80% Silver Canadian Coins

Investing in 80% Silver Canadian Coins has clear benefits, especially as news of economic turmoil continues to mount.

Available at low premiums, pre-1967 Canadian coins maintain their legal tender status, making them highly recognizable and easy to trade during an economic emergency, while fiat currencies are subject to hyperinflation.

From 1953 -1967 Canadian Silver Dollars, to Silver Half Dollars, Brilliant Uncirculated Canadian Silver Quarters and Dimes, and much more, Provident Metals carries a vast selection of 80% Silver Canadian Coins — a simple and affordable way to add silver to your precious metals portfolio. See individual product descriptions for details.

History of 80% Silver Canadian Coins

From 1920 to 1967, Canadian dollar and half dollar coins were composed of 80 percent silver, with $1 coins containing .6 troy ounces of silver.

In 1967, the Royal Canadian Mint began to produce circulation coins with only 50 percent silver, though they looked identical to the 80% Silver Canadian Coins from decades prior. In 1968, the mint began to issue Canadian coins with a composition of 99 percent nickel.

Helpful hint: The coins made of nickel are magnetic, while 80% Silver Canadian Coins are not.

Don’t get left in the lurch. Invest in 80% Silver Canadian Coins — the tangible asset that doubles as a tool of trade in an emergency. Browse our convenient website today.

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