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Quick Overview

Get 90% silver half dollars in ANY quantity at $2.29 over spot per ounce!

Each $1 face value unit of 90% silver U.S. Half Dollars will be comprised of either Barber, Walking Liberty, Franklin, Kennedy or modern commemorative half dollars and will contain about .715 troy ounces of pure silver.
Dates and designs our choice.

Product Description

Whether you are looking for pieces with historical interest, survivalist coinage or an affordable silver investment, these 90 percent silver half dollars are ideal!

This collection of “junk silver” includes the Kennedy Half Dollar, the Franklin Half Dollar, the Barber Half Dollar and the Walking Liberty Half Dollar. Each contains .715 troy ounces of pure silver and bears a face value of $1.

The recognizability, ease of division and high silver content make these pieces ideal for survival situations when a means of trade is required, and other collectors will appreciate having a piece of American history no longer available in circulation.

The Kennedy Half Dollar features President John F. Kennedy facing left on the obverse, with “LIBERTY” and the year around the rim, along with “IN GOD WE TRUST.” The reverse reads “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” and “HALF DOLLAR” around the rim, and features the heraldic eagle from the Great Seal of the United States.

The Franklin Half Dollar highlights esteemed U.S. Founding Father Benjamin Franklin, staring off to the right, with the words “LIBERTY” and “IN GOD WE TRUST” emblazoned on the rim. The year is next to Franklin. The reverse reads “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” and “HALF DOLLAR” and depicts the Liberty Bell, with “E Pluribus Unum” in small print to one side.

Walking Liberty is one of the most famous designs, with Liberty striding confidently toward the rising sun, the stars and stripes fluttering in the breeze, as she carries oak and laurel branches. The reverse is similarly beautiful, with an eagle on full display from his perch on a rocky outcropping, a mountain pine erupting from the rock and symbolizing America. The coin reads “LIBERTY” with the year and “In God We Trust” on the obverse, and “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,” “HALF DOLLAR” and “E Pluribus Unum” on the reverse.

The Barber Half Dollar depicts the head of Lady Liberty, her hair tucked up and adorned with a wreath. The words “IN GOD WE TRUST” and the year line the rim. The reverse features the heraldic eagle, accompanied by the words “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” and “HALF DOLLAR.”

Make an investment you’ll 100 percent enjoy with these fantastic 90 percent silver half dollars (designs our choice).

Additional Information

Denomination $0.50
Condition Circulated
Actual Metal Weight Ozt Between .51-1.0
Mint/Brand Various
SKU BBUS-01205

Customer Reviews

  1. Grab Bag
    Jasonon 5/14/14
    Just received my coins today and to my surprise --out of 4 coins I got 3 Franklins and 1 JFK 1964. Totally awesome, the excitement
    is high to see what treasures you find in your order. Its so fun, just think of the sound investment you are making by purchasing
    some historical coins for investment and numismatic collecting. What a win win situation! PM is my favorite dealer online
    and will be in the years to come. Thank you all!!
  2. Surprise
    Jasonon 4/28/14
    Ordered 2 quantities of these US Half Dollars and to my surprise, I received all KENNEDYs and 1 Walking Liberty!
    Looking forward to ordering again hoping I get more variety - but I will not complain. Completely happy with Provident Metals and will recommend them with great reviews! Thanks again Provident - keep up the good work.
  3. Pleased
    Mikeon 4/1/14
    I ordered $3 face expecting Kennedys. Maybe I'll get lucky and draw Franklins. Got 6 circulated Barbers. Nice surprise. Will order more with each delivery.
  4. Junk Silver is truly what the word means
    Hectoron 2/7/14
    I got my order today I order 1 dollar face value and got two junk 1964 Kennedy half dollars, I cant really complain I expect that circulated silver would be nasty to a degree due to it changing hands so it was bound to have scratches and dings but lord I got two coins which were so scratched up they were garbage and one looked like it was throw into a fire and allowed to cook overnight with the burn marks on it. will I ever order this again no, just because I understand they are junk but truly they were really bad and both Kennedy that looked like they went through hell and back. if you want silver order them thats why they get a three if you want something for a collection even knowing its circulated coinage dont buy these
  5. very happy
    Timothyon 1/25/14
    This was my first order and was a little leery but to my surprise. I ordered 30$ face and received 9$ in franklins 5.50 in liberty's and the rest were 64 Kennedy's in which over half I would say were in BU condition.
    Thank you
  6. Nice coins
    Stephenon 1/19/14
    This was my fourth order from Provident and I a quite happy. Got mostly '64 Kennedys but also a few Franklins and Walkers, as well as a Proof '82 Washington commemorative. All my future coins orders will be through Provident.
  7. My first order with Provident
    Stephenon 10/18/13
    I just received my first order for $80.00 face value fifty cent pieces and could not be happier. My other supplier did not have ANY fifty cent pieces left and Provident not only had them but shipped them to me in 3 days! The mix of coins is perfect.
    I am now a Provident customer full time.
  8. Satisfied
    Williamon 9/28/13
    I ordered $2 as part of my first order with Provident, and received one slightly dirty 1964 Kennedy and three Liberty Halves (1936D, 1940, 1945S) which is great! I will probably buy some more of these with my next order.
  9. Fair Mix w/ 1 Gold plated 1964 Kennedy
    Michaelon 8/26/13
    Received $15 FV mix of halves mostly Kennedy's and a couple of Franklin's. In good to very good condition.

    Of consternation was a 1964 gold plated Kennedy. Didn't even know they existed. Called Customer service, he assured me it is a 90% and not a forgery... Still had to Google it.

    All in all very happy with Provident.
  10. Great Product
    Michaelon 7/12/13
    I received my first order of coins a few days ago, took about a week to get to me, I'm sure the 4th of July had something to do with that though. I ordered $2 face of Halves and $1 face of "junk silver" I received 4 1964 Kennedys and 4 Washington quarters with dates from 1945-1964. The coins were very well packaged, and in very good shape. I have since placed another order and will continue to do so, there aren't very many places you can order just a little silver and still justify shipping costs.
  11. $100 Silver Half Dollar; mixed?
    Jameson 4/19/13
    Rec'd today, $99.50 worth of Kennedy's and one walking Liberty, all pretty much circulated coins. I know they said "their choice" but I doubt this would qualify as a mix of coins. This is my fourth order from Provident and was satisfied until this one. Still, silver coinage is silver.
  12. Very pleased
    Jayon 4/13/13
    Ordered $1 worth just to test the waters. Received a '38 and a '46. Both are in good condition and I will be ordering more. Provident is great and I'm glad I found them.
  13. Pretty nice
    urion 2/19/13
    ordered $1 worth. received a walking liberty (can't make out the date) and a 1964 kennedy half. The kennedy half had some grime on it that I had to take off with my fingernail. Still, I thought I'd receive Franklin halfs if anything. This was a surprise. I'll likely be ordering this again. I just wish the walking liberty coin I had received wasn't so worn down.
  14. Excellent
    Grohlon 1/10/13
    My third order from Provident. I couldn't be happier with these halves.
  15. Exactly what I expected..
    Chadon 12/31/12
    Received Franklins and all were in great condition. Very satisfied with Provident and their practices. Haven't let me down yet with any of my orders. Best shipping costs of anyone I have seen and I buy a lot! Will continue to buy from here and hope to get some Barber Halves in the future...thanks Provident !
  16. very pleased with the Franklins
    mikeon 12/4/12
    $100 their choice, all came as Franklins which is great, conditon of many were cull but that is expected
  17. Best deal in the biz
    Travison 10/14/12
    All of these coins are standard 90% silver half’s. I have read that most coin collectors can look back and agree that buying these coins straight up is much better than spending time searching for them which I agree with. I got many Franklins, Walking Libs and JFKs. This is my fourth order.
    If buying with a check one must be patient but if buying with a card these things literally fly off the shelf. Kudos to Provident Metals for the best prices and best service I have seen since I started collecting in 2010. Please keep taking care of us and we will keep taking care of you.
  18. Nice Mix
    Johnon 9/15/12
    I recently placed a small order of 'our choice' half dollars. Most were Franklin's, one Kennedy [great condition] a few Booker T. Washingtons, [showing some wear] and two Colombian American halfs I never knew existed. Overall I was satisfied along with the 5 Oz bar and Mexican Peso I purchased. As with my other orders, Provident had the best price for what I was looking for. Verey nicely wrapped/shipped. No one would know there were coins in the package the way it arrived.
  19. Awesome!
    TheNungon 7/15/12
    Received my order 4 business days after I placed it. I ordered $5 in their choice of 90% coins, and another $5 in their choice of 90% half dollars. I also placed an order for the 1 oz Ron Paul coin.

    Received 20 Washington quarters and 10 Franklin halves. The quarters were all between 1934 and 1964, with the majority of them being from the 40's and 50's. The Franklin halves ranged from 1949-1960, mostly from the 50's. The Ron Paul coin was absolutely beautiful, so I didn't mind paying the premium for it.

    I'll definitely be ordering from Provident again. I appreciate that they gave me such a great selection despite it being a small order.
  20. Very Pleased
    Larryon 7/9/12
    Just recieved my first order from Provident. Very happy with the 20 halfs. recieved 3 Walkers, 3 Franklins, and 14 1964 Kennedys. Only one Walker with unreadable date. 8 Kennedys in fine to uncirculated! The rest were good to very good condition. Will for sure order from again. OUTSTANDING!!!!
  21. Excellent Selection
    Dawgon 6/22/12
    I receive 130 Fifty Cent Silver coins including: 9 Barbers, some Walking Libs, A bunch of Franklins and some Kennedys.
    All with readable dates! Very satisfied, again, with the quality of the product, pricing and quick shipping.
    Thank you!
  22. Excellent Choice
    jeffon 6/11/12
    I ordered 10 face dollars of this and recieved an excellent selection of coins. Shipping was fast also.
  23. Good Mix
    Mustangmanon 6/9/12
    Received 100 mixed half dollars,All libertys and franklin,only 1 with unreadable date.Will order again!!
  24. $8.00 Face Value Halves
    Thomason 5/30/12
    I received 16 90% silver Kennedy halves. Very satisfied with both condition and service. Will buy from again.
  25. Better than I expected!
    Davidon 5/21/12
    I bought these for my sons, all 60 looked great, they were very happy..so I'm happy too! I will buy again soon.
  26. Half dollars are terrific
    Ronon 5/19/12
    A friend at work and I split orders now and then to save on shipping costs. He prefers the half dollars, and I prefer the random 90% silver coins. Either way, we both win with Provident's accurate and timely service. They keep me updated with emails at each step in the order and shipment process. I highly recommend Provident for your silver and gold bullion coin orders.
  27. Very nice!
    Pistol Peteon 5/7/12
    Ordered $9 face value, received $8.50 in '64 Kennedys and a single Franklin. All in good to excellent shape. Looking forward to doing more business in the future.
  28. Great Condition!
    CoffeeTimeon 5/3/12
    Bought $20 - $19 64' JFK's, $1 Franklin. The Kennedy Halves are beautiful the two Franklin halves are circulated condition. Nice ones!
  29. First Order
    chadon 4/11/12
    This was my first order with Provident and won't be my last. Quick shipping (and cheaper than the place I used to deal with) and I received exactly what I ordered. All were 64 Kennedys and that's totally fine with me. The goal was to get 90% silver and that's what I got! Bye, Bye AP***
  30. Awesome
    Ron 4/4/12
    I ordered $20 face value and got all 1964 Kennedy's but they are all cameo/proofs. So cool.
  31. Great buy on halves
    Darylon 2/20/12
    Just received $10.00 face value and got a good mix of walkers, franklins and Kennedy's, including a proof Franklin! Will be ordering again soon.
  32. Great Variety
    Tomon 1/31/12
    I ordered $50 face value (100 coins total) and received a great variety.

    25 1964 JFKs
    64 Franklins
    8 Walking Liberty
    3 Barbers

    All coins had readable dates and most are in good shape. A Franklin and a couple of JFKs looked Uncirculated.
  33. Wish I Ordered More
    Mikeon 1/26/12
    I ordered $10 face value. Received ALL 1964 Kennedy Halves. Two looked almost new... I'll be ordering again!
  34. All good
    Thomason 12/21/11
    Ordered $5 face: 5 Kennedys, 4 Franklins and one Walking Liberty. Nothing more or less than advertised/expected.
  35. good mix of halves!!!
    Tomon 10/18/11
    ordered $5 face value. received

    2 1964 JFKs
    3 Walking liberties
    5 Franklins

    I will be ordering more of these halves. It's fun to wait and see what I'll get.
  36. Good Deal !!!
    Joeon 10/5/11
    Silver spot fell from $40/oz to the $32 range I decided I better put in a
    quick order of Silver on Sept 27, 2011.

    I made a small order, got the Kennedy Halfs, got 1 super BU Kennedy,
    and 1 that looks like it is a PROOF KENNEDY, all the rest of the
    Kennedys were sharp looking, some had some lite tone, sharp
    Kennedys with hardly any wear present. It is difficult to get 90% Silver
    Halves any cheaper then what Provident sells them for.

    In General a great deal for people who want "real" money of the past and
    want to add to their Silver "real" money stack.

    This was my first phone order, great service with John and shipping was
    fast and promptly got to my hands. I will be ordering with Provident again !!!
    Thanks, Joe
  37. Beautiful
    Salon 9/30/11
    I just got my order of these coins and while some show signs of age others seem to be nearly uncirculated. Great price and product

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