European Gold Coins

European Gold Coins: Fundamental Scarcity with Global Appeal

Gold coins from Great Britain, France, Germany, Switzerland and other European nations are classic safe haven investments and a prized addition to any collection

Indeed, British Sovereigns, Swiss Francs, German Marks and Russian Rubles are among the most beautifully-designed coins on the market.

While the inherent value of gold makes European coins particularly alluring, their historical significance and often-obsolete designs lend them distinction among gold investors, coin collectors and history buffs across the globe.

Why buy European Gold Coins?

The history of European coinage goes back several centuries. In fact, the first Gold Sovereign was struck sometime during the fifteenth century. As the Industrial Revolution took hold of the continent in the late 1700s, gold coins quickly grew in prominence.

At one time or another during their collective history, gold coins were used as legal tender in certain European nations. For instance, the Gold Sovereign served as an official form of currency in England from 1816 until about the 1930s. Today, many experts consider the Sovereign one of the most recognizable, long-standing coins of the modern age.

With their rich and diverse history, reasons to invest in European gold coinage include:

  • Extremely limited, fixed supplyUnlike the Gold Maple or Gold Eagle, most European gold coins are no longer minted, and are therefore in limited supply.

  • Intrinsic value Any type of gold coin, regardless if it was minted last week or 200 years ago, has value. That makes gold one of the most secure assets you can own.

  • Graded and certified gold Many of the Euro gold coins available at Provident are certified for authenticity by third-party grading services, like the PCGS or NGC.

Where to Buy European Gold Coins

Gold coins from Europe provide a long-term store of value, while making the perfect collector's item for any budding numismatist.

If you want coins that boast historical and aesthetic value, Provident Metals carries an extensive selection of British Sovereigns, Swiss Francs, Italian Lire, Austrian Ducats and more — at the industry's most competitive prices.

Gold coins from Europe come in a variety of weight ranges, from 1/10 to 1-troy ounce. They are also available in a variety of striking designs.

Helpful tip: If you're interested in gold coins primarily for their metal content, it may also make sense to purchase U.S. Gold Eagles, Canadian Gold Maples, and other gold coins and bars minted today.

How To Buy European Gold Coins

Our online ordering system makes purchasing gold coins simple, quick and most of all safe. Once your order is placed and cleared, you'll receive your coins in a few short days.

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