Canadian Maple Leaf Silver Coins

Silver Maple Leaf Coins – Unmatched Purity and Cutting-Edge Security

Since their first mintage in 1988, Canadian Silver Maple Leafs have been highly regarded as among the purest official silver bullion coins in the world. Exquisitely engraved onto the .9999 fine silver coin is a five-point maple tree leaf, the national symbol of Canada. The obverse side of the 1 oz. legal tender coin, released annually by the Royal Canadian Mint, features the striking portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, designed by famous Canadian artist Susanna Blunt, along with the year of mintage.

The newest Silver Maple designs have replaced the traditional bullion finish with tiny light-diffracting radial lines and a micro-engraving that makes this coin not only simply stunning, but also one of the world’s most secure investments. However, there is only a limited supply of these gorgeous 1-ounce silver coins available so get yours now.

Why Buy Canadian Silver Maple Leafs?

On top of their unbeatable metal purity and state-of-the-art security features, Silver Maples offer smart investors an inexpensive and safe route into the world of precious metals investing by capitalizing on the low prices and hot demand of silver. Canadian Silver Maples are valued specifically because they are:

  • An Affordable Investment. Like gold, silver helps investors hedge their portfolio against inflation, but is much less expensive. Based on current prices, a 2015 1 oz. Silver Maple can be purchased for around $20 or less.
  • In High Demand. During times of recession and financial turmoil, silver historically performs well. An increasing demand for silver in industrial sectors is also driving up the uses for silver and will continue to do so in the years ahead.
  • Government Backed. Silver Maples are 100% guaranteed by the Canadian government for their content, weight and purity.

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