Lakota Silver & Copper Bullion Rounds

Lakota Silver and Copper Rounds, The Official Currency of the Free and Independent Lakota Nation

At Provident Metals, not only do we provide investors the opportunity to diversify their portfolios by adding metals, but we make it simple to invest in artistic, affordable and culturally significant coins and rounds. By choosing Lakota Silver and Copper Bullion Rounds, you directly support the great Lakota Nation as they enhance their economic future and free their people from a troubling fiat system.

Each of these copper, and silver rounds are struck in stunning detail, celebrating iconic heroes of American Indian history. Featuring famed Lakota warriors on the obverse of each coin--like Sitting Bull or Crazy Horse--each coin’s reverse depicts the mighty American Bison, an emblem of Lakota culture since the introduction of horses (and the horseback buffalo hunt) sometime around 1730.

Also known as Teton, the Lakota are part of a confederation of seven Great Plains Sioux tribes (called the Seven Council Fires or Oceti Šakowiŋor). Today, there are nearly 70,000 Lakota people living within the Unites States and Canada. And as a semi-autonomous nation, they have created a form of independent currency, encouraging their people to abandon paper currency for more stable precious metals.

To view our selection of Lakota Silver and Copper Bullion Rounds, browse Provident Metals’ convenient website and take advantage of our secure online ordering system. When you purchase a Lakota Nation Coin, not only do you own a little piece of Native American culture, but you directly support the Great Lakota People.

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