United State Small Size Legal Tender Notes

Our must-have Legal Tender Notes are a basic foundation for any serious currency collection.

Referred to as United States Legal Tender Notes by the first Legal Tender Act and also nicknamed “greenbacks,” they sported many interesting and often beautiful design changes during their tenure as the longest-running currency of any U.S. paper money. The large-size versions were printed from 1862 to 1929, and the small-size versions were printed thereafter until they were discontinued in 1971. These small size notes were issued by the United States Treasury and look very similar to modern currency with the notable distinction of their highly visible Treasury Seal and serial number printed in red ink. These surviving Legal Tender Notes remain legal tender that can be used today, but since they haven’t been issued since 1971, they are increasingly rare in circulation.
The earlier small-size notes are especially rare, particularly in good condition. Our cache of US Legal Tender Notes vary in dates of issue and condition, but each sample will be shipped in an archival safe currency sleeve to ensure its lasting preservation.

The obverse of each Legal Tender Note features a presidential portrait in the center, with most featuring the same president as current denominations. To the left of the portrait, the red ink seal of the United States Treasury is displayed under which the signature of the Treasurer of the United States appears. To the right of the portrait, the signature of the Secretary of the Treasury is displayed as well as the note’s denomination and serial number. The reverse side features an etching of an important site associated with the specific leader featured. For example, Monticello is featured on the Jefferson “deuce” note and the Lincoln Memorial on the five dollar note. Each bill is labeled with the following notice: This Note is Legal Tender for All Debts Public and Private Except Duties On Imports And Interest On The Public Debt; And Is Redeemable In Payment Of All Loans Made To The United States. The designs surrounding the featured portraits and historical sites are purposefully intricate for a very practical purpose: to prevent forgery. The result, however, is aesthetically pleasing, making each design a genuine work of art. We know you’ll enjoy enhancing your collection with these Legal Tender Notes with their interesting history and unique design features.
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