South African Gold Krugerrands

Shop Krugerrands from Provident Metals for investment grade gold bullion to diversify and enhance the value of your portfolio.

Since 1967, the South African Krugerrand has been a staple bullion piece for investors looking for trusted, hard assets to expand their IRA. Named for Paul Kruger, the fifth and final president of the South African Republic, the Krugerrand has granted savvy bullion buyers the opportunity to own striking South African gold.

Each Krugerrand is available in 4 sizes:

While Krugerrands are classified as sovereign bullion, they do not hold a specific face value, like other coins. Their value is based on their weight and the current spot price of gold.

The obverse features the coin’s namesake- Paul Kruger, along with the English and Afrikaans translation of “South Africa.” The reverse displays the springbok antelope, a national symbol of South Africa, along with the mintage year. “KRUGERRAND” borders the top of the coin, while “FYNGOUD 1 OZ FINE GOLD” borders the bottom, indicating the weight and composition.

As one of the most universally recognized gold coins, you can rest assured your investment in Krugerrands will provide a useful hedge against inflation, as well as the diversification needed to create a healthy portfolio.

Browse our selection of South African Gold Krugerrands for exceptional value on extraordinary bullion.

Why is gold an important part of my portfolio?

Preparing for the future by investing and creating a robust IRA is recommended to ensure no matter what unexpected life circumstances may occur, you have a safety net for protection. Diversifying your investments with precious metals is wise due to the historically proven value of the commodities. Without diversification, your IRA is susceptible to high levels of risk should your chosen investment go south.

Consider adding sovereign gold coins from the South African mint to your IRA to protect your future and the future of your loved ones.

How does spot price affect the value of a Krugerrand?

Because the Krugerrand does not hold a designated, consistent face value, its worth is entirely dependent upon the ever changing spot price of gold bullion. By comparing the weight of the Krugerrand and the cost per troy ounce of gold, you can easily estimate the current value of a Krugerrand (it is important to note most coins have a premium from a mint or dealer that may fluctuate, as well).

What is the value of a Krugerrand versus other gold coins?

Gold coin offerings from Provident Metals span mints, worldwide. While the weights and fineness of a coin might be similar, or even the same, values can alter significantly based on mint, design, year, coin defects, notoriety, and many other factors.

The Krugerrand, specifically, was one of the first gold sovereign coins. It has a rich history of prestige in the eyes of investors, worldwide. As such, your purchase of these gold bullion coins is certain to bring significant value to your portfolio.

How do Krugerrands compare to American gold coins?

Whether you purchase American Gold Eagles or American Gold Buffalos, you are investing in quality, sovereign gold bullion. As legal, American tender, you could use your AGEs and Buffs as currency in the US. The South African Krugerrand is also legal tender in its home country of South Africa, and is highly regarded in the eyes of investors.

Both Krugerrands and American gold coins provide quality options for investors seeking bullion to act as an efficient hedge against inflation and offer a valuable return. Whether you choose to purchase American sovereign coins or South American sovereign coins, you are investing in quality gold bullion.

Where can I find the best deals on gold Krugerrands?

When you shop Provident Metals, you are trusting an industry leading dealer, known for quality and service. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is unwavering, and our bullion is sourced from world renowned mints, priced competitively. Read reviews from thousands of happy customers.

How do I sell my Krugerrands?

Provident Metals is a leading buyer of consumer precious metals. Whether you have coins, bars, or rounds, Provident can offer you industry leadingbuyback pricingfor your bullion from a trusted name known for customer service and quality.

In addition to Provident, there is a rich secondary market for selling bullion. Because the Krugerrand is so well known and respected, buyers are always eager to invest in the coins.

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