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Other Coins Available from Provident Metals

For the collector, there are more options available than modern bullion coins. While specimens from the United States Mint and other sovereign mints are highly coveted by investors and collectors, there are other forms of coinage available to collectors. These include both clad coins and tribute coins. For those unfamiliar with clad coins and tribute coins, you can learn more about the other coins available from Provident Metals.

Examples of Other Coin Designs

There’s no shortage of designs available among the range of other coins we offer at Provident Metals. These coins range from legal tender pieces that have been enhanced with clad layers to tribute coins that replicate the exact visuals from historic currency. Examples of some of the designs you will find on these other coins include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  • American Buffalo Gold Tribute Coin: Tribute coins are those produced to exactly replicate a coin design, but without legal tender status. In the case of American Buffalo Gold Tribute coins, each specimen is clad in a thin layer of 24-karat gold with the exact design elements and markings of the modern bullion coin from the US Mint. However, the notation of “COPY” on the reverse indicates the coin is a tribute piece and not legal tender.
  • Buffalo Nickel Plated Coin: Bearing the same design elements as the aforementioned American Buffalo tribute coin, Buffalo Nickel Plated Coins are standard cupro-nickel blanks with the historic Buffalo Nickel designs featured on the obverse and reverse. However, these coins are clad in various layers of metals that include only 24-karat gold or a combination of 24-karat gold and ruthenium, each applied to separate fields of the coin for visual contrast.
  • Kennedy Half Dollar Clad Coin: The final coin the US Mint ever released into circulation with actual silver content, the Kennedy Half Dollar is still in production and circulation today. In our collection of other coins, the Kennedy Half Dollar available is the modern cupro-nickel circulation piece with a clad layer of 24-karat gold. President John F. Kennedy is featured on the obverse, with a modified Presidential Seal on the reverse.
  • Eisenhower Dollar Colorized Coin: Issued by the US Mint between 1971 and 1978, the Eisenhower Dollar is available in our collection of other coins with colorized visuals overlaying the effigy of President Dwight D. Eisenhower on the obverse. The reverse of the coin features a replica of the Apollo 11 mission patch, with the exception of pieces dated 1975-1976. Those have the image of the Liberty Bell in front of the Moon and were released in honor of the 200th birthday of America.

Clad Coins

As you read the descriptions above, you know doubt noted the use of the terms “clad” and “tribute.” As touched on above, these are different terms referring to the finish and status of a coin. Tribute coins can fall into the clad category as the term is used to cover any item, legal tender or not, that has no metal content in the blank itself. Each piece does, however, have a clad layer covering the outermost surface that consists of 24-karat gold, pure silver, or ruthenium. In many cases, you can find these metals mixed together on the outermost surface to create visual contrast between designs and the background field.

Tribute Coins

While the vast majority of tribute coins are clad coins, no legal tender item can fall into the tribute category. A tribute coin is one that is produced purely for commemorative purposes. The designs reflect some of the many coveted coin designs from recent history, particularly American coin designs of the 19th and 20th centuries. The designs are replicated exactly as found on the original coin. However, while the tribute coin may feature inscriptions of a face value, tribute coins have no legal tender status. Most coins have a “COPY” inscription indicating as such.

Colorized Coins

Colorization is used across a variety of coin programs, from modern bullion pieces from sovereign mints to legal tender clad coins and tribute coins. Colorized coins are those that possess a layer of colorized lacquer selectively applied to particular design elements to create a different visual impact for the design.

The Other Coins Available from Provident Metals

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