Standing Liberty Quarters | 90% Silver

The Standing Liberty Quarter is widely considered by Coin Collectors to have the most beautiful design in Coinage History.

These Standing Liberty Quarters are interesting for collectors because they represent a uniquely militaristic portrayal of Lady Liberty designed by Hermon Atkins MacNeil preceding World War I. This was a time when America was eager to project its military strength toward the invading forces in Europe. Because of their wide circulation, few mint-state specimens exist, and our offerings are no exception. However, these coins represent a very cost-effective way to invest in 90% pure silver bullion in a coin that is guaranteed by the United States Treasury as a means of trade. Though they carry a stated face value of twenty-five cents, each coin’s intrinsic value in silver bullion far exceeds its denomination. The Standing Liberty quarter is composed of 90% silver bullion and 10% copper for a total of .179 troy ounces of silver, and weighs 6.2 grams with a diameter of 24.3 millimeters. After submitting several design proposals, MacNeil’s powerful Standing LIberty design was eventually accepted. The widely circulated Standing Liberty Quarters were struck by the United States Mint from 1916 to 1930, and they were very popular silver coins that replaced the Barber Quarter. The coins received a redesign immediately in 1917 and again in 1925 to make the coins’ date marks more durable.
The model for the front of the Standing Liberty quarter is thought to be Doris Doscher who later became a silent film star who used the name Doris Doree. MacNeil submitted two designs, and the one which prevailed shows a standing Liberty facing the viewer to the “heraldic east” toward the direction of World War I in Europe. Her shield also faces the east as if ready for war while she also holds an olive branch, inviting peace. Liberty can be seen striding through a wall labeled “IN GOD WE TRUST” with the U in the word “trust” presented in the shape of the letter “V” for victory. The word “LIBERTY” appears across the top of the coin with its date of issue at the bottom. Liberty is sculpted in a decidedly Roman style much like the powerful goddess Athena. On the reverse side, a flying eagle is presented in heraldic fashion, flying from left to right. “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” appears across the top of the coin with the denomination “QUARTER DOLLAR” across the bottom of the reverse side. Investing in silver bullion by purchasing these widely circulated Standing Liberty Quarters is a very shrewd way to add silver bullion to your investment portfolio. Owning these coins from a time in U.S. history when coins were still worth their weight in precious metals also makes them a satisfying purchase.
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