Early Commemorative Silver Coins

Buying Early Commems is an excellent way to invest in precious metals while growing your numismatic collection.

Early Commemorative Coins are both a beautiful and savvy investment for our collectors who are seeking coins with numismatic value. Since all are considered collector’s items and heirloom pieces, they are protected from seizure by the United States Treasury in the event of a national emergency need such as economic depression, metal hoarding, or war. Though all Early Commemorative Coins have stated denominations that can be used for general circulation, they were never designed for this use. Therefore, many remain in uncirculated-to-excellent condition. The Early Commemorative coins are worth much more than their stated face value, and they also were often produced with higher-quality striking procedures that give them particular value to many collectors. In general, the early half dollar silver commemorative coins were produced with 90% silver and 10% copper bullion, and at a weight of 12.5 grams, they represent a very shrewd and secure investment in silver bullion. Beginning in 1903, early commemorative coins were also issued in denominations of one dollar gold, two and a half dollars gold, and fifty dollars gold with various precious metal combinations and gold. All issues, whether minted in silver or gold bullion, celebrated American history, and as such, they represent an investment in the preservation of a long heritage in artistry and coin production.

Early Commemoratives have traditionally been categorized as such by a natural break in the production of commemorative coins in the United States. In 1892, the first commemorative coin was issued to celebrate the anniversary of the landing of Columbus in the New World. Various designs of silver half dollar commemorative coins were then produced nearly every year thereafter until a significant break in production occurred following the release of the Booker T. Washington Half Dollar commemorative coin in 1954. These coins all have historical significance since each was designed to celebrate events of national significance including earlier issues such as the Lincoln Centennial in 1918, the Pilgrim Tercentenary in 1921, the Grant Memorial in 1922, and the Monroe Doctrine Centennial in 1923. Beginning in 1946, various issues of the Booker T. Washington and Booker T. Washington/George Washington Carver were produced continuing uninterrupted through 1954. Since many of these fine United States coins were produced for the purposes of collection, most were not designed for circulation. Their purpose for the United States Treasury at the time was generally to raise funds without raising taxes. In more recent years, commemorative coins have been issued for general circulation such as the United States Quarter series featuring all fifty states. The Early Commemorative Coins, however, tend to remain in relatively uncirculated condition, making them especially prized by collectors around the world.

Collecting Early Commemorative Coins is both an interesting hobby and a sound investment practice. When making your selection of Early Commemorative Coins for purchase, please read the various product descriptions for specific details such as date of issue, size, and availability. Our secure on-line ordering system will ensure that your order arrives safely and swiftly so you can begin enjoying your coins right away!

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