Central & South American Gold & Silver Bullion Coins

Cental and South American Gold & Silver Coins have Numismatic value as well as Precious Metals content.

The various economies of Central and South America carry the reputation of instability and ongoing inflation. However, despite the oft-turbulent nature of Latin American currency, the regions have generated some of the most fascinating, rare coins on the market, many memorializing the greatest freedom-fighters in Central and South American history.

The coinage of numerous Latin American countries honor the adventurous history of the region, from the earliest European explorations to its enduring quest for independence. The Central American Balboa for instance, one of Panama’s official forms of currency (in conjunction with the United States dollar), replaced the Colombian peso after Panama gained its independence in 1904. This alluring coin was named for Vasco Núñez de Balboa, the Spanish explorer who became the first European to reach the Pacific by way of the New World in 1513.
Not only is the Balboa named after one of Panama’s greatest explorers, but the Central American gold coin features the image of one of the nation’s bravest heroes, Simón Bolívar. Bolívar was a nineteenth century political and military leader who played a key role in assisting then-New Granada (which encompassed modern-day Panama) in securing independence from Spain.

Provident Metals also carries intriguing gold and silver coins from South America. One of these is the Uruguayan 1930 Five Peso Gold Coin, alternately called the 1930 Constitution Centennial Five Peso. The coin was produced not only to celebrate Uruguay’s 100th anniversary, but to bolster its hard-hit economy, suffering greatly at the hands of the Great Depression.

The obverse of this coin features the image of José Gervasio Artigas (1764-1850), known as the Father of Uruguayan Independence because he fought tirelessly for autonomy from Spain. The coin was produced only in 1930 and in limited numbers, making this South American coin highly sought after by collectors and investors alike. Provident Metals’ savvy investors can also purchase South American 1881-1896 Argentina 5 Pesos (Un Argentino), each containing 90% Fine Gold. At the time these coins were produced, Argentina was in a state of political calm, on its way to becoming one of the ten most wealthy nation’s in the world--hence the turn-of-the-century adage, “rich as an Argentine.”

Due to the ravages of time, few of these South American gold coins have survived in very fine condition. Featuring the comely image of Liberty on its obverse and the Argentine coat of arms on its reverse, this pleasing South American Argentina 5 Peso makes an excellent addition to any bullion portfolio. Please take a moment to browse Provident Metals’ convenient website to find the perfect Central or South American gold or silver coin for your collection--and by purchasing from Provident Metals, you will have access to the most affordable, timely shipping on the market.
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