90% Franklin and Kennedy Half Dollars

90% Franklin and Kennedy Half Dollars

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At Provident, we love products that allow you to collect and invest at the same time. Certain items offer the cost benefits of low-premium bullion—but are still a pleasure to own, study, and collect. Pre-1965 “junk” silver coins are a prime example!

From a pure investment standpoint, 90% silver coins are a fantastic way to own bullion. They’re government-issued legal tender coins, available in convenient unit sizes, and (currently) priced at tiny premiums. It’s not always like this, but in today’s market, shrewd investors can pick up 90% junk silver for less than $1/oz over spot!

Putting investment considerations aside, junk silver coins can be fun to collect too. This is especially true for designs like the Franklin Half Dollars. These coins were discontinued over a half century ago and are relics of a bygone era. Even the 1964 Kennedy Half dollar has a special place among numismatists. Although Kennedy Halves are still made to this day, the 1964 edition is significant as the first year of issue. It was also the only date of this design to be struck in 90% silver.

Regardless of why you buy junk silver, you’ll love what we’re about to tell you. Today, we’re slashing premiums on 90% Half Dollars to just 99c per ounce over spot. This includes both Franklin, and 1964 Kennedy Halves. Rarely, if ever, can you find sovereign-minted silver coins at this kind of discount—let alone vintage U.S. Half Dollars!

Generally speaking, 90% Halves trade for a premium over Dimes and Quarters. They’re harder to find and more popular as collectibles. We remember when any 90% Half Dollar commanded $3.00 to $5.00 over spot per ounce; that was just a few years ago! Nowadays, prices are at historically low levels. You can pick up the exact coins for a small fraction of the premium.

As you know, it’s been 50+ years since these coins were made. Unlike modern bullion products, the supply of junk silver is finite. We have only a limited quantity of 90% Halves at today’s ultra-low premiums and encourage you to pounce on this deal. Between the recent dip in spot and this special sale, now may be an excellent time to stock up on these popular silver coins.

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