Zirconium Bullion Bars and Rounds

Thanks to countless industrial and commercial applications—including its use in wildly popular mobile devices like smartphones and tablets—demand for Zirconium is quickly on the rise. That’s why Provident Metals makes it simple to invest in the silvery-white transition metal with Zirconium Bullion Bars, each consisting of .992 Fine Zirconium.

Struck with various designs and hallmarks, the Zirconium Bullion Bars available at Provident Metals are a simple, affordable way to add metal to your investment portfolio. Strong and corrosion-resistant by nature, Zirconium is largely used to create ceramic compounds and zirconium alloy.

Discovered by Martin Heinrich Klaproth in 1789, Zirconium has several key bragging rights: It is resistant to heat and corrosion, it is highly flexible, and it allows neutrons to pass through it—making it especially useful in nuclear technology. In fact, nearly 90 percent of all metallic Zirconium is used in the booming nuclear power industry.

Worldwide, Zirconium is used in a whole host of ways: In engine parts, space vehicles, gas turbines, scientific machinery, tile, as a substitute for titanium, in kitchenware, vacuum tubes, medical/surgical equipment and devices, bathroom materials, in gemstones like cubic zirconia, mobile devices, molds for molten metals, as a refractory material, as an alloying agent in steel, and, perhaps most importantly, in nuclear energy technology.

There’s no doubt Zirconium is tough-as-nails—and industrial demand is on the rise. So get yours today. Purchase Zirconium Bullion Bars from Provident Metals by using our secure online ordering system. You’ll have your order in just days.

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