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Germania Mint Silver Rounds

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Pure Silver Rounds from the Germania Mint

The Germania Mint is a private mint that issues the purest silver rounds available regularly, with all of its silver rounds boasting .9999 pure silver content. Launching some of its largest collections in 2019, the number of silver round options available from the Germania Mint only continues to grow. Its silver for sale comes in one-off issues and running collections. Below, you can learn more about the variety of exciting collections available from the Germania Mint that continue to offer new designs for investors and collectors.

Germania Series

The design that launched the Germania Mint on its path was the Germania Series of silver rounds. Debuting in 2019, the Germania Series offers 1 oz gold and 1 oz silver rounds. The release featured a Brilliant Uncirculated version in both silver and gold, with proof options in both metals and an additional “6 Precious Metals” release. The 2020 release of the Germania Series brought with it a new design of Germania, while abandoning the 6 Precious Metals version in silver in favor of a 1 Kilo silver round in Brilliant Uncirculated condition.

In both the 2019 and 2020 releases, all of the rounds shared the same powerful design of Germania. In Ancient European history during the reign of the Roman Empire, Germania was a term used by the Romans to refer to the region of central Europe to the north of the Empire’s borders where Germanic tribes inhabited lands the Romans had long struggled to control.

However, the term Germania also applies as a female personification of the Germanic people, and specifically the German nation and empire of the Romantic Era in Europe. Germania is often depicted with broken chains, a chest plate with an eagle, a crown of oak leaves, a sword, and sometimes olive branches around the sword.

In the 2019 Germania Series, the silver rounds depicted Germania as a powerful woman with a sword at her side in her left hand, a large, triangular shield in her right hand with the double-headed eagle, and a crown of oak leaves on her head. These symbols showcase power and a readiness to fight, with the crown representing heroism.

For the 2020 Germania Series, the mint opted for a more subtle symbol of strength in its design of Germania. In this design, Germania is shown in left-profile relief with her cape blowing behind her figure, the oak-leaf crown, and her left hand outstretched to offer a perch for a descending eagle. The eagle is a long-standing power of strength, particularly the strength of an empire.

The reverse of the Germania Series silver and gold rounds feature the seal of the Germania Mint. This seal features the double-headed eagle with a nominal value in Marks and corkscrew arrows in each talon.

The Allegories Series

In an equally prominent release, the Allegories Series from the Germania Mint pulls together some of the best-known female personifications in the world and position them with Germania on the obverse of silver rounds. Unlike the Germania Series, the Allegories Series offers only silver rounds, but goes well beyond the release of just 1 oz silver. In the Allegories Series, three national personifications are available alongside Germania so far through 2020. Each release comes with the following weights and mintages:

  • 1 oz silver – 25,000 mintage
  • 2 oz silver – 2,500 mintage
  • 5 oz silver – 500 mintage
  • 10 oz silver – 250 mintage

With each release comes not only a new personification alongside Germania, but also a new depiction of Germania herself. The available designs to date include the following obverse imagery:

  • Britannia & Germania – The first design of the series featured two of Europe’s longstanding powers: Britain and Germany. In the design, Britannia is featured with her iconic trident, Corinthian helmet, and circular shield with the Union Jack emblazoned upon it. Britannia stands with a cautious look on her face and her back turned toward Germania. For the Germania design, she has her sword sheathed and her shield with the double-headed eagle at her side as she reaches out to a cautious Britannia.
  • Columbia & Germania – For the second design in the Allegories Series, the Germania Mint combines Germania with the historical female personification of the United States of America: Columbia. The personification Columbia has been associated with the New World for thousands of years, but were eventually connected to the 13 British Colonies that became the United States. Columbia is shown in front-facing relief in this design walking forward hand-in-hand with Germania. Neither figure has either weapons or shields with it. Instead, the two walk together with their respective flags in hand. The connection between the US and Germany is one that runs deep. Some 7.2 million Germans immigrated to the US between 1820 and 1870, and there are now some 44.2 million German-Americans living in the United States, the largest self-reported ancestry group in the country.
  • Italia & Germania: The third design overall and first with a 2020 date is the Italia & Germania silver rounds. Following the fall of the Roman Empire, Italian and Germanic cultures lived side-by-side on the European continent as allied empires or kingdoms, and occasionally on the opposite side of conflicts. Today, Italy and Germany coexist as leading members of the European Union. Italia is shown in the new design with a pleated dress, a mural crown, and the Horn of Plenty at her side represented prosperity and wealth. Germania stands nearby with her right hand on Italia’s shoulder and her left hand almost directing her to another area.

All of the releases in the Allegories Series have the same reverse. In this collection, the coat of arms for the Germania Mint features on the reverse. This crowned shield is quartered with symbols of empirical power and heraldry in each of the four quadrants. The silver rounds have varying, nominal values in Marks and feature an oak leaf border on either side of the coat of arms.

Germania Beasts

The newest series from the Germania Mint is the Germania Beasts. Once again focusing on silver rounds, the Germania Mint takes this collection in a different direction by offering varying finishes to a collective design. First, let’s look at the debut design of the Germania Beasts: Fafnir.

A historical dragon figure that dates to the 13-century sagas of the Icelandic peoples, Fafnir features on both the obverse and reverse of the new Germania Beasts Fafnir Silver Rounds. Again featuring .9999 pure silver content, the obverse of these rounds depicts the upper-body of Fafnir with his powerful jaws and forked tongue prominent in the design. On the reverse, his coiled body encircles the double-headed eagle of the Germania Mint and winds around to its tail.

The Germania Mint offers this design in three different options. The standard choice is the 1 oz Silver 2020 Germania Beasts Fafnir Round available in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. There are two collectible sets that include a 2 x 1 oz Silver 2020 Fafnir Set that offers ruthenium and gold plating. The obverse of one round has gold plating on the design and ruthenium in the background, while the reverse flip-flops those platings. The other round in the set has ruthenium plating on the design and gold in the background, again flip-flopping the plating on the reverse. When you align the obverse of one round with the reverse of the other, the gold-plating body on both sides aligns with a continuous ruthenium plating.

One final option is the 2 oz Silver Germania Beasts Fafnir Release that has silver content, ruthenium plating, and a “chameleon” plating on the body of Fafnir that shimmers and changes colors as you adjust the angle of viewing.

Mythical Forest

Another option from the Germania Mint is the Mythical Forest series, which like the Germania Series, offers basic 1 oz silver and 1 oz gold rounds with Brilliant Uncirculated and Proof options. The 2019 debut features the powerful symbol of the oak leaf with an acorn. Once again, the reverse field of these silver rounds includes the Germania Mint seal with the double-headed eagle. Mintages included 50,000 for the 1 oz BU silver round, 1,000 for the 1 oz Proof silver round, 500 for the 1 oz BU gold round, and 100 for the 1 oz Proof gold round.

Background of the Germania Mint

The Germania Mint produces silver and gold with .9999 purity in both bullion and commemorative collections. The seal of the mint is that of the bicephalous eagle, or double-headed eagle. The double-headed eagle is reflective of any culture’s ability to look to its past while also looking to the future. The double-headed eagle first appeared in Roman mythology and was associated with the god Janus, the god of origins and guardian of passageways.

Collect Germania Mint Silver with Provident Metals

You can expect to find the existing designs in many of these series, as well as future releases in each collection, online at Provident Metals while supplies last. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Provident Metals’ customer service. Our team is available to you on the phone at 800-313-3315, online using our live chat, and via our email address.