Hawaii & North Africa Notes | WWII Emergency Issues

At the height of the Second World War, not only was the United States in danger, but its currency was imperiled along with it. After the 1941 bombings at Pearl Harbor, the government scrambled to secure Hawaii’s paper currency, fearing further aggression from Japan. The solution came in the form of WWII Hawaii Emergency Issues, a series of Silver Certificates and Federal Reserve Notes intended to be easily distinguished should they fall into enemy hands.
In January of 1942, an order was issued recalling nearly all paper money circulating in the Islands. Early that summer, overprint notes were issued, classified by brown serial numbers and seals, as well as overprints of the word Hawaii (in small print on the obverse and in large, outlined font covering its reverse). The overprint rendered any bills unlawfully seized completely useless. As the war came to a close, production of Hawaii Overprints ceased in 1944, a small number taken to the mainland as souvenirs for military personnel.
The WWII Hawaiian Emergency series includes overprints of the 1935 $1 Silver Certificate, 1934 $5 Silver Certificate and $20 Federal Reserve Notes, conveniently available through Provident Metals’ website.

Emergency Issues were not unique to Hawaii during the Second World War. In 1942, the United States joined Allied forces in North Africa, where they prepared an attack on Axis nations to the north. Because American troops were paid in cash, the U.S. government became increasingly anxious over Germans seizing American currency. Therefore, they began issuing Silver Certificates, easily identifiable by unique, yellow Treasury seals. Like with the Hawaii Emergency Issues, the objective was to render the bills completely useless if they fell into enemy hands.

Provident Metals is proud to carry 1934 North Africa $10 Silver Certificates and 1935 North Africa $1 Silver Certificates, Emergency Issues distributed during the tumultuous heights of the Second World War.
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