Palladium bullion coins like the Canadian Maple Leaf offer investors further diversification opportunities in their precious metal investments. Although gold and silver has dominated headlines in recent years, metals like palladium offer the same opportunities for future growth and wealth preservation. Coins like the palladium Maple Leaf offer a shiny addition to any coin collection.

Continue reading for some quick facts, investment insight and a brief history of Canadian palladium Maple Leaf coins.

Canadian Maple Leaf Palladium - Quick Facts and Brief History

Type Bullion (Investment)
Mintage 2005-2007, 2009 by the Royal Canadian Mint
Weights / Denominations 1 Troy Ounce
Front Design Like other coins minted under the maple leaf strike, the obverse side of the Canadian Palladium Maple Leaf includes an updated portrait of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II developed by Susanne Blunt. Front side also includes the coin's face value and the year it was minted.
Rear Design The reverse design includes the signature maple leaf design, Canada's national symbol. Maple leaf is also found on gold, silver and platinum bullion coins regularly issued by the Royal Canadian Mint.
Brief History Canadian Maple Leaf palladium bullion coins were first minted in November 2005. In fact, they were the first palladium coins issued by and guaranteed government's mint. Demand in the beginning was lackluster at best and production was limited. As other assets declined in value during the recession though, palladium Maple Leaf coins enjoyed resurgence in popularity due to their inherent stability when compared to other assets.
Why Buy? Palladium bullion coins like the Canadian Maple Leaf offer an opportunity to diversify precious metal holdings, which can be included in a self-directed IRA account. Like gold and silver, palladium can offer protection against economic instability in the U.S. and around the world and act as a hedge against inflation. Current prices in relation to gold suggest platinum is currently a good buy. Many though purchase the palladium Maple Leaf simply because of its purity and guarantee.
Palladium Bullion Content 1 Troy Ounce
Other Specifications

1 troy ounce Canadian Maple Leaf Palladium bullion coin

  • Diameter = 33 mm (1.299 in.)

  • Gross Weight = 1 Troy ounce of .9995 pure palladium (31.1033 grams)

  • Face Value = $50 (Canadian)

Palladium bullion coins like the Canadian Maple Leaf represent a unique, reliable precious metals investment. Many investors turn to palladium for more diversify their metals investments. Many contend that palladium, like gold and silver, is poised to see strong growth in the years ahead. To learn more about Canadian palladium Maple Leaf coins, check Provident Metals for current prices and availability today.

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