United States Mint Braided Hair Half Cents

Braided Hair Half Cents by the US Mint Make a Stellar Addition to Your Historical Numismatic Coin Collection

Issued from 1840 - 1857, Braided Hair Half Cents were the fourth and final design in the series, minted longer than any other Half Cent coin in American history. Though struck at the Philadelphia mint, these 100% copper coins bear no mint mark and are among the most scarce (and collectible) Half Cent coins on the market.

The coin was designed by Christian Gobrecht (1785 – 1844), third Chief Engraver of the United States Mint. At the time, it was customary to offer visiting dignitaries proof sets of American coins, so Gobrecht was quickly commissioned to create dies for new Proof Half Cents.

Using his 1839 Braided Hair Cent design as his archetype, Gobrecht’s obverse features a more slim, youthful Lady Liberty than in coins past, her hair delicately braided and bound. Liberty is facing left, surrounded by 13 emblematic stars, and is believed to be a depiction of Venus (the Roman goddess of love) from Benjamin West’s 1808 painting Omnia Vincit Amor. The design is widely viewed as a portrayal of the Empire fashion, a Neo Classical French style popular in the early nineteenth century, emphasizing elegance, grace and femininity.

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