$20 Saint Gaudens Double Eagles

Invest in gold bullion while collecting a unique piece of Americas rich history.

Many collectors of fine coins consider the early Saint-Gauden’s Double Eagle to be the most beautiful coin ever designed in American history. In addition to the intrinsic value of its artistry, each Double Eagle gold coin is struck in 90% gold bullion for a total of .9675 troy ounces of pure gold. This masterpiece of American coinage was produced from 1907 to 1933, and it stands at the pinnacle of U.S. coin production because of the artistic genius of its sculptor, the great Augustus Saint-Gaudens. We offer a select array of these early issues, some in brilliant, uncirculated condition in their original U.S. Mint Packaging. Wise bullion investors will appreciate the quality of such an investment, and collectors will enjoy owning a piece of American history in such a magnificent work of art.
In 1905, Theodore Roosevelt attended an exhibition of ancient Greek coins and was greatly impressed by their symbolic power that was due to their artistic beauty. At that moment, he envisioned a new generation of truly historic coins that would more fully capture America’s emerging power and importance in the world. In considering who might design such a coin series, he immediately thought of the great sculptor, Augustus Saint-Gaudens who had designed Roosevelt’s inaugural medal. At the time, Saint Gaudens was the most prominent sculptor in the country and was widely respected by many of the greatest artists of his day. As is so often the case, his great admiration may have been the result of his style that so closely captured the spirit of the era--the American Renaissance. Therefore, by 1905, Saint-Gaudens was a colossal figure in the fine arts world. After hearing about Roosevelt’s vision for creating historical coinage that would more fittingly represent America’s growing influence in the world and be as "as artistic as the Greeks could desire,” Saint-Gaudens readily agreed to take up the challenge. He immediately began work on the twenty dollar gold piece that would eventually be known as the Saint Gaudens Double Eagle. It would represent his last and greatest life’s work--a masterpiece of artistry and craftsmanship.

Saint-Gaudens passed away before he could complete designs for the entire run of American coins, but he left us with his greatest work. For the obverse or front of the coin, Saint Gaudens took his ultimate inspiration for Liberty from the Nike of Samothrace, a 2nd Century BC marble sculpture of the Greek Goddess Nike and sometimes also called the Winged Victory of Samothrace. He took additional inspiration from New York City’s Sherman monument. His final design shows a female figure of a winged Liberty, sometimes also referred to as Victory. She proudly holds a torch representing enlightenment in one hand and an olive branch representing peace in the other. She strides confidently toward the viewer across a rocky outcrop. Behind her can be seen the United States capital and the rays of the sun. Liberty is also surrounded by 46 stars, the number of states at the time. Saint Gaudens sculpted a side view of a flying eagle for the reverse design of the coin. The eagle can be seen before a rising sun which perfectly complements the obverse design. The Latin phrase E Pluribus Unum is etched across the edge, as well. Though Saint-Gaudens did not live to see the completed coins, his design is considered a monumental success because it so perfectly serves as a powerful testament of a nation growing into its full power. President Roosevelt could not have been more pleased with the culmination of his original vision--a coin that rivals any the ancient Greeks or Romans produced.

Saint-Gaudens Double Eagles were minted from 1907 through 1933 in Philadelphia (no mintmark), San Francisco (“S” mintmark), and Denver (“D”), are composed of .90% gold yielding .9675 troy ounces of pure gold per coin, and measure 34mm in diameter. Enjoy browsing through our select array of historical gold Double Eagles!
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