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Provident Metals – The People’s Bullion Dealer is committed to offering the lowest prices on the highest quality bullion. This Wholesale Category was created to accomplish that primary goal. Provident Metals, through a variety of marketing and social channels, identifies Bullion products that are most attractive to our loyal customers. These products are often featured in this category.

Prior to Provident Metals, online bullion dealers catered almost exclusively to the experienced and affluent. Provident Metals offers bullion at the lowest price in the industry, allowing the broad gamut of investors to take advantage of the security of precious metals.

Investing in Gold and Silver bullion has long been a strategy employed by savvy investors to hedge against inflation. Some of the loss in standard investment portfolios due to inflation can be mitigated by the sustained strength of precious metals relative to the US dollar.

Items are placed in the Wholesale Category with the intent to sell. These are not damaged or less valuable than any other bullion product we offer. Rather, we strategically select items that are popular among our customers, collectable, or that have significant numismatic value. The items may be selected from any of the bullion metals we offer.

Many investors use Silver Bullion as a starting point for investing in precious metals. Silver is less expensive, but more volatile that other precious metals. Silver volatility and price is greatly dependent on mining and availability, investment demand, and industry demand. Silver has among the highest industry demand among all precious metals.

Gold bullion has long been the standard for investing in precious metal. Until 1973 US currency was backed by gold bullion, and its value as a commodity yet drives demand. More stable than silver, gold is widely recognized as a safe haven investment.

Many of the Silver and Gold items in the Wholesale Category are Sovereign Mint products. A sovereign mint product is a coins produced by a sovereign government, such as the American Gold Eagle, or the Canadian Gold Maple. Sovereign Mint products are broadly recognized, and generally carry a higher premium than bullion from Private Mints.

Gold and Silver Bullion from Private Mints is also featured in this category. While there are some privately minted bullion rounds that carry numismatic value, most privately minted gold and silver bullion is collected as a means to increase silver and gold holdings without paying the premium associated with Sovereign Mints. Most of the privately minted bullion offered by Provident Metals and in the Wholesale Category was minted in an ISO9001 facility with the highest standards of production quality and metal purity, and may be included in a Precious Metals IRA. Among the more popular private mint products are the OPM 1 oz Gold Bar and the Provident Prospector 1 oz Silver Round.

Whether you are an inexperienced or a savvy collector, Provident Metals is the most affordable place to buy bullion online. Provident Metals is committed to providing the best online experience to each of its customers with Free Shipping, Lowest Bullion Prices, Fast Delivery, and Great Service. Order online or call 800-313-3315 today!

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Austrian Hungary 100 Corona Gold
2012 PAMP Suisse 10 gram Silver Lunar Dragon Bar
Pamp Suisse | 1 oz Palladium Bar
1 Carat Diamond Melee Certicard® | I 5-10 point
1 oz .9995 Fine Palladium Bar | Our Choice
Star 3 oz Silver Round | Poured Silver | MK BarZ
2016 1 oz Silver Britannia | British Royal Mint
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