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Devoted investors now have the ability to further diversify, by taking delivery of exclusive diamond bullion products with transparent pricing from Provident Metals. At last, diamonds are being offered in a form in which their primary value is driven by the worth of the stones.

We all know diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Yet grown-up investors have increasingly turned to the sparkling asset as a diversification strategy for safeguarding their hard-earned wealth.

Capturing imaginations for centuries, thanks to their long-term store of value, portability and global appeal, diamonds are a crystal clear investment option — and now they’re available exclusively at Provident Metals.

For an innovative way to diversify your portfolio, turn to Provident Metals and our elegant diamond selection. Our secure online ordering system makes investing safe and easy.

Some used to think diamonds were exclusively for women, used only in jewelry and other fashion pieces.

Yet times have changed. Today, diamonds are viewed as a tough-as-nails investment option, purchased by forward-thinking investors across the globe. And as the hardest natural substance on earth, diamonds rock as a safe, sturdy alternative to precious metals alone.

A Number of Melee Options

When you purchase diamonds from Provident Metals, each one arrives in a Certicard® Security Case for long-term storage and protection. Cuts will be mixed, containing predominantly round, near-colorless stones.

Our three melee categories range from 1 to 5 points, 5 to 10 points and 10 to 15 points. Each card holds one carat, graded I2 or better.

There are countless reasons investors have turned to diamonds. In an ever-changing world, the stable asset provides something paper investments don’t: portability, store of value and global appeal.


In the event of an emergency, diamonds offer a quick escape, due to their size, weight and portability.

Melee-owners are among the world’s most mobile citizens in the event of a crisis. They can stash their tiny jewels inside pockets, around their necks and on their fingers. Ease of storage and transfer make diamonds a cutting-edge investment in both the good times and the bad.

Store of Value

Diamonds are the perfect way to protect your family’s wealth. As the tangible asset continues to uptrend, its future forecast looks bright.

Global Appeal

Investors and collectors across the United States, China, Europe and elsewhere, have been ramping their efforts to purchase diamonds. The precious gemstone is noted worldwide for its carat, clarity, color and cut — often referred to as the Four C’s of melee grading.

While the United States produces few diamonds itself, Americans purchase the bulk of the world’s supply. Most diamonds originate in Central and South Africa, but Canada’s production is on the rise, as the third largest producer on earth.

Diamond Grading Guide

  • VS2, Very Slightly Included, Two Grades - Diamonds with minute inclusions that are difficult to see under 10x magnification
  • SI2, Slightly Included - Diamonds with small inclusions that can easily be seen under 10x magnification
  • I2, Included - Diamonds with inclusions that are easily detected through magnification, as well as the human eye

The Four C’s of Diamond Grading

  • Cut - A diamond’s sparkle comes from light. As light enters the diamond’s crown, it reflects against each facet and back again. That’s why many experts believe cut has the greatest impact on a diamond’s appearance.
  • Clarity - The Gemological Institute of America uses an internationally-recognized clarity scale, featuring 11 grades that range from flawless to included. The fewer the inclusions and blemishes, the higher a diamond’s clarity.
  • Color - In white diamonds, color actually refers to a lack of color. Diamonds are graded on a scale from D to Z (or colorless to light brown), and generally speaking, the whiter the diamond, the more it is worth.
  • Carat - The word “carat” comes from the carob seed, which was the standard for weighing gemstones for hundreds of years. Though carat weight is an important consideration, it is crucial to think about all of the Four C’s when choosing the perfect stone. Helpful hint: one carat equals 0.2 grams.

Safeguard your hard-earned wealth. Invest in one of the most beloved gems the world has ever known. To place an order, call (877) 429-8790 or make a purchase using our secure online ordering system.

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