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Collector Cards Available from Provident Metals

The range of collectible items available from Provident Metals doesn’t stop at proof bullion coins, unique silver rounds, or silver statues. Our product lineup is constantly expanding and now includes collectible options such as collector cards. Similar in nature to sports-themed trading cards, these new collector cards have one-of-a-kind artwork and imagery, with unique elements that make them ideal for collectors who also enjoy precious metals. Learn some of the basics of the collector cards now available at Provident Metals.

Distinct Finishes

One of the factors that make the collector cards we carry appealing to precious metals enthusiasts is visual appeal. Many of the cards are not simply cardboard trading cards like traditional baseball or football trading cards. Each collection offers its own unique twist with applications of 24-karat gold foil to the trading card or even a diamond-encrusted finish for visual sparkle. On top of that, the art on many is unlike what you would find on traditional trading cards. Rather than posed photos or action shots, distinctive art is found that mirrors popular cultural art forms.

Varying Collections

Collector cards currently available represent design concepts such as portraits and artwork reflecting US Presidents. These cards often blend historic photos or portraits of US Presidents with modern pop-culture art reflecting the phrases or issues associated with a given leader.

Popular Artists

Rency is an example of an artist whose works have appeared on collector cards carried by Provident Metals. Rency is an American underground artist whose real identity remains unknown. He takes his artistic name from his favored medium for artwork, currency. His pop art has its own unique style, and he hand-signs many of the cards in the collection. Each card often comes with a unique serial number as well.

Mugshot Trading Cards

Donald Trump made history in 2023 by being the first former president to have a mugshot. This infamous mugshot is now seen as a symbol of hope for Trump and his supporters as he looks to become president again in 2024.

These cards are graded as Gem Mint 10 by the WCG and arrive in protective plastic to preserve their grade. These cards showcase the famous mugshot on the obverse with information about the card on the reverse.

Buying Collector Cards from Provident Metals

Please feel free to contact Provident Metals with any questions about collector cards. We are available to assist you at 800-313-3315, online using our live chat, and through our email address. Don’t forget, you can check our Payment Policies page for important details on accepted forms of payment, applicable minimums/maximums with each purchase, and any available discounts.