As the first and only gold bullion coin of the Euro currency system, the Austrian Philharmonic is one of the most popular, and highly sought after coins on the market. Its intricate design celebrates the extraordinary musical heritage of Austria, along with one of Europe’s most famous cultural institutions: the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. Composed of pure 24k (99.99%) gold, the Philharmonic is widely considered the standard by which other gold coins are measured. For example, the American Gold Eagleis made of only 91% gold in comparison. Below are a few quick facts, investment insights, and some historical information about the Austrian Philharmonic — one of the world’s most trusted gold bullion coins. Continue reading for some quick facts, investment insight and a brief history of the Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coin.

Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coin Quick Facts and Brief History

Type Bullion(Investment)
Mintage Annually since 1989 by the Federal Republic of Austria
Weights / Denominations 1 troy ounce (€100 face value), 1/2 troy ounce (€50), 1/4 troy ounce (€25), 1/10 troy ounce (€10)
Front Design The obverse of the Austrian Philharmonic features the world-renowned Great Organ, found in Vienna's Golden Hall. The coin's weight, purity, year of issue, and face value in Euros are inscribed in German — the country's official language.
Rear Design The reverse showcases the musical heritage of Austria with an assembly of musical instruments, including cellos, violins, a bassoon and harp, the Viennese horn, and a stringed bass as the striking centerpiece. The words Wiener Philharmoniker, which translate to Vienna Philharmonic, are inscribed along the top.
Brief History First minted in 1989, the Austrian Philharmonic gold coin is issued each year as a tribute to the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. It is released in four different face values and sizes. Made of pure 24k gold (.9999), the coin celebrates eight hundred years of European coinage, and was voted the world's best-selling coin by the World Gold Council in 1992, 1995 and 1996.
Why Buy? The Austrian Gold Philharmonic holds the distinguished title of being the only regularly-issued bullion coin denominated in Euros — making it highly valuable to investors across the globe. This distinction, along with its reputation as one of the most beautiful coins on earth, makes the Gold Vienna Philharmonic a staple for coin collectors and investors alike.
Gold Bullion Content 99.99% pure gold
Other Specifications 1 Troy Ounce Austrian Philharmonic Gold Bullion Coin
  • Diameter = 37 mm (1.46 in.)
  • Thickness = 2 mm (0.079 in.)
  • Gross Weight = 1 troy ounce (31.10 grams)
  • Reeded Edges
  • Face Value =  €100.00
1/2 Troy Ounce Austrian Philharmonic Gold Bullion Coin
  • Diameter = 28 mm (1.10 in.)
  • Thickness = 1.6 mm (0.063 in.)
  • Gross Weight = 1/2 troy ounce (15.55 grams)
  • Reeded Edges
  • Face Value = €50.00
1/4 Troy Ounce Austrian Philharmonic Gold Bullion Coin
  • Diameter = 22 mm (0.87 in.)
  • Thickness = 1.2 mm (0.047 in.)
  • Gross Weight = 1/4 troy ounce (7.78 grams)
  • Reeded Edges
  • Face Value = €25.00
1/10 Troy Ounce Austrian Philharmonic Gold Bullion Coin
  • Diameter = 16 mm (0.63 in.)
  • Thickness = 1.14 mm (0.045 in.)
  • Gross Weight = 1/10 troy ounce (3.11 grams)
  • Reeded Edges
  • Face Value = €10.00
The Austrian Philharmonic provides investors the unique opportunity to own a piece of history, diversify their financial portfolios, and acquire international currency. To add the Austrian Philharmonic or other gold coins to your collection, visit Provident Metals for availability and prices today.