CONTAINED- Zombucks® Walker 1 oz Silver Round


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Quick Overview

The Walker is the first of 10 bullion rounds included in the Zombucks® Limited Series.

No longer being sold or produced

Total Mintage: 47,885

Production and sales on the Walker silver bullion design has ended as of 10/31/13. However, the infection can still spread with Proof Zombucks® Walker 1 oz Silver Rounds. Click here to see all active Zombucks products.

Each limited release Zombucks® Walker silver bullion round contains 1 troy ounce of .999 fine silver and will arrive in undead condition.

Include a 39mm Coin Capsule to protect your investment.

Multiples of 20 rounds will arrive in a 39mm CoinSafe Medallion Tube. Multiples of 500 rounds will arrive in a strapped Provident Metals Green Monster Box.

Product Description

Why should you own Zombucks® Walker rounds? Simple - it’s the official currency of the apocalypse.

Fighting to survive and defending against infection are top priorities during a zombie invasion, but so is having a currency to buy goods and services. This round has a denomination of Z50, and the living will only accept Zombucks rounds as their trusted currency. Their value is sure to skyrocket if humans are able to survive the apocalypse and take back what was once theirs.

The 2017 Zombucks® Walker pays homage to the Walking Liberty Half-Dollar (1916-1947) and the American Silver Eagle (1986-2013), which depicts a beautiful image of Walking Liberty striding forward with the sun on the horizon. The original Walking Liberty is also accompanied by stars and stripes while clutching laurel and oak branches. Adolf Weinman’s design grasps the essence of what the U.S. Mint was looking for during the mid-1910’s, which was patriotism, independence and liberty.

While there’s nothing patriotic about being chased by the living dead and fighting evil to survive, it's the the reality of a zombie apocalypse. This silver Walker is a zombified Walking Liberty reaching ahead for a human. She is wrapped in torn and disheveled clothing with an ax in hand, surrounded by stars and stripes and walking in front of a mushroom cloud.

Each Zombucks® Walker bullion round is composed of 1 oz of .999 fine silver. Along with the zombified Liberty, the inscriptions read “WALKER,” “2017” and the denomination of “Z50.” The heart of the reverse is a biohazard symbol to remind humans of the hazards of the apocalypse. It is inscribed with “ZOMBUCKS,” “1 oz .999 FINE SILVER” and “CURRENCY OF THE APOCALYPSE,” along with a Provident Metals compass logo.

Provident Mint began producing Zombucks® limited mintage rounds to document the zombie period. In total, we will release 10 Zombucks® rounds that pay tribute to historic coins or figures, with all 10 being offered in copper and silver.

Weinman’s Walking Liberty design is said to be among the most beautiful U.S. coins ever designed. The Zombucks® Walker celebrates that popular coin, but the zombified Walking Liberty is beautiful in its own right. It can be yours today when you order from Provident Metals.

And if this is the last time you ever have an online connection, stay safe and never give up!

Additional Information

Condition Undead
Composition .999 Fine Silver
Actual Metal Weight Ozt 1
Mint/Brand Provident Mint
Diameter 39mm
Coin Mintage 47,885
Availability Discontinued
SKU BBPS-02520
    Buckey Parkeron 12/27/13
    Look, you guys that are talking these pieces down are out of your minds. Who else in the WORLD is making ANYTHING like this at all? Don't you people realize the numismatic value is already through the roof on these walkers?? They only made 45 some odd thousand of them. That makes them rare. And there are TONS of zombie fanatics out there, like myself, that find the concept one of the most innovative in the history of mintage. I only wish they would zombify the FREEDOM GIRL. PETITION THE ZOMBIFICATION OF THE FREEDOM GIRL.
    I know most people "know better" when speaking toward numismatics versus melt value but for the first time in a long time we have a true collectors item here. That's not to say there aren't tons upon tons of other collectible coins out there. Don't get me wrong. But these appeal to the upcoming generation. People are tired of seeing political figures and animals on coins for fricks sake. Am I wrong? How about a demented clown? Or a baby with a shotgun? Or how about a zombie eating itself? Google search a few Cannibal Corpse album covers. Now there's a few ideas! I plan to spend THOUSANDS of dollars on these Zombucks. Every silver I'm buying 20-50 and every copper I'm buying 100-200. I think somebody called them bronze above. Are you not reading the ads???
    The keychain is ok I guess. Kind of gimicky. But to release a copper proof AFTER the Walker was "contained"? EXCELLENT. Only minting 10000 eh? You people better start buying those up too because I plan on buying a ton of those as well. I've even bought some of the Z-Hunter blades.
    I'm ready to kill some zombies. BRING ON THE APOCALYPSE!!!
  2. Love the concept
    adamon 12/17/13
    These are definitely a cool addition to your collection. As private mint rounds go I would rate these 4 only because they have a bit less luster than some other rounds. The detail is good and the concept is awesome. Like most private mint rounds they are slightly smaller but slightly thicker than ASEs. If you are familiar with SBSS rounds I think you will find Zombucks to be a bit nicer than those.
  3. Details are poor
    Audreyon 12/11/13
    I was excited for these coins, but was incredibly disappointed when I got mine. The detail is much less defined than in the picture, it is not impressive to look at at all. I was expecting something that was comparable in quality to SAEs, and it is not even close. I won't be wasting my money on any additional of this series.
  4. Love the zombie walkers
    chrison 11/16/13
    Very sharp coin, excellent detail, and finish is flawless
  5. Pretty Nice
    Francison 10/31/13
    Pretty nice, could use a little more detail on the obverse, but overall I like it and love the theme!
  6. Awesome
    Joshuaon 10/31/13
    The craftsmanship is great. I bought multiple of them and wish i knew about them earlier. These coins match my craze for zombie stuff!
  7. Not The Best
    Leonon 10/25/13
    I was a bit disapointed in the poor detail of this round. Not near as good as the Morgue Anne. To be fair I did e-mail customer service and was offered a replacement the very next day . Which I declined. Great customer service. It just was not as sharp and detailed . Still looking forward to the other Zombucks to come out. I plan on purchasing the entire series. I also don't want any one to get me wrong idea. Provident is a great place to purchase your metals. I just put another order in today. Many blessings to all .
  8. Meh
    Justinon 10/24/13
    A little disappointed in this coin when comparing it to my Morgue Anne. Not sure if it is a bad strike on just this coin/batch, but it is lacking in detail. The lines in the robe barely stand out and I'd miss the stars in the upper half of the robe if I didn't know they were there. The mushroom cloud doesn't look like it was given any detail at all. I gave the Morgue Anne 5 stars, wish I could do the same with this one. Only reason I'm giving it 3 and not 2 is because others seem to have received better struck coins and I'm not going to completely dissuade others from purchasing if I got stuck with a bad strike. I'll still be ordering the next 8 in the series, just hoping the quality matches that of the Morgue Anne.
  9. Great round, but could be better
    Josephon 10/21/13
    I'm new to collecting and wanted to start off with the Zombucks series. I ordered this round Wed., Oct 16, and received it today, Mon. Oct 21. It is a great looking round, but the detail is not as defined as the one pictured on the website. Despite the negatives, I will still be collecting the rest of the series.
  10. Great Idea, but bad delivery
    Davidon 10/5/13
    I purchased both silver and copper rounds, but I really expected the silver round to match the quality and detail of the real American Silver Eagle Dollar. The lack of detail disappointed me. And I also noticed that the copper round has a way better strike than the silver round. I mean, i'm looking and comparing the two next to each other right now and the copper round makes the silver round look like some cheap bland unfinished product, let alone with a Silver eagle next to it. Did i expect too much? I dunno, but I hope Provident Metals can hopefully do a better job on the detail and finish with the future Zombuck rounds to come out, otherwise I'll just buy silver eagles
  11. Love my Zombucks
    Alanon 10/3/13
    I am new to collecting rounds, so as a novice I am really excited to start my collection of with zombucks, both silver & copper. I think they are way cool to have, and would be happy to have them even if they were made of tin. Of course silver IS a plus.(got to be practical after all ya know).
  12. Zombie Walker
    Steveon 10/2/13
    I had to get this zombie Walker! I'm a very repeat customer of PM....always great service and I took advantage of the 4.95 flat rate shipping. Ordered on Sunday and delivered on Weds. I also bought the Morgue Anne next coin in series.
  13. Favorite Round
    silvereyeon 9/30/13
    These are my favorite rounds. I cant wait for the rest of the set.
  14. Simply Awesome!
    Jameson 9/30/13
    This is the coolest Silver Round on the market. What a great idea to mimic the original coolest coins ever. Cannot help but to dive in!
  15. Awesome Piece!!
    Jeremyon 9/28/13
    This is one of my nicest rounds. A very well detailed piece. I like where Zombucks is going with these and I can't wait to add the other 9 to my collection! A must have round for any collection!
  16. Would be a 5 with a deeper stamping of the round and a bit clearer detail
    Chadon 9/26/13
    The design and surface finish of these rounds is superb. However, the stamping is a bit shallow and this leads to a lack of clarity in the detail. The premium should also be about a dollar lower considering the quality of the round.
  17. Really infetious. They cure gold fever!
    Jeffon 9/25/13
    Handle these with heavey gloves and chain them or they will contaminate all those lesser coins in ones stack!
    jRocketsRedGlareon 9/25/13
    This pic. of this medallion doesn't do it justice!
  19. Dead on Arrival
    Jonathanon 9/20/13
    I was really excited about these rounds and couldn't wait for them to arrive--huge old-school fan of all things Zeek. I'm talking Return of the Living Dead, etc.

    I thought I was on the leading edge of what was going to be a collectible series. Sadly, I don't know if I'll be back to buy the rest, and I don't know if the market as a whole will be interested in the rest of the rounds after they see the poor job done on these. The relief on both my silver rounds is very shallow on the obverse. The reverse looks much better, but the detail on the front is simply not there--I'm talking almost like one of those wrapped-up chocolate coins. Oddly, the copper round I have shows a much better strike and finish. Last, the silver rounds are not the diameter of the ASE they were supposed to imitate. I see no mention of their diameter in the product description, which is a detail they really should add.

    I won't be buying the rest of the series, and I'll be avoiding PM's privately-minted products in the future. And that's a shame, because I love the spirit behind this product. But the execution is just not there.
  20. Great Silver Rounds!
    Roberton 9/18/13
    I love these rounds. Ordered a tube of silver an copper. Beautiful coins!
  21. Great round but could be better
    T.A.Ron 9/14/13
    I really love the concept and the round is beautiful and well made. I just wish it was the same dimensions as the American Silver eagle it was based on. I suppose that is just my two cents. So provident, if you're listening it would be nice to have the future rounds, if they are based on other rounds, to be the same dimensions as their originals. I work in a laboratory so I weigh my silver on a good scale. Both rounds I ordered were above 1 ozt. (31.1515g and 31.1393g) Very satisfied with these and will probably order multiples of the future sets.
  22. Really Impressed!
    Jeremyon 9/13/13
    I will be the first to say I am totally not into the whole Zombie craze but I figured these were unique and cool, so for $20 dollars I thought I would give it a try and buy the silver one. Upon receiving the coin, I was amazed and impressed! It's a real nice quality and looks great! I have fallen in love with the coin and series. Now I am excited to see which coin will become infected next! Well worth the money. Next time I am going to pre-order as soon as possible.
  23. Very Beautiful Rounds
    Drew on 9/11/13
    These are the first non-government mint rounds I have ordered and I was not disappointed. The rounds are deep, crisp, and just pretty neat looking. I would recommend adding these to your stockpile of Zombie supplies.
  24. Excellent round!
    Rayon 9/9/13
    Ordered ten of these and got them within 10 days. Nicely done and the expected size for a round. Ordered ten more silver Z rounds and 100 of the copper Z rounds to give as gifts. I have had good service on all my Provident purchases and I know I will be buying many more of the rest of this series and other rounds in the future.
  25. Zombucks are a winner!
    Danielon 9/3/13
    There aren't any silver rounds besides the Zombuck I would consider paying $2.99 over spot for but THESE are worth it because they are " message " rounds. My zombies are exceptionally slow Walkers as it took them almost three weeks to make the 10 mile trip from Lavon to my house. Great quality though and worth the wait.
  26. Coolest silver round ever
    Markon 9/1/13
    I'm no coin/bullion expert but I love the humor and irony of these rounds. Great artistry and very original. I am in line for next series.
  27. Gorgeous in the Strangest way!!
    Carrieon 8/30/13
    I got my Zombucks in the mail today and I was taken aback! For some reason I don't like admitting that this is one of THE best rounds in my collection! I don't like the thought of a zombie apocalypse, haha, but this coin is flawless! The relief is my favorite part. Perfect relief, amazing symbolism that runs right along with this round in it's original state....I cannot wait until the next one!! Thanks Provident, ya'll blew me away with this one! (pardon the pun!)
  28. 2017 Zombucks
    Iraon 8/30/13
    I really have to hand it to Provident Coins. In my opinion they came out with an awesome 10 coin series of the zombucks. I'm sure the other 9 will be as awesome as the first. I just opened up my package and the coin(s) are awesome. I bought 5 of the silver and 3 of the copper ( The copper is awesome as well ). Great job Provident. It's great to see a little different change instead of the same ole same ole silver. Great packaging and delivery time as well. :) Thanks...
  29. Stunning
    Nathalieon 8/29/13
    I was reluctant to order other then the normal ASE's ( after being burned by " the Silver Bull#$%^ and the silver never sold" company. But this design ... I was curious. I was also surprised. What a beautiful piece of art. This one round has pulled some of my business from other dealers. I can not wait for the next releases. Bravo! Your designer should be held close to your company and never let go. I do have one small complaint.... I didn't buy enough. Provident, you can count on a portion of my business! Thank you to all of your staff!!!
  30. Incredible rounds!!
    Danielon 8/28/13
    I can describe these Zombucks rounds with 1 word....Flawless!!
  31. Pretty cool coins
    Melon 8/27/13
    I received 10 Zombucks today and am very happy that I did. The coins seem to be nicely struck and have cool features on both the reverse and obverse. I have only ordered coins one time from another metals dealer and have to say Provident has the best prices.
  32. Great detailed rounds
    Ryan on 8/27/13
    I was hesitant at first but decided to go for these rounds and have to say I'm glad I did.

    amazing quality and I look forward to buying more of the rest of this series.

  33. Series a good idea
    Ronaldon 8/27/13
    Rounds are great - 'nuff said. I like the series concept based on a quarterly release schedule. That gives plenty of time to order with a nice break in spending between issues. The 90 day production/sales limit is great - much better than "crank 'em out until nobody wants any" method. Bought the copper version @ 99 cents, but not too crazy about the hike to $1.69! Perhaps Provident could offer the upcoming copper versions for 99 cents during the first month or for every silver round purchased. I plan to buy 10/10 - 20/20 of each version as long as the prices are reasonable - after all, they are still just rounds.
  34. AAAHHH!
    florencioon 8/27/13
    AAAHHH!...imagine the scream from my 13yo daughter when she saw lady liberty in all her zombie glory.sadly with ww3 almost upon, us lets just hope we can save the republic.god bless america.
  35. This is one of the best series to come out in the Silver Rounds collections!!!
    Michael Aon 8/27/13
    These coins are going to be treasured for years and are extremely detailed and exquisite! I've purchased 20 and I hope to be able to puchase 20 more before they sell out. I plan to collect them all and I'm willing to be their value will increase considerably on the secondary market once they're discontinued!
  36. Sweet !!
    Scotton 8/26/13
    Got mine today and I wish I had ordered more !!
    Beautiful finish as well as the design...
  37. Striking
    Michaelon 8/26/13
    I have RCM Silver Maples, Pamp Suisse Bars, Scottsales, Fiji Takus, Silver Eagles, blah, blah... I love the quality of the RCM Silver Maples, stunning. BUT these are probably my favorite-themed silver rounds. Zombies. Great Marketing. I love the A-BOMB in the background of the coin. I bought 15 of these to start, but will be getting the whole set. Beautiful coin provident, but how did you get my X-Wife on the front?
  38. Beautiful Undead Treasure!
    Danielon 8/26/13
    I've been a fan of the Walking Liberty design for decades. This rendition is perfect for today's culture. I've showed a few friends, and at first they literally LOL, then they ask where to find them.

    First time to buy from Provident, but I WILL be back. Can't wait to see the next Zombucks coins released. It will be hard to beat this design, though.

    I ordered 3 of each the silver and copper. Crown of my collection, so far.
  39. Not at All Impressed
    Jerryon 8/24/13
    I was really dissapointed today when I received 2 of these coins. They were very poorly struck in terms of detail in the figure. I would have never known it was a "skeletal" face just by looking at it. the releif was rather weak and flat looking. I was also dissapointed in the coin having an overall smaller diameter than a Silver Eagle. I won't do this again!
  40. What a classic piece
    Michaelon 8/23/13
    This collection is going to be very valuable beyond their content value! I'm looking forward to all the designs and I'm trying to pick up as many of these as I can!
  41. Not So Hot Whatsoever!
    Jerryon 8/23/13
    I ordered 2 of these and got them in today...Total dissapointment! Poor quality, very rough detail on figure. Really amateurishly made. I was really dissapointed that they weren't even the same diameter as the Silver Eagles. Won't do that again!
  42. Cool design, but poor quality control!
    Roberton 8/22/13
    I ordered 1 of these and there is an ugly black mark on the back and a number of nicks around the edges. I like the design but it would look nicer if it was shined like the copper ones. A little more thought and better quality control and these would easily be 5 star coins!
  43. Bring on the end
    Michaelon 8/21/13
    I ordered 5 silver and 5 bronze, both look sweet. I plan on handing out the bronze to some nieces and nephews for the October 31st get together coming up.
    1 Bugout Bag
    2 Food / Water
    3 Zombucks.......................Good to go
  44. Beautiful...???
    Rogeron 8/19/13
    I never thought I'd be calling a Zombie beautiful, but these really are... What a great idea you came up with... I can't wait for the next in line...
  45. It's all good
    Johnon 8/18/13
    This was my 1st internet silver purchase. It went well. About 5 days to ship to Sacramento Ca. The quality of this round is very cool. Provident also seems to have the best prices on pre -1965 silver U.S. coins. Are there any on line bullion dealers who have burned you ? I want want to know who to stay away from.Provident gets 5 stars based on my 1 and only order! Will order again.

  46. Coolest design since 'Debt and Death!'
    Joeon 8/18/13
    I am a real customer who purchased a significant quantity of the silver and copper walkers the first day they launched. I've got to say, whoever is running the marketing and concepts department over at provident needs a major raise and pat on the back.

    The Zombucks launch has been a resounding success and it's not due to any single factor. The day this coin was listed on provident's website I knew it was going to be a MUST HAVE. It's a fantastic concept, beautifully marketed, a gorgeous design with a super fun twist, and priced at a very reasonable premium!

    Over the last 3 years I have been buying precious metals, I never once tried to collect a series. That ends now. I will be buying this Zombucks series to completion. Even if it's for no other reason than to reward provident for such a great effort and product.

    Without hesitation I proclaim: 5 stars!
  47. Awesome Zombucks
    Rickon 8/17/13
    The Coin is Great and the description is perfect and fits the coin well. I just had to have it and now that I do it's absolutely beautiful. and Provident Metals did a Fantastic job on this coin. I'll have to get more. Thank you
  48. Can't wait for next design
    BigDieselon 8/16/13
    By far the coolest round ever minted.
  49. Love these!
    Travison 8/16/13
    Absolutely beautiful coins and the favorite of my collection. I don't collect copper but I've decided to go ahead and buy some of those as well just for the heck of it. I'm really looking forward to the new designs.
  50. Awesome!!!! Awesome !!!! And Awesome !!!!
    Joeon 8/16/13
    What a coin!!!!!. sweet !!!!! sweet !!!!! sweet !!!!! I think Provident hit a Grand Slam on this series. I love the 5 pieces in silver i received on this 1st release. I'm a horror movie fan, And this piece is just up my alley. Keep up the great work Provident, And it's great to see something different instead of the same old "stuff".. :)
  51. Great design
    Danielon 8/15/13
    I love the detail in the design and the Zombies theme is very fun, great to see so many people getting excited about silver! Can't wait to see the next design!
  52. Beautiful round
    NirBhaoon 8/15/13
    Beautiful round, nicer than the copper round, easy to see the details and read the print.
  53. Careful!
    Ronaldon 8/15/13
    Don't let them near your other coins... lest, they become infected too!
  54. Excellent silver round
    JDon 8/15/13
    My Zombucks were ordered on a pre-sale offer and arrived as stated. They were properly packaged to insure no movement.

    These .999 fine silver rounds weighed in correctly at 31.1 grams. The finish is remarkable for a generic silver round in this price range. The detail is crisp with no die flaws or mis-strikes. The edge reeding is aligned true and crisp.

    The design is a zombified parody of the classic Walking Liberty half-dollar initially issued by the US mint. Instead of an olive branch, Miss Liberty sports an axe, while a nuclear explosion plume is seen in the distance. The reverse features detailed blood splatterings surrounding a biohazard icon.

    Anyone who is into zombies, the apocalypse, or The Walking Dead will appreciate this silver round and need to incorporate these into their collections.

    As an added bonus, the fine .999 silver can be inserted into a vampires eye socket or rectal cavity for the true death.

  55. Awesome overall
    Johnon 8/14/13
    Awesome round but i was a little disappointed in the level of detail on the walkers outfit probably just me. . . Other than that, I love this series, can't wait for the next ones!
  56. Great idea for Provident Metals.
    Gregoryon 8/14/13
    As soon as the video hit on my Facebook, I was stoked. This new line Provident Metals is producing is just great. I per-ordered 5oz. and the over spot premium was reasonable. The only reason I couldn't give a 5 star rating was because of the blemishes and nicks that each round seemed to have. I know this is a private mint production, I would have liked to get one great strike.
  57. awsom rounds
    Joe Son 8/14/13
    I love these rounds! I cant wait for the rest of the series to be release to I can get more! truly one of a kind to add to any collection
  58. Favorite Round in my Collection!
    Gordonon 8/14/13
    These Rounds are absolutely amazing! The design is fantastic and looks even better in your hand than it does pictured here. I will definitely be ordering more before this limited release is shelved. Thank you, Provident, for offering these stunning Rounds!! I'm looking forward to the rest of the Zombucks series!
  59. One of my best purchases
    Ianon 8/14/13
    I did manage to buy during the Presale, but I missed the free shipping code. Still, mine came WAY earlier than the August 12th date they said they would SHIP them on. I received them on the 9th. Not only is the design and quality of this coin among the best in my entire collection, but Provident Metals has just quickly become my favorite company to deal with. Thank you PM!
  60. Zombuck Walker for a Zombie Walking Dead US Economy & Empire
    Frankon 8/13/13
    Despite the image of death, a stunningly beautiful coin full of appropriate symbolism for an American economy, empire, liberty & Constitution headed for collapse & the impending death of the US paper Dollar as the world's reserve economy. The US paper Dollar is fast becoming toxic to hold. If you survive the apocalypse, you can use it to teach your kids never to make the same mistake with whatever currency will be used post paper US Dollar death.
  61. Beautiful.... But Deadly..!!
    Williamon 8/12/13
    I received mine today and I must admit that I was a little hesitant on how I would unbox them. My recommendation is to chain them up! Do not let them walk around! Use extreme caution when handling these, they will try to bite you. I am going to lock mine up in my basement and sleep with my shotgun by my bed just to be safe.. Take care and good luck with those Zombucks!
  62. Im a big Zombie fan and now a Zombucks fan....
    Noelon 8/12/13
    I just received my 2 silver and 2 copper Zombucks today in the mail. I am truly amazed in the design and quality of these rounds. Thanks Provident Metals for these great pieces and also the quick delivery. I will be buying more.
  63. Pre Review Thoughts
    ronaldon 8/12/13
    Yes this is an odd item but I just ordered 4 of them to collect. I love the silver eagles and just the thought of someone taking an iconic walking liberty design and opening their mind to what she might look like as a zombie is frankly.... fascinating. As a coin collector I cant wait to see what other 9 iconic zombies get pressed to coins. Great thinking Provident Metals. Very happy to see this however non standard it is in the coin collecting world. I even bought 10 copper rounds so I can leave one on my desk at work without some zombie lover swiping my silver.
  64. Just on the picture alone...
    JEFFREYon 8/12/13
    This design, this concept, this coin. Beyond the end worthy of a launch in a series of 10! Finally something to get excited about in silver (& copper) stacking. I eagerly await delivery, with hope the series continues to make each coins message, as important as it's design.
  65. Awesome coins for the Zombie and Apocalypse lover
    Scott on 8/12/13
    The silver coin is stunning. The creative design and minting of this coin is well done. My wife and I are big Walking dead fans, and I have a massive coin collection that I will one day pass to my son. Having such a unique coin in my collection will be a success. Thank you for such a great addition to my collection.
  66. 5 stars for Zombuck Walker
    Swaneeon 8/10/13
    WOW!!! I received my first 10 Zombucks. They are sweet!!! They were delivered today, 08/10/13
  67. Looks awesome
    Travison 8/2/13
    Looks to be a great coin and I am interested to see what the other 9 are like.
    Can't wait.
  68. cool
    eatonon 8/1/13
    love it

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