. All in all, provident ships quickly if you pay with a money order. I ordered, mailed payment, and received my silver in less than 2 weeks. These rounds look pretty good, they all weigh 31.1 as they should, so I'm happy. What I'm especially happy with is the price over spot. Can't beat it.
  54. very happy,once again.
    chrison 6/7/13
    just got my shipment.was sent tuesday,received it by friday.nice,very nice.once again,i will order from opm without hesitation. couldn't be happier with the way they do business. refreshing!!!!
    Johnon 6/7/13
    These rounds are not flashy but they ARE THE BEST value for your dollar! If you are looking to add to your stack and get the most silver for the money, THIS is what you should be stacking. Thanks Provident!
  56. Fantastic rounds
    Kathryn on 6/5/13
    Out of all the 1 oz rounds I've ordered, these are the nicest. 100% beautiful. Mint condition great finish wonderful design on face and back. I'm extremely satisfied. Thanks again for the wonderful customer service provident. You guys are great!! Best prices, and best customer service around.
  57. Great Price and Actually Quite Pretty
    Alexon 6/3/13
    Spot went down even more and I had to buy something. Never purchased rounds before but this was so inexpensive I had to get it. I must say I was pleased with the shine. I display the coin with the reverse up, because I think that side looks better. Great price and service!
  58. Great price, great rounds
    Timon 5/29/13
    As the price gap between so-called "paper silver" and tangible bullion increases, it's good to know that rounds can still be acquired with only a small premium over spot price.

    These rounds are perfect for anyone who stacks generic silver.
  59. Good silver
    Matthewon 5/26/13
    These are nice enough silver rounds. Currently, Eagles cost more than 10% more so these are a very good deal now. I buy Eagles when the difference is less than 4-5% since you can usually sell them for more. Excellent service from Provident. One nit to pick: Packing peanut in tube was insufficient to prevent coin clinking noise during shipping. ...Provident "All packages are shipped securely in inconspicuous packaging and give no indication of contents."...
  60. Beautiful rounds, great price.
    Gordonon 5/25/13
    This was my first time purchasing silver from Provident. Actually, it was my first time purchasing any kind of investment silver, ever. After much research and deliberation, I can say I'm very happy with my purchase and with the service. The rounds look exactly as pictured; even more brilliantly polished than they appear in the image, actually. They arrived much sooner than was promised, as well. I now trust Provident Metals to fulfill my order and will definitely be purchasing from them again in the very near future! If you're new to purchasing investment metals, you can trust this company for a fair price and fast shipping and discreet packaging!
  61. Like Em
    B787on 5/24/13
    Just got my OPM 1oz round. Nice round, nothing special. I bought for tonnage not beauty. Worth the price with fast delivery.
  62. Great coin!!!
    Danielon 5/24/13
    Ordered just one of these OPM rounds with my last order, and I will definitely be picking up some more!
  63. Great Round
    Cliffordon 5/21/13
    I like these rounds.
  64. Certified Good Delivery
    Johnon 5/20/13
    As OPM is a certified good delivery source, and I am not terribly interested in buying metal for any reason other than a hedge against inflation, this is an unbeatable product. A lot of the metal is refined from recycled or purified products. The producer is using environmentally sound methods and, as a side note, providing jobs in an area of Ohio that doesn't have a lot of other opportunities. The order shipped quickly. I got what I ordered and I didn't pay a huge mark-up on it. In fact, I think I paid less than the trading company that claims to have the best prices on Good Delivery 1 oz rounds (not the same brand, but I don't care).
  65. Great Price Quick Shipping Provident Always Delivers!
    gerryon 5/19/13
    Overall very pleased with the product and love quick shipping times. Weight is good but on a ping test sounds different then other coins I have.
    Kennethon 5/18/13
    Provident Metals never fails to amaze me with there products. The rounds i recieved were exactly as desribed in the Product Description. I am very pleased i purchased this product and I recommend these rounds to all stackers, cause of the low premiums.
  67. Really nice round
    Michaelon 5/17/13
    Just a really nice round with a proof like finish. Really nice detail for a low premium coin. You wont be disappointed.
  68. Some bad ones in the bunch
    Ryanon 5/17/13
    2 orders of these rounds. Most are in great shape, but some are really messed up, chunks missing etc. Working with provident to see what they can do on the bad ones.
  69. Great generic/private mint rounds
    Jerryon 5/13/13
    This is the best you could hope for this type of product. Definitely a great value for stackers. I've already ordered 10 or so. I received my first 5 and they were lovely in design, reflectivity and everything. My first OPM product so far to enter my stack. I'll be looking into more of their stuff; it's high quality. As usual Provident has done a nice job packing, shipping and making these available with a fair premium.
  70. Best one ounce stacker available
    Yeatson 5/7/13
    All are the exact weight, no blemishes and all passed my acid tests for fine silver. The price is unbeatable. If you are looking to collect silver and don't care about numismatic value this is the way to go for one ounce rounds. I collect it for its melt value and recommend this to anyone in a similar situation.
  71. Optimal for Higher Mass
    Jameson 5/1/13
    A good silver collection should contain some artistically-beautiful pieces, from various regions of the world.

    After that, investing in silver is a matter of mass, and minimizing overhead costs.

    The OPM round fulfills that requirement, quite nicely. Even for such a low price over spot, it is not a bad-looking coin at all.

    The OPM rounds I received today weighed between 1.0015--1.0030 ozt. I am happy anytime the weight of precious metal coins errs in my favour.

  72. OPM #1
    EZ Manon 5/1/13
    PM hit a home run with this round. Price and quality can't be beat. Thanks!!!
  73. high quality no brainer for a.999 fine silver round.
    mitchellon 4/24/13
    This round offers quality and weight accuracy 2nd to none.I weighed them,all on the money.
    To be honest eagles maples or philharmonics coins offer no extra value.
    Stack these asap before premiums explode.
    Opm products are high quality.

  74. Price
    MARKon 4/15/13
    Although not as beautiuful as the ASE nor as pure as the CML, this is a very handsome round at a great price.It low premium allows you to stock up on bullion and add once ibn awhile to your collection of ASE and C-ML coins with money saved !
    I also like these for environmental reasons....recycled anything is a bonus/favorite here !
  75. Best price, great looks, what more can I say
    Josephon 4/7/13
    Best price, great looks, what more can I say
  76. Great design and it's a green product!!
    Dannoon 3/25/13
    Awesome clean design by OPM... It's great that the company takes the green approach that it does in manufacturing it's products!! A very nice finished round that is well made is what you get when you convert your fiat... Will be adding more soon...
  77. 69 Cents over spot
    Kennethon 3/24/13
    Quality stuff and the price was great while it lasted. Great for stacking.
  78. Nice Rounds
    Bryanon 3/15/13
    Very nice round to add to your bullion collection. Very reasonable price over spot. Ordered just under twenty, and Provident still packaged it in a plastic tube... because they rock!
  79. Good looking coin.
    Andrewon 3/14/13
    Was a little suspicious of the picture alone, but upon arrival was mighty pleased! Great deal on bullion, provident delivers!
  80. Great Deal - Nice Rounds
    PennyTycoonon 3/12/13
    Very nice strikes on these things. Almost proof-like luster. Best price I've ever found on new 1ozt rounds. Thanks, Provident!
  81. Can't Complain
    Benjaminon 3/11/13
    My first purchase of silver were with these rounds. They came in a plastic tube in very secure packaging. Overall really good quality and finish on these coins, my little boys love em.
  82. Beautiful round!
    Janon 3/9/13
    I was really surprised at how nice these rounds are ... looks fantastic. Will order more of these. Great price for a really, really good looking silver round. Thanks for offering these Provident.
  83. OPM's for low spot price
    Jaredon 3/9/13
    Tube of 20 for 69 cents over spot, ya can't beat that. Primo IRA rounds for low price. Thanks Provident!
  84. Sweet deal !
    Timon 2/25/13
    Just got my first order of these coins and could not be happyer !! Quick service as all ways with Providet and nice coins . Have all ready placed 2 more orders since price kept getting better !Thanks Provident !
  85. Great deal
    Deaglanon 2/21/13
    This is he best bang for your buck at only $0.69 over spot in any qty. you can't beat this deal
  86. Awesome product!
    James on 2/20/13
    I love the design on the back of the round and most of all is the kick ass pricing I got on these!

    You will want to get your hands on some of these.
  87. Nice rounds - good service
    DRBon 2/14/13
    As always with Provident, a quality round with good service. The only thing wrong at all is I'm missing the foam stuffer for the tube. Someone installed a shipping peanut instead of the foam round.

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