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The reviews are true.
I just ordered my first round and these really are incredible. They blow away 9/10 of the generic rounds you find and the price is comparable. A++ Provident. I look forward to more rounds from you!
- Brian
Great Detail
Great looking silver round! I ordered 2 to see what they look like, and I was totally shocked by the detail! Had to order a few more and I don't normally purchase silver for the art! Nice work Provident Metals, I can\t wait to see what you come up with next!
- Brentyn
The prospector round is nothing short of awesome !!! You will not be disappointed ordering this offering from Provident. The pictures do not do it justice. Once in hand one can start to really appreciate the detail that went into making this round. 5 stars
- Shawn
This is great round, the detail on the coin is incredible for the price. This is a round the maker can take pride in.
- Kevin

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Provident Prospector 1 oz Silver Round

Looking for long-term investment, I have little concern over the style I buy, as long as I get my ounce of silver, but I'm very pleased with the look and finish of these "coins", and more pleased with how easy Provident made the transaction. I'll be back. - Jerry
I recently ordered 10 silver coins, and not only was the shipping fast, but the quality of the coin exceeded my expectations! They all came in individual plastic packages for protection, and they all have their own individual characteristics that make them all look beautiful. Thank you very much and will be ordering more VERY soon! - Michael

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