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Silver, one of world’s most precious metals was used in the manufacturing of American coins from 1796 up until1964 when the extremely high price of silver forced the US Mint to use a clad copper-nickel alloy for most US coins.

In 1986, the US Government began production on a silver coin that quickly gained popularity all over the world affectionately known as the American Silver Eagle. Every year since, mints in Philadelphia, San Francisco and West Point produce Silver Eagles in proof and brilliant uncirculated finishes with a $1 face value.

Stacking American Silver Eagles is considered by many investors and collectors as a wise investment choice when buying precious metals as a hedge against inflation. American Silver Eagles are struck on large planchets of .999 pure silver weighing 1 troy ounce. Although the American Silver Eagle has a face value of $1 it trades on the silver bullion market for a dollar amount far exceeding what its face value would indicate – a marked difference, which makes investing in US silver coins a potentially lucrative venture as precious metals rise to new levels.

Some United States coins made of 90% silver sometimes have numismatic value beyond their silver content. Intelligent investments can be made in Morgan silver dollars, showing the profile of Lady Liberty on the obverse and an eagle with wings outstretched on the reverse. The design was created by George Morgan who was the assistant engraver in 1878. The Morgan quarters and the other silver coins from the Morgan coinage are the most used coins during its time from 1892 up to 1916. As a coin collector special consideration should be taken with Barber quarters designed by Charles Barber. Featuring the profile of Lady Liberty wearing a cap and a wreath this special coin holds numismatic value similar to US Morgan dollars. Walking Liberty half dollars, created in 1916 and minted up until 1947, are considered one of the artistically designed silver coins in US coinage history. Designed by Adolph A. Weinman the walking liberty half dollar design was adopted by the American Silver Eagle in the mid 80’s making it one of the most widely recognizable coin designs in the world.

American silver eagles, Morgan silver dollars, Liberty half dollars and Barber quarters are available for investors and collectors as a hedge against inflation. Silver coins give investors the peace of mind they are looking for in an economic climate where tangible assets like gold and silver steadily rise in value. Collectible silver coins are available at Provident Metals, at affordable prices.

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