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Quick Overview

Buy Ohio Precious Metals, OPM 10 oz Silver Bars as low as only $0.74 over spot per ounce.

OPM silver bars are ISO9001 certified and are therefore eligible to be placed in your self directed IRA.

Each OPM bar is composed of 10 Troy Ounces of .999 Fine Silver Bullion. Bars are new and in original plastic.

Check out all our 10 oz silver bars.

Product Description

Ohio Precious Metals is “refining the future of precious metals” with these OPM 10 Oz. Silver Bars at Provident Metals. Each bar contains 10 troy oz. of .999 fine silver bullion and arrives new in original packaging.

Branded with the OPM logo, the obverse also features the bar’s purity in fine silver and weight along with the letters U.S.A. The reverse displays a continuing pattern of OPM’s logo.

Located in Jackson, Ohio, OPM operates out of a 168,000 square-foot facility and is the proud owner of America’s largest gold and silver refinery. OPM’s impact in the precious metals business is felt through their high-quality gold and silver bullion production as well as their high-grade and low-grade refining.

OPM has been a trusted precious metals refiner since 1974 and has continued to produce top-notch items made in the United States of America since that time. They also continue to maintain the sought-after Responsible Source Refinery Certification from SCS Global Services.

Buy OPM 10 Oz. Silver Bars from Provident Metals today and confidently define your future.

Additional Information

Condition New
IRA Approved Yes
Composition .999 Fine Silver
Actual Metal Weight Ozt 10
Mint/Brand OPM
Availability In Stock
SKU BBPS-02454
  1. Nice piece of silver
    Kevin H.on 3/27/15
    This is the first piece of silver that I bought as an investment. Could not be happier with the bar. The price is just as good if not better than any other on-line bullion store. Will most definitely do business with again.

  2. Very Happy With My Purchase
    Keithon 3/20/15
    This is my second purchase of OPM Bars and I'm happy once again. The transaction was processed quickly and I received the order via Priority Mail (included). The OPM bars I received were all sealed in plastic and are all very nice bars. Couldn't be happier with my dealings with Provident. Highly recommend.
  3. Very Happy With My Purchase
    Keithon 3/12/15
    Very nice silver bar....as advertised. My order was handled quickly and shipped promptly. Couldn't be happier with my purchase. Great price from Provident and I really like the new E-Check option at checkout. Well done.
  4. Nice bars
    Markon 12/18/14
    I have a lot of 10oz bars, none of the OPM, thought I would pick up a couple just to check them out. Very nice looking bars.
    Josephon 8/12/14
    I bought this product. It was my first bar of silver so I was a little nervous. When it came in I was shocked at how perfect it was. I give it a 5 PLUS star! I now love OPM Silver Bars! I am currently purchasing a 100 Oz bar to add to my collection.

    A +++
    Kennethon 5/1/14
    Just picked up 10 bars and they are even more stunning than in the photos. Thank you Provident Metals for another outstanding product and super low premiums, i cant wait to buy more in the future!!!!!!!!!
  7. Great Bars
    Kevinon 1/30/14
    These are good bars but I've found that the Provident Metals bars also made by OPM and costing the same price seem to be a little bit better quality.
  8. Beautifu bars - Great price!
    Kb0nrq#on 1/26/14
    I have ordered these and the Provident 10-oz. Both are beautiful w/ a low markup. The e-check is very convenient.
  9. Double stack !!
    Toddon 1/13/14
    Just recieved my 1st order of these OPM 10 oz bars..I love them !! Beautiful and flawless !! Packaged perfectly...Totally impressed !! Needless to say there will be more to follow...Got my eye on a 50oz bar now..Wen the spot is rite and they are in stock il pull the trigger...Thanks Provident for a great product and timely service..!!
  10. Nice for the price
    Brenton 12/14/13
    Very nice looking new bar. Sealed in plastic and packaged for shipping very nicely. Good for the price. First purchase of many from Provident!
  11. very nice
    Markon 12/13/13
    The UPS guy was wondering why the box was so heavy. Told him I'd have to shoot him if I showed him. Great condition. No blemishes. For a bullion bar they are very attractive.
  12. 50/50
    Joshon 12/9/13
    I ordered 2 of these. One of the bars had badly dinged up rims and the sides are pitted and not smooth. The other was perfect. If only both came like the perfect one, I'd think about ordering more of these. My only hope is that the 2 10oz Provident bars I have coming are in better condition that the bad one of my lot, because they too are minted by OPM.

    I have yet to weigh the damaged one, with the dings and 'pits' I can't imagine it weighing out.
  13. Decent
    Jeffon 10/30/13
    The bar I received is in not quite perfect condition, however, the plastic sleeve has no holes, scuffs, or breaks. The problem with the bar is that it has a few spots on it. I like the design and I'll probably buy another, but if it isn't better then I'll probably stop since they obviously have some cleanliness problems in the packaging department.
  14. Very Nice
    Michaelon 10/23/13
    Top notch from start to finish. These bars are nice and are well packaged in their own plastic package. They weigh perfect. Incredible turn around time with Provident. I ordered on a Monday and had them by Friday the same week. Very happy with this product.
  15. Nice Bar
    MTGon 9/21/13
    My order arrived quickly and this bar looks great. I will be buying more in the future.
  16. Nice but heavy.
    Linon 9/6/13
    First time buying 10oz silver so I bought 5. No idea 5 together are so heavy. They looked nice sealed individually in heavy plastic and in a strip of 5. I may be buying more in the future.
  17. Adding weight
    Patrickon 8/24/13
    These are good 10 oz bars (along with Provident's own 10 oz bars) for just adding .999 fine weight to your stack. I have bught about a half dozen so far, usually when they run free shipping (hear that Provident? .. lol). Low premium means more silver for the money, especially when they add freeshipping. Plain Jane? Yes.. But artfulness has a cost. These bars weigh out properly.
    It would be cool if OPM added their little mushroom decoration, but I realize it costs to make a new die. Maybe when old ones wear out, they can add it. ;)
  18. Can't beat it for the price!
    Joeyon 8/14/13
    At .99 over spot, often with free shipping deals, this can't be beat. Weighs out as it should, finish isn't that bad (though basic, but it's low premium silver so who cares?), and it's cheap. 5 stars for the value play!
  19. 2nd bar and disappointed
    Bradon 8/13/13
    The bar looked like it had quite a few scratches on it so I went ahead and opened it. Not so nice looking at all once out of the original packaging. While not a collector it sure would be nice to get a better product for the price. I suppose silver is silver though when selling later in life. Ah well...
  20. Heavily pitted and bumpy on edges
    Kevinon 8/12/13
    Bar was heavily pitted on all the edges.

    Wont be buying OPM again.
  21. Great!
    Bradon 8/4/13
    Nothing fancy but still looks great. Awesome job by Provident from step one - was very impressed this time!
  22. Mistake on 1 Oz OPM Gold Bards
    scotton 8/1/13
    I said they have some smudges, it was just another protective layer of plastic. They look MARVELOUS, just like the 10 Oz OPM silver Bars. wanted to start slow, but bars in hand feel so good, 13 orders in 6 weeks, gotta stop
  23. Nice look
    Jameson 7/27/13
    Nice shiny bars, not that it matters to me, but some people like that. Sealed in plastic. Great value.

  24. Very nice!
    Ericon 7/20/13
    Purchased 10 of these, they arrived individually sealed in very thick plastic - all together in a huge sheet of 10. Very nice! I expected them to come wrapped, but loose in individual bags - the connected sheet of 10 makes storage very easy. And the quality of the bars is nice, no disappointment here.
    BRIAN on 7/20/13
  26. Cool
    frankon 7/17/13
    Cool bars. Great way to bulk on silver for a low premium, pitting and all.
  27. It's Silver Bullion
    Matthewon 7/12/13
    I really wasn't expecting a whole lot because the price over spot is very minimal. It actually was nicer than I expected, but it's a basic 10 oz bar for a very reasonable price. Picked up 2 and I'm happy with my purchase. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is that it's very basic, but the price is great! After all it's still .999 Bullion.
  28. Nice Bars!
    Danon 7/8/13
    They have a high gloss and individually sealed in heavy plastic. I have 5 so far but I'm hoping to get another 15. Provident is a great place to do business and I love the free shipping offers. Paydays just can't come fast enough.
  29. Picture perfect
    Chandleron 7/8/13
    Bar was in amazing condition and exactly as described. An excellent buy!
  30. 10oz OPM
    Paulon 7/7/13
    Pits in bar quality at opm needs to be looked in ,
    Not very good at all next time I will try a different brand
  31. Great bar
    Shawnon 7/4/13
    Having been born and bred in Michigan I hate all things Ohio with the exceptions of Cedar Point, Put-in-Bay, and now these bars. Nice and shiny with very little flaws. If you're familiar with Silvertowne 10oz bars, the OPM bars have some of the same "shave" marks on the corners but overall these are now my favorite. Cleaner than both the NTR and Snake 10 oz. Provident is becoming my favorite place to buy silver both because of a better selection than Goldmart and better prices. Customer service it top notch as well. Thanks Provident!
    scotton 7/2/13
    Wanted to start buying slowly, but the luster & feel of my 1st shipment amazed me. Excellent condition, no pitting of silver bars. 1 oz opm gold bars have some nicks & smudges..Piling up b4 govt starts taxing or seizing them!
  33. Happy with my purchase
    Maryon 7/2/13
    I received my first two bars and am very pleased! The bars are a great value and I like that they are made from recycled silver. I will be ordering more.
  34. Simple bullion, not great quality
    CMon 7/2/13
    I didn't expect anything perfect from this bar, but there is a nice little chunk that was grinded off the edge on the back. Pitting and some light scratches as well, but no big deal. Maybe the weight was high or something and they ground it to make weight, but either way it's just not a good thing to do. It's sealed, so this obviously was done at the mint. I did weigh it and it came in at 10.27 ozt in the plastic so I'm fine with it overall. I was thinking of stacking these bars exclusively for a while but may rethink that now. Don't deface your bars OPM and I'll stick with your product!
  35. shiny w/minor flaws. awrsome value !!!
    jackon 6/30/13
    Overall very nice and shiny, although on the plain Jane/vanilla side.
    Minor flaws on the rims, scratches and dings, but you have to look closely to see it.
  36. Great bar at the lowest price
    Williamon 6/28/13
    This is a great looking 10 ounce bar that comes in plastic covering like the NTR bars. Being the lowest priced 10 ounce bar and continued deals for free shipping of orders that include the OPM bar, I'll be buying as many as possible. Very happy with Provident.
  37. great price
    Roberton 6/25/13
    Great price.bars are beautiful.Will be buying more as the prices keep going down
  38. Beatiful bars
    Dannyon 6/22/13
    These bars are a full 10 oz of silver and perfect to stack.
  39. Can't beat the price
    Codyon 6/21/13
    I have had my eye on these 10 ounce bars for months now. I jumped on them when free shipping was offered and bought 12. I got them in the mail yesterday and could not be happier with them. There are minor pings and pitting on some of the bars but silver is silver. I will definitely be buying more of these in the near future with silver dropping to $20/oz.
  40. Great Bar Better Service
    Timon 6/21/13
    Just received my order from Provident and they didn't disappoint a bit. Ordered a lot of things I have desired since beginning stacking and this bar was actually one of the best things I ordered. Way better than the 10 oz. I received from another company. For the price and free shipping. THANK YOU SO MUCH PROVIDENT. YOU HAVE BECOME MY #1 SOURCE FOR SILVER.
  41. Quite Happy!
    Steveon 6/19/13
    Very nice bars. They measure 6x51x88 mm and come heat-sealed in heavy transparent plastic. Shiny enough to use as a signal mirror. Not a fancy design, but have a nice heft.
    Danielon 6/17/13
    Got 2 of these bars and both had some minor pitting. But let's be honest, even with the minor flaws these things are beautiful! Besides, premiums are low and the value is HIGH!
  43. Great Product
    Donon 6/13/13
    My bars have been at the P.O. since earlier this week... picked them up today. For those wondering, YES they are sealed in Mylar, very nice. The high luster on the bars is just like on the web page, very high luster. IRA accepted, minted by OPM the largest in U.S. .999+ -- What else do you have to know? -- I read some earlier reports about "pitting".. I only ordered 20 bars on this shipment and they all look perfect to me so there ya go.
  44. AGAIN!!!!!!!!!
    Tomon 6/13/13
    Had to do it again, free shipping cmon ill take that, ordered 5 min b-4 the office closed on fri, rec on wed afternoon bars were in mint shape.Not bad considering i live about 1500 miles away from texas.Just one thing wish they had different bars, would like to change it up a bit, sunshine, silvertowne,pamp,morgan,among others.THANK-U AGAIN,PROVIDENT GREAT DEAL,
  45. STACK EM HI!
    Sotoismaximason 5/31/13
    Great product for a great price. Happy to support Ohio's economy
  46. NICE STACKERS!!!!!!!
    Tomon 5/31/13
    Just received my order today 5-31 delivered on 5-28 now thats fast!!! Some minor pitting on one of the bars but no biggie. these are IRA approved better get them while you can @ this price. PROVIDENT DID ANOTHER GREAT JOB
  47. GREAT DEAL!!!!
    Tomon 5/31/13
    Just arrived nothing fancy but who cares when your a stacker!! Love the fact that theese bars are IRA approved. better get yours b-4 the premiums go up. Just a side note 1 of the bars had a little pitting along the edge but silver is silver.Waiting to see if silver dips below 20$ B-4 i grab another load.Shipped on wed recieved on fri the31st only two days.AS ALWAYS THANK-U PROVIDENT FOR EASY FAST SERVICE.

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