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Introducing DGGold

Precious Metals Investing for the Digital Age

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Tap into the speed and accuracy of electronic trading without sacrificing the comfort that comes with holding physical metal. Discover why DGGold is a faster, more secure, and affordable solution to buying and selling physical gold.

DGGold Is:


Buy physical gold for as low as 1/100th of an ounce on a secure electronic trading platform. When you’re ready to sell, choose to receive a check or convert to physical bullion at bid spot price from Provident Metals’ full inventory for discreet delivery.


Your DGGold purchase gives you 100% direct ownership and title to .9999 pure physical gold. Your gold is stored, fully-insured, and guaranteed by the world-renowned Royal Canadian Mint.


DGGold, which utilizes VaultChain Gold powered by Tradewind, utilizes a cryptographically-secure blockchain database to continually update and verify your holdings to the 1/1000th of an ounce. View your DGGold holdings and portfolio value in real time on your Provident Metals dashboard.


DGGold premiums are lower compared to physical metals in most cases. There are no ongoing transaction or maintenance fees. The minimum purchase is only .01 ounce of gold. And you pay no storage fees to safeguard your bullion in the insured vaults of the Royal Canadian Mint.

Why DGGold Over Physical Ownership?

DGGold vs

100% direct ownership of pure physical gold
100% direct ownership of pure physical gold
Holdings and portfolio value are verified in real time on a cryptographically-secure blockchain database
Must manually keep track of holdings and calculate portfolio value yourself. There is no way to prove ownership
100% of gold is stored, guaranteed, and insured by the Royal Canadian Mint at no cost
Must store metals at home or ship to a private depository yourself and pay a fee
Buy gold to the 1/100th of an ounce. Sell for cash or redeem for physical metal at any time
Must buy in specific amounts and wait for shipment to arrive in the mail. Must mail metals back to sell

Get Started In Just A Few Easy Steps

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Log in to your Provident Metals account.
Buy DGGold. Choose from a wide range of payment options to fund your purchase.
Relax knowing that your physical gold is stored in the insured vaults of the Royal Canadian Mint. Verify your holdings and value in real time from your Provident Metals dashboard.

Still have questions? Let us help!


How is DGGold different from an ETF?
Unlike an ETF, DGGold represents 100% direct ownership of .9999 pure physical gold. On the other hand, each share of an ETF represents ownership in a fund that in turn holds physical gold. In an ETF, you have no control over the bullion and you cannot take delivery of your holdings. And while many ETF’s carry built-in management fees, DGGold retains no intermediate entity and you pay no management fees. With DGGold, YOU maintain full legal ownership and title of your gold. So the performance of your entire precious metals portfolio goes toward your bottom line.
What is a cryptographically-secure blockchain ledger?
Each transaction in DGGold is permanently recorded onto a blockchain ledger using cryptography. This means that the data is converted into an unbreakable code that cannot be deciphered by an unauthorized user. Senders and receivers (such as DGGold and the Royal Canadian Mint) can only authenticate each other through matching key pairs, which protects the integrity of the data throughout the entire transaction and storage process.
Why the Royal Canadian Mint?
With DGGold, you can rest assured knowing that 100% of your bullion is stored and guaranteed ounce-for-ounce by the Royal Canadian Mint. The Royal Canadian Mint is a crown corporation wholly owned by the government of Canada and is one of the largest, most technologically-advanced sovereign mints in the world. The Royal Canadian Mint provides highly secure, transparent storage of precious metals for large financial institutions, investment funds, and corporations around the globe. The Mint's storage facilities are insured and exceptionally secure: All bars are weighed on deposit, inventory is counted on a quarterly basis, and the Mint is audited annually by the Government of Canada’s Office of the Auditor General.
How do I buy DGGold?
  • Minimum purchase is .01 ounces of gold. Purchases can be made out to the 1/1000th of an ounce, as long as the .01 oz minimum is met (for example: 0.011 oz). To add less than one ounce of gold to your cart, simply enter any fractional amount as low as .01 ounces, then click "add to cart." Real time prices are locked in at the time of the order.
  • The current $10 premium is charged per ounce of gold and will adjust based on the quantity purchased. For example, an order for .50 ounces of gold will incur a $5 premium, and so forth.
  • DGGold™ holdings will appear in your account within 24 hours of us receiving cleared funds. However, the time it takes to receive cleared funds depends on the type of payment method used. See our Ordering and Payment policies for more details on our payment procedures.
  • At this time, you are unable to exchange physical gold that you currently hold into DGGold, but this may be a feature in the future. Sign up for DGGold now so you will be the first to experience all of our innovative new offerings as they become available.
How long does it take for DGGold to appear in my account?
Real-time prices are locked in at the time of your DGGold order. DGGold holdings will appear in your account within 24 hours of us receiving cleared funds. However, the time it takes to receive cleared funds depends on the type of payment method used. See our ordering and payment policies for more details.
How do I sell DGGold?
  • At any time, sell DGGold at the current Buy Back Price and receive a check, or convert to physical bullion from Provident Metals’ full inventory at bid spot price. Call (469) 317-3505 to sell or convert DGGold.
  • The minimum amount needed to convert to physical bullion is the lowest-weight product in our inventory.
  • Provident’s regular shipping rates apply when converting to physical bullion. Orders over $99 ship free.
  • Any remaining DGGold (even fractional amounts) left in your account after converting to physical bullion will remain in your account unless you request a check for the balance.
Will you be offering more digital products in the future?
Yes! We will consistently add exciting new features to DGGold, and we plan to add additional products to our digital metals suite in the near future. Sign up for DGGold now so you will be the first to experience all of our innovative new offerings.

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