$2.50 Indian Head Gold Quarter Eagles

$2.50 Indian Head Gold Quarter Eagles are a great precious metals investment for those that appreciate rarity.

We offer an array of Turn-of-the-Century $2.50 Indian Head Quarter Gold Eagles with U.S. Mint specimens dating from 1908 to 1929. These interesting gold coins reflect a daring, incuse-relief style with the images and inscriptions being sunken into the coin’s surface. Therefore, these coins represent a truly unprecedented and rare piece of American coin history that had never been attempted before. We offer a range of investment options in these fascinating gold pieces from cleaned and polished coins that make a cost-effective way of obtaining gold coins, to extra fine (XF) pieces, to almost uncirculated (AU) Indian Head Quarter Eagles.
The obverse of the $2.50 Indian Head Gold Quarter Eagle depicts the proud profile of a Native American Chief in full headdress encircled by thirteen stars representing the thirteen original colonies with the coin’s year of issue inscribed at the bottom of the coin. The reverse side displays an equally proud profile of an American eagle standing atop a quiver of arrows and an olive branch. The words “UNITED STATES OF AMERICAN” are inscribed at the top and “E PLURIBUS UNUM” on the left. “IN GOD WE TRUST” appears on the right with the coin’s denomination of “2 ½ DOLLARS” clearly marked across the bottom of the reverse side. These coins carry a proud and daring heritage in United States coin history, and therefore, they have intrinsic value beyond their bullion content to collectors around the world.

$2 1/2 Indian Head Gold Quarter Eagles were minted from 1908 through 1929 in Philadelphia (no mintmark) and Denver (“D”) and are composed of .90% gold yielding .12094 troy ounces of pure gold per coin and measuring 18mm in diameter. Please review each product description for condition, date of issue, and availability. Both collectors and investors are sure to enjoy these outstanding American coins for their gold bullion content, their unique incuse relief design, and their historical value. We invite you to browse through all of our outstanding collections of early American gold pieces.
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