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The Three Cent Nickel was a post Civil War era Coin widely considered Uniquely European in design.

Historic Three Cent Nickel Pieces from 1865 to 1889 represent a pleasing way to collect American art from the post-Civil War period of American coinage. During the United States Westward Expansion while railroads were being constructed from coast to coast, America was also embarking on a period of reconstruction and Industrial expansion. The three cent nickel piece has a unique history as part of this exansion. Widespread hoarding of silver coins had vexed the United States Treasury during and after the Civil War. In response, various alternatives to the silver nickel were attempted including privately issued coins and fractional currency notes. These were never popular with the public, and therefore, in 1865, the three cent piece was introduced. Composed of 75% copper bullion and 25% nickel, these pieces were useful since the single letter rate for postage at the time was three cents, and they didn’t contain the silver alloy so often hoarded at the time. This coin was intended to be a temporary measure, but it continued in circulation until 1889 when its similarity in size to the ten cent coin made it easily confused. The Three Cent Nickel Piece weighs 1.94 grams and measures 17.9 millimeters in diameter. Pieces in very good condition from this period are rare and prized by collectors.
The Three Cent Nickel Piece represents a coin design meant to reflect America’s entrance onto the world stage. Designed in classic Greek and Roman fashion by James Barton Longacre, the Three-Cent Nickel from this period features a liberty head in profile facing west with her curls uniquely displayed as loose and cascading. She wears a headband inscribed with the word “LIBERTY” and is encircled by the words “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.” On the reverse, the Roman numeral “III” indicating the coin’s value is etched in the center encircled by a laurel wreath. The three cent nickel was minted in Philadelphia only but contains no mint mark. We believe you will find these historic three cent pieces from the post Civil War Era a delight to collect. By using our completely secure on-line ordering system, you’ll be enjoying these wonderful American coins in only days!
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