Easily Buy Silver American Eagles, Silver Dollars and other U.S. Silver Bullion Coins

Anyone new to precious metal investing is often surprised at the number of options they really have…one option is to buy silver bullion coins minted in the U.S. Some silver coins, like the American Silver Eagle, are minted on an ongoing basis and serve as a great way to buy silver and get your feet wet in the market. You can also buy silver coins as a collector's item or gift if you wish.

Throughout history, people have found value in silver bullion coins and bars, which is why the U.S. has a long tradition of minting some of the finest silver coins in the world. Take a look at our selection of American Silver Eagles , Kennedy silver dollars , Morgan Silver Dollars , 90% Junk Silver Coins and even commemorative silver coins . And if you're ready to buy silver coins today, easily place your order through our secure online system and have your silver coins to your doorstep in just days.

ProvidentMetals.com is a subsidiary of Provident Precious Metals, LLC, a North Dallas-based company with more than 100 years of cumulative experience. On line customers enjoy the same dedication to quality as our long-standing, Texas-based clientèle.

US Silver bullion coins, junk 90% silver, and silver rounds are just a few of the many precious metals conveniently available at ProvidentMetals.com. Silver has long served as a viable form of currency.

Potential customers that frequently buy silver coins, junk 90% silver, and silver rounds have access to numerous options at ProvidentMetals.com.

90% Silver U.S. Coins, Pre-1965 – This is a distinct way to buy silver coins in bullion form, without paying outrageously high premiums. Not only do these American-minted coins boast their silver content, but they are collectibles as well. Coins in this class can appreciate quickly and significantly.

40% Silver U.S. Coins, 1965-1970 – 40% Kennedy Half Dollars provide another option for those looking to buy silver coins. However, keep in mind Kennedy half dollars minted between 1965-69 are made from 40% silver, making these silver coins much more affordable per unit. These bullion coins couple silver content with the ownership of a genuine piece of American history.

U.S. Silver Dollars – At ProvidentMetals.com, a variety of US silver dollars are available. These silver coins deliver precious metal content to investors looking to buy silver coins, while giving collectors the chance to add collectability and rarity to their holdings.

American Silver Eagles – Investors that buy silver bullion coins regularly enjoy these American-minted bullion .999 silver rounds. They carry stunning designs produced and guaranteed by the American government.

Modern Silver Commemorative Coins – These silver bullion coins combine beauty, silver and collectors’ value, making them well worth the investment.

At ProvidentMetals.com, we make it simple, safe and secure for our customers to buy silver bullion coins. When a convenience and reliability are desired, we bring the experience and security on which North America can depend.

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