Early United States Mint Sets 1947-1964

Invest in Silver Bullion with an inexpensive purchase of early United States Mint sets.

Whether you are interested in purchasing Early Mint Sets from 1947 to 1964 for their value in silver bullion or for the pleasure of owning complete sets of each coin produced in a specific year, Provident Metals offers a wide array of specially packaged Early Mint Sets in briliant, uncirculated condition. All of these mint sets are comprised of uncirculated business-strike coins produced by the United States Mint. As the title implies, these are coins in mint-state, never intended to be introduced into general circulation though they are legal as tender. As specially packaged mint sets produced specifically for collectors, they will arrive to you in their original United States Mint packaging.
A United States Mint Set is generally a specially packaged set of business-strike coins that include one each of every coin issued for a specified year. Since 1947, the U.S. mint has produced these specially packaged sets nearly every year, but sometimes there is some confusion about the term “mint set.” A mint set is distinct from a proof set due to the striking process. A proof set is created by unique and careful treatment of the dies during the striking process, and proof sets are comprised of coins that are generally more valuable than their actual denominations. Therefore, proof sets are specifically produced for collectors. Though they are often collected, simple mint sets, on the other hand, are comprised of business strike coins using ordinary striking procedures. Mint sets are specially packaged, and they were never introduced into general circulation for use in commerce. Therefore, the coins remain protected in their brilliant, “mint state” packaging. Numismatics are often interested in mint sets from specific years when production of coins was limited, for example, or a rare error in production occurred in one of the coins in that set. In fact, regular-issue, business strike coins in high grade (excellent condition) are sometimes more valuable than their proof-struck counterparts. Since each coin in a mint set is in mint condition, and depending on the set’s age and rarity, coins in a mint set are often worth more than their actual denominations.

Browse through our specific product descriptions to select a mint set to add to your collection of fine and interesting United States coins! When selecting your set, please review each product description carefully for details such as date of issue, number of coins, availability, precious metal content, etc. Considering our wide array of options, we know you’ll be pleased with your choice of brilliant, mint-state coins in original United Stated Mint special packaging. Our secure on-line ordering system ensures that your coins will arrive safely, and you will be able to receive them at only ground rate shipping prices, as well!
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