$20 Saint Gaudens & Liberty Gold Double Eagles

Each distinctive $20 Gold Double Eagle coin represents a piece of America’s unique monetary history.

The value of the Double Eagle goes far beyond its 90% gold content. With .9675 oz. of pure gold, the Double Eagle is a timeless addition to any collector’s cache. Starting in 1849 with the California gold rush, and ending in a country wide recall of precious metals in 1933, these double eagles held the standard for $20 of American gold. They began with Benjamin West’s Lady Liberty on the obverse with a coronet of pearls inscribed with LIBERTY. On the reverse is the classic American Eagle with a shield on his chest and a banner of thirteen stars above him to represent the thirteen original colonies. When held in your hand, these Liberty Double Eagles offer the same majesty that America held in its early days.
In 1907, President Theodore Roosevelt commissioned renowned sculpture Saint Gaudens to redesign the Double Eagle. Roosevelt envisioned a coin to represent all the beauty and artistry that is America, thus producing what is known as one of America’s most beautiful coins, the Saint Gaudens Double Eagle. The Saint Gaudens design depicts Lady Liberty striding away from the sunrise with a torch in one hand and an olive branch in the other. On the reverse is a majestic eagle flying boldly over the sunrise.

Reach into the pockets of American history and pull out a Liberty and Saint Gaudens Double Eagle for yourself. Provident Metals makes it easy and secure for you to order today online, or with one of Provident’s friendly traders on the phone!
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