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Royal Australian Mint

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When you diversify your precious metals portfolio with bullion from the Royal Australian Mint, you add sovereign bullion from one of the leading mints from down under. Founded as a means to aid the current Australian mints- the Royal Mint, the Sydney Mint, the Melbourne Mint, and the Perth Mint- the RAM began operating as a currency producing facility.

While not every Australian mint is still in operation, the Royal Australian Mint remains a example of a highly profitable mint, producing beautiful bullion and currency for circulation.

Beginning in 1965, opened by Prince Philip, the Royal Australian Mint was tasked with producing decimal currency. Its duties have since expanded to include a myriad of widely valued currency along with medallions, tokens, and seals.

Shop bullion from the Royal Australian Mint for brilliantly designed products to meet your investment needs.

What’s the difference between the Royal Australian Mint and the Perth Mint?

As the official mint of Australia, the Royal Australian Mint was created to produce bullion for circulation as currency. Its primary purpose is not to create investment grade precious metals, although Provident Metals does offer a small selection of RAM bullion eligible for your IRA.

While each Australian mint offers beautiful bullion, the RAM was primarily established as a means to allow Australia the ability to create coinage independent of the Royal Mint in London. RAM designs are dedicated to the history and beauty of Australia.

When and why was the Royal Australian Mint established?

The RAM was opened in Canberra, the capital of Australia, on February 22, 1965. It was established in accordance with the 1909 Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act which gave the federal government the opportunity to control its currency and coinage, apart from the British Royal Mint.

Why is bullion from the Royal Australian Mint important for my investment portfolio?

Including precious metals in your investment portfolio is essential for healthy diversification, in order to decrease risk and provide a hedge against inflation. Purchasing gold and silver bullion from reputable mints like RAM ensures your investment is eligible to meet the qualifications for a precious metals IRA.

How does Provident Metals determine the price of RAM bullion?

The price of gold and silver bullion is determined largely by spot price. Neither Provident Metals nor the Royal Australian Mint are able to alter spot price; the COMEX in New York, along with a selection of banks, price precious metals each morning and afternoon.

Prices you see on the Provident Metals website for bullion reflects the current spot price. Shopping Provident gives you access to excellent value deals and designs.

What is the benefit of purchasing sovereign bullion versus privately minted bullion?

When you purchase RAM sovereign bullion, the government of Australia guarantees the weight, purity, and face value of your precious metals. Sovereign bullion offers investors the peace of mind that their gold and silver is high quality and authentic, with a government backed guarantee.

Where can I buy and sell RAM bullion?

For guaranteed, quality gold and silver, shop Provident Metals selection of RAM bullion products. Provident offers competitive pricing and exceptional customer service for investors looking to expand and diversify portfolios.

In addition to selling bullion from the Royal Australian Mint, Provident Metals is a buyer of your RAM gold and silver. Check out our buyback page to find out more information.