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Provident Metals Branded Silver Bars

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  • 10 oz Silver Incuse Bar | Provident Metals
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  • Provident Metals-Branded Silver

    While we are happy to offer silver bullion from major suppliers around the world, such as the American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, British Britannia, and PAMP Suisse silver bars, Provident Metals also offers its own branded silver bullion. From our East-Meets-West Lunar Series to our own Provident-branded silver bars, you’ll find it all in our online catalog. Read on to learn more about each of these collections.

    Provident Metals Lunar Series

    You’ve all seen Lunar Series pieces from government mints around the globe such as the Perth Mint, the Royal Mint of England, and the Royal Canadian Mint. If you’re looking for a truly unique, first-class Lunar Series, then Provident Metals has exactly what you are looking for in our East-Meets-West designs. Provident Metals has relaunched its Lunar Series silver bullion with the Year of the Bull.

    In our exciting 2021 Year of the Bull release, the beauty of Chinese lunar animals gets twisted with some Texas attitude. This isn’t your average Year of the Ox design. The Year of the Bull has the brute force strength of a Texas steer. On the obverse of our Provident Metals Lunar Series products, you will find a powerful, muscular bull with sharp horns. The bull has a stern gaze and its gaze is fixed on an unseen point in the distance. The details of the design capture every muscle in the frame of the bull.

    Provident Metals offers its Lunar Series silver in a 1 oz silver round and 10 oz silver bar. While the bull is captured in full on the round, the bull is cut off midway on the bar. There are inscriptions on the silver round of “Year of the Bull” and the Chinese emblem for a bull. There is an ornate design rim on the silver rounds. The silver bars have similar inscriptions of “Year of the Bull” and the emblem for a bull, with the addition of inscriptions of “10 oz .999 Fine Silver.”

    The reverse face of the pieces has similar elements. The round has a larger, ornate border with the Chinese emblem for a bull at the center with “Year of the Bull” and “1 oz .999 Fine Silver” around this element. On the reverse side of the 10 oz silver bars in the Provident Lunar Series is the Provident Metals’ compass logo with several delicate, eastern-themed designs repeating across the surface of the design field.

    Details of Provident Metals Lunar Silver

    The Provident Metals Lunar Series of silver rounds and silver bars comes with the aforementioned 1 oz and 10 oz weights. Each piece contains .999 pure silver content. The rounds are available individually in protective plastic flips or in multiples of 20 and 500 rounds. Multiples of 20 rounds comes in tubes, while multiples of 500 come in a Monster Box with 25 tubes of 20 rounds. The 10 oz silver bars are individually sealed in protective plastic sleeves, with boxes available for multiples of 50 bars.

    Provident-branded Silver Bars

    In addition to our own private series of silver, Provident Metals has a history of also issuing our own branded silver bullion. We’ve recently revived these collections with a 10 oz Silver Incuse Bar with the Provident Metals name and logo proudly displayed on both sides. The obverse side of the 10 oz Silver Incuse Bar features horizontal design elements that focus on the inscriptions at the center of “Provident Metals” and “10 Troy Ounces 999 Fine Silver.” The Provident Metals compass logo is featured within the “o” in Provident. In the four corners of the bar design, large replicas of the Provident compass are featured. The entire background field is covered by repeating images of the Provident Metals compass.

    In the reverse design element, you will find the word “Provident” engraved with the compass logo in the “o.” These inscriptions are set at an angle and repeat across the surface of the silver bar.

    Details of Provident Metals Silver Bars

    Each of the Provident Metals Incuse Silver Bars has unique visuals and a special incuse strike. An incuse strike sinks the engravings into the surface of the bar. While most silver bullion features designs engraved in 3D relief on the surface of silver, an incuse strike sets the elements into the surface. This enables a reverse proof-like visual for the pieces that creates frosted designs and mirrored fields. The 10 oz Silver Incuse Bars are housed in vacuum-sealed individual sleeves or sheets of 20 silver bars.

    About SilverTowne

    Provident-branded silver bullion is produced in partnership with SilverTowne, one of America’s leading private mints. SilverTowne got its start in 1949 as a small coin shop founded by Leon Hendrickson. From a small coin shop in its early days, SilverTowne has grown into a major supplier of unique silver bullion attracting investors and collectors. Today, it operates a state-of-the-art minting operation that produces its own branded bullion, and private, custom series such as the items available here at Provident Metals.

    Investing in Provident Metals Silver Bullion

    We encourage Provident Metals’ customers to contact our customer service team with questions. You can call us on the phone at 800-313-3315, chat with us live online, or simply send us an email with your inquiries. Remember, you can visit our Payment Policies page for more details on acceptable payment methods and applicable minimums/maximums.