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Barber Dimes contain nearly 3/4 of an ounce of silver in every dollar face value.

The first 90% Silver Barber Dime was introduced in 1892, and these stalwart American coins remained in production for twenty-five years until 1916. Their name is taken from Charles Barber, the famed Chief Engraver for the United States Mint. His influential coinage saw long-term use for commerce in the United States and abroad, and therefore, specimens from this period that remain in good to uncirculated condition are very rare. They are, however, used coins that certainly carry their weight in silver. Therefore, they represent a very shrewd and cost-effective way to invest in silver bullion. Every 10Barber dimes contains .715 Troy ounces of pure silver, and our cachet of these famous dimes will range in dates from 1892 - 1916, a time when coins were still composed wholly of fine bullion. Each coin weighs 2.5 grams, is composed of 90% silver bullion and 10% copper bullion and has a diameter of 17.9 millimeters.
The obverse or front of the Silver Barber Dime is graced by a classic liberty head profile facing right wearing a cap with a bow at the nape of her neck and a laurel wreath as a headband. Barber was influenced in his design of Liberty by classic Roman and Greek busts as well as modern French coinage of the 19th Century. The word “LIBERTY” appears on her headband in incuse relief, and, as was customary during this time period, Liberty is surrounded by thirteen stars representing the thirteen original colonies. The date of issue also appears at the bottom of the obverse side with the motto “IN GOD WE TRUST” at the top of the Barber Dime. The reverse (tail) side of the dime features a wreath of American agricultural products signifying American abundance with the words “ONE DIME” centered inside the naturalistic wreath. Enjoy collecting historical Barber dimes to enhance your silver bullion portfolio, and rest assured knowing that each coin represents a U.S. Treasury-guaranteed legal tender. Each 90% Silver Barber Dime also represents an investment in a fine American coin produced at a time in history when coins were still composed of their value in precious metals.
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