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Provident Metals is a leading online retailer of international and domestic bullion, currency, numismatic coins, and other investment-grade metals. Known as the People’s Bullion Dealer, Provident was founded at the request of customers looking to buy precious metals from a partner they could trust. So from the ground up, Provident Metals was built to meet bullion investors’ unique needs.

The company’s tireless commitment to providing quality products with the best customer service in the industry has propelled the firm to become the premier online destination for sovereign and domestic bullion from around the world.

We invite you to explore what we have to offer, and experience the Provident Metals difference for yourself.

The Pobjoy Mint Marks 180 Years Since the Penny Black’s Introduction Most modern public postal systems look the same around the world. When you want to mail a letter or package today, you pay the carrier upfront to ensure your item is mailed to its destination. For that, you can thank the United Kingdom and...
The America the Beautiful Series from the United States Mint is winding down toward its inevitable conclusion. Introduced in 2010 as a 56-coin program with five fresh designs each year, the 2020 ATB Silver coins are notable in two important ways. First off, this is the penultimate release of the series with only the 2021...
It surely isn’t news by now for most investors, but COVID-19 has roiled stock markets around the globe and erased trillions in wealth in the span of a week. As markets tumbled, investors turned to the relative safety of gold and silver precious metals. As the price of metals dipped over the past week, demand...