US Mint $10 Modern Gold Commemoratives

A beautiful, yet inexpensive way to own Gold Bullion.

Purchasing $10 United Stated Gold Commemorative coins is a wonderful way to celebrate America’s great accomplishments in addition to being a very affordable way to add fine, gold to your bullion portfolio. Each U.S. $10 Gold Commemorative coin is produced with the greatest of care by the United States Mint. Though they can serve as legal tender at their stated face value for the purchase of goods and supplies, they were never designed to actually be used in general circulation. They are worth far more in their gold bullion content and because they are released in limited quantities, they tend to retain their mint-state condition over time. All are minted in pure gold bullion that has been mined solely in the United States as required by U.S. law.
The United States Mint began releasing modern Commemorative coins in 1982 in honor of the 250th anniversary of George Washington’s birthday. The category of U.S. commemorative coins can be separated into two important eras: Early Commemoratives and Modern Commemoratives. Many coin scholars consider the first U.S. commemorative coin to be the 1848 2½ dollar gold piece stamped "CAL" because it was struck to honor the discovery of gold in California. However, most standard lists of commemorative coins begins with the 1892 half dollar commemorating the 400th anniversary of Columbus’ voyage to America. Therefore, most students of U.S. commemorative coinage classify coins minted from 1892 to 1954 as Early Commemorative coins. Then, a gap in U.S. commemorative coin production from 1954 to 1892 led scholars to label the new generation of commemorative coins as Modern U.S. Commemorative coins. Today, the commemorative coins program supports and honors projects deemed worthy by the U.S. Congress. These coins have celebrate revered American institutions, historical events, important places, and influential American people such as artists, inventors, authors, war heroes, and other important leaders. The U.S. Gold Commemorative coins have been designed by some of the finest artisans of our day and with great attention to detail. In addition to honoring American heroes, gold commemorative coins have also raised funds for patriotic projects such as the Vietnam War Memorial and the preservation of George Washington’s home. The revenue raised by the sale of commemorative coins has also supported the U.S. Olympic games and many other worthy causes. Since their introduction in 1982, modern Commemorative Gold Coins have become so popular that over $418 million has been raised by the U.S. Mint for the renovation of museums, national monuments, and national parks. You can be absolutely certain that no matter the design you receive, your $10 U.S. Gold Commemorative Coin will be a keepsake in honor of an important part of American history.
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