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  • 1 oz Silver Emoji Smiley Round New | SilverTowne
    As Low As: $33.56
    77% Off The Premium
    In Stock
  • 1 oz Silver Emoji Alien Round New | SilverTowne
    As Low As: $33.56
    77% Off The Premium
    In Stock
  • 1 oz Silver Emoji Party Round New | SilverTowne
    As Low As: $33.36
    76% Off The Premium
    In Stock
  • 1 oz Silver Emoji Frowny Round New | SilverTowne
    As Low As: $33.56
    77% Off The Premium
    In Stock
  • 1 oz Silver Emoji Rocket Round New | SilverTowne
    As Low As: $33.36
    76% Off The Premium
    In Stock
  • 1 oz Silver Emoji Skull Round New | SilverTowne
    As Low As: $33.56
    77% Off The Premium
    In Stock
  • Emoji Rounds Available at Provident Metals

    In the 21st century, most individuals with a smartphone are familiar with emojis. Even those who don’t regularly text are familiar with emojis, the small, popular symbols that people use to save time when texting or express emotions in a fun, visual manner. Today, there are more than 3,000 emojis available to smartphone users and some 900 million emojis are used on Facebook messenger alone in a given day. Learn about the Emoji Rounds available from Provident Metals.

    Details on the Emoji Series

    There are several designs planned in the new Emoji Round Series. While the collection starts with the popular Smiley Face design, one of the most ubiquitous emojis around, plans for the future could feature a wealth of other popular emoji images. Each round has 1 Troy oz of .999 pure silver, proof visuals that include frosted designs and mirrored fields, and the rounds will ship packaged either individually or by multiples. Individual rounds ship in plastic flips, while multiples of 20 ship in tubes.

    Additionally, all of the rounds in this series have the same reverse design. Here, you will find various emoji designs cascading down the design field.

    Smiley Round – 1st Release

    For the obverse design of the first round in the series, the 1 oz Silver Emoji Round, the designers feature one of the most popular emojis today. Here, you can see the common smiley face. The face has large, round, bright eyes and a wide smile on its face.

    Snowman Round – 2nd Release

    With the second release of the Emoji Series, the 1 oz Silver Snowman Round brings a fun-and-festive design. This image captures a playful image of the snowman as commonly found on mobile emoji keyboards. This snowman has a wide, round base with two coal buttons and twig arms. the circular head wears a Santa cap with a smile, button nose, and coal eyes.

    Party Round – 3rd Release

    In the third release of the Emoji Series, the design offers a jack-of-all-trades emoji. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or any other moment worthy of a party, the new Party Emoji Round design is perfect. This design shows a conical shape with party streamers and confetti bursting outward to the edges of the design field.

    Frowny Round – 4th Release

    While the fourth release of the Emoji Series might not be as exciting and upbeat as the first several designs, it is arguably a more flexible expression of emotion that is undoubtedly shared on a daily basis. In the Frowny Emoji release, the latest obverse design shows a face with a downturned mouth and furrowed eyebrows. Maybe this emoji just heard a bad dad joke or found out its working late on a Friday. Either way, it’s unimpressed for sure.

    Money Bag Round – 5th Release

    In the fifth release of the Emoji Series, you can celebrate all things fancy and show off some swag with the Money Bag Round. This design is simple in appearance with a common money sack that is cinched at the top and emblazoned with a US dollar symbol. The Money Bag emoji is as flexible in its application as any other emoji and is commonly used to represent money, wealth, or luxury in conversation.

    Alien Round – 6th Release

    In the sixth issue of the Silver Emoji Series, you’re encouraged to believe as the 1 oz Silver Emoji Alien Round is offered by Provident Metals. The alien emoji has become widely used in internet culture and has been incorporated into numerous memes and online references. It is often employed humorously or ironically to convey a sense of weirdness, strangeness, or “alien” behavior. The emoji’s versatility and its ability to evoke a range of emotions have made it a popular choice for conveying various messages, particularly within the context of social media and online communication.

    Rocket Round – 7th Release

    If the previous Alien Round has you in the mood for exploration, then the next issue in this series will help you get there. The Emoji Rocket issue is the seventh in the series and features the fun, yet simple, depiction of a rocket ship. Like all emojis, there is more than one use and interpretation for the rocket ship emoji. While the rocket ship emoji is commonly associated with space exploration, adventure, and progress, it has also taken on alternative meanings and interpretations in different online communities and cultures. One of the popular alternative interpretations is its use in memes and internet humor to symbolize “escaping” or “running away” from various situations or responsibilities. For example, users might post the rocket ship emoji along with a humorous caption to represent their desire to “blast off” from a boring conversation or a tedious task.

    Skull Round – 8th Release

    In the latest release of the Emoji Series, the rounds feature the depiction of the Skull. While the Skull emoji is commonly associated with death or spookiness, it has a broader range of meanings in different contexts. In some cases, it can represent something positive, such as resilience, bravery, or even celebrating an achievement. People sometimes use it to humorously indicate that they’ve had a challenging day or a near-death experience but are still standing strong. Emojis often evolve and take on new meanings based on how they are used in digital communication.

    History of Emojis

    The first release of emojis, as we know them today, came in 1999 when Shigetaka Kurita developed a set of 176 emojis. These emojis first appeared with NTT DOCOMO, a Japanese mobile phone company. Today, there are more than 3,000 emojis available on mobile devices, Facebook Messenger, and work platforms like Slack.

    Mintage Figures in the Emoji Series

    The mintage of each design in this series is based on demand and is not capped at the mint. However, the designs are only struck for a limited period of time until the next design is ready and in production. This page will be updated with mintages as time goes on:

    • Smiley: 70,710 silver rounds
    • Snowman: 40,870 silver rounds
    • Party: 40,505 silver rounds
    • Frowny: 20,005 silver rounds
    • Money Bag: 25,000 silver rounds
    • Alien: 22,000 silver rounds
    • Rocket: 26,000 silver rounds
    • Skull: 26,500 silver rounds

    Start a New Collection with Emoji Rounds from Provident Metals

    If you’re looking for a new collection of silver, the Emoji Round Series is a great option. Provident Metals’ customer service is available to assist you at 800-313-3315, online using our live chat, and via our email address. Feel free to visit our Payment Policies page for fast answers on payment methods.